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Ask yourself this, sEthMeister: Of those MASS SHOOTINGS in America, how many MASSacres have occurred in #GunFreeZones?

Seriously, Douche-boi... Nidal Hasan may still hold some sick record for ppl killed on a Military Base, because why? It was a GUN FREE ZONE, Einstein.

Do you read, research, study, or analyze ANYTHING before you post your disgusting cartoon & divisive rhetoric (just days after 21 people were SLAIN, in school - a GUN-FREE *frikk'n* ZONE)... You, sEthMeister, are lower than pond scum.

Don't spawn.

If you already have, #STLiteralFU, thank your god (if you have one) and hug your child(ren) -- because you can you ungrateful, despicable, tragic excuse of a

(What a loathsome heathen this T👀L is...)
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It sounds to me like Wil-@wilw-is putting forth a monumental, manly attempt to appear relevant.

ANYONE who suggests that Dave C. is a transphobe didn't watch the show. If they did watch and they still say he's a t-phobe, they didn't pay attention to the reason that his gal-pal~>

...Daphne, took a header off of a bldg.

It had nothing to do with Dave or ANYTHING he said, did, or even implied.

She couldn't handle the things that were coming at her, and Dave (on, from her own. Fucking. Tribe. They killed her.

**So, @WilW, YOU can #STLiteralFU, d00d**

You don't have a clue what you're saying. That said, WHY would anyone in the entertainment business be involved in trying to get a fellow entertainer CANCELLED?

Karma's a bitch, little boy...
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