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If the leaked material sent to @TheRulesLawyer1 is accurate, then WOTC is intent on destroying both the #OSR and #Pathfinder. If you care about #OpenDnD watch his video and get ready to get angry.
The terms themselves are as pernicious as you can imagine, demanding you sign over a license to all of your IP irrevocably while allowing them to terminate your license virtually at will.
But, what's worse, the leaked language suggests that they intend to revoke the existing OGL by asserting that OGL 1.0 is no longer an authorized license. Can they do that? Lawyers differ in their opinion.
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the unused art of Plerion, courtesy of

prompt is usually: “line art in the style of Michael Whelan”


#IA #scifi #plerion #ttrpg #nsr #osr ImageImageImageImage
2/x ImageImageImageImage
3/x ImageImageImageImage
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the unused art of Plerion, courtesy of

prompt is usually: “line art in the style of Michael Whelan”


#IA #scifi #plerion #ttrpg #nsr #osr ImageImageImageImage
2/x ImageImageImageImage
3/3 ImageImageImageImage
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1/10 Musings about my games so far.
As an independent amateur author I'm lucky: I write the games I'd like to play without constraints from market or audience logics. In this thread I'd like to leave you with a few brief notes on each of them.

#ttrpg #osr
2/10 I wrote GIST! because I fell in love with this post (…) by Chris Kubasik about using Traveller mechanics as a universal system. GIST! is this: Traveller's mechanics reduced to the bone, in freeform version
3/10 GIST! FKR is just one more step towards freeform. I think that if I could find players with the same mind as me, I would propose to play this one. But it requires active effort and creativity. You cannot simply consult a list of skills and build your PC from there.
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Familiars out to save their witch.
What a fun concept for a #TTRPG & fertile ground for a #gamejam!
[Credit to A Couple of Drakes for such a great little game!]

Matching the season,
the jam concept is "Found Family Holiday".

Running all month!
Come join us! [Links below.]
Here is the link to join the Run, Familiar! Found Family Holiday #TTRPG #gamejam on Itch.

All forms of entries are welcomed! Contribute dungeons, scenarios, adventures, add-ons, or whatever else you imagine. 😍

Looking forward to your jam entries!…
Run, Familiar! is an #OSR-like #TTRPG game about familiars on a mission to save their witch.

Fast, fun, and heartwarming.
Play almost any kind of animal.
Extremely flexible. Run anything from a quick dungeon crawl to a grand quest.

Based on Down We Go.
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I said I'd print it after I hit $1k, and we hit $1k, so here we are!

KANABO is a d100-based rules-lite adventure game set loosely in Tokugawa-era Japan (1600–1868) and based on iconic sword-fighting movies. James Mendez Hodes (@LulaVampiro) did the cultural consulting on it! ImageImage
in the 17-page Player's Handbook:
-Tools for safe play
-A lightweight, easy-to-run d100 system with four stats
-A randomized character system that provides compelling starting points for your adventurer
-Hirelings, tools, clothes, provisions, and weaponsp ImageImage
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@JohnsonJeffro vs @KasimirUrbanski Pit Fight
The tongueless bard with a palor of death walks the pit beneath the Silken Pony Inn. The sands rblack w blood. A night of bouts has the crowd raccous 4 more. The bard speaks with a haunting voice from the outer realms 1/
#dnd #brosr Image
This is in game fiction I already rolled. I’m narrating the event here for you, the people. 2/
#acks #auranempire #brosr #biggerpits
Every Blood Moon these scum and vagabonds of the city of Cyfaraun gather for such bloodletting. Tonight’s main event was especially anticipated. Odds were 3 to 1 in favor of RPGPundit and the bookies struggle to keep up with bets. 3/
#brosr #auranempire #acks #dnd
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Let me talk about #TheDeadAreComing, my minimalist #OSR #TTRPG #Zine which is at Kickstarter right now!

You can get this game and two others at:…

Let’s dive in!
1. #TheDeadAreComing was created inspired by #ElectricBastionland and #Mausritter system and organization, as well as other influences (including #Troika). Character creation is super straightforward and gives you a lot to work with nonetheless!
2. You get details, a background, suggested names and some items that will help you determine who your survivor is and what are they like. Don’t get too attached though, life isn’t easy in a #ZombieApocalypse!
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Sudden #osr #ttrpg thought as I was drifting off to sleep.

GP => XP works well for gameplay loops bc of concrete nums component of play, in a way that something like DW's questions don't (for me at least).

So for me, a satisfying alternative to GP => XP has to be numerical.
Long story short?

Alternative XP idea of "gain XP based on (total HD of group x steps improved on reaction roll table"
Dunno if this has legs yet...this is a 2 am post, so analytical framework design is Kinda Hard atm.
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After months of intermittent writing, I've finished a less-than-brief guide to #TTRPG layout and "the grid."

Layout design is game design. Anyone can learn it. It's fun, rewarding, and not that hard if you know the basics. Grab your torches... 1/x…
While others start with the final product: layout, my Aspergers brain is very particular about the process, more specifically, the esoteric lore of "the grid."

It's user-friendly, makes complicated layouts easy, and acts like a haste spell on your workflow. Picture from the Explorers ...
When you master the grid, you can apply other best practices with ease. I don't prescribe to the idea of there being only "one way" to do something. But I do believe others have found a way to do things very well.

3/x ImageImageImage
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Had a great time with Forbidden Lands, some of it down to the players and our fantastic GM, @edige23. We snuck around in a tower, evading these Skelton creatures and finding some loot, as one does in #osr type games. We also found an alchemist lab, which was very cool because...
I found this golden fluid in a beaker and immediately drank it, of course! It slapped some of my strength at first... but then gave me an epic die to use! We also disturbed this area and a strange glob thing eating up chemicals formed so I decided to throw a lantern oil refill...
on fire at it. Turns out that was bad, actually. Who knew! We escaped the room and took on these Skelton creatures which I absolutely desalinated, in part due to my epic die. At one point I got 7 successes y’all. Cause I did a sneak attack first. Boom! Rocked it. Then we...
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