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🚨 Banks are borrowing from the Fed at historic levels approaching the 2008 financial crisis. 🚨 Here's a thread on what's happening 🧵:
In the past week, banks borrowed $110.3 billion from the primary lending window, highlighting how they have been bracing for potential runs on deposits in the aftermath of #SVB and #SignatureBank collapses.
As a result, the Fed's total assets have expanded to $8.78 trillion (more than double the $4.1 trillion reported in Feb 2020), signifying a reversal of its long effort to reduce the size of its balance sheet.
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Tuesday Top Crypto News.

Everything you need to know in one short thread…
According to the Wall Street Journal (#WSJ) Coinbase Global (#COIN) told clients on Monday it’s no longer supporting #Signet, the real-time payments network of failed #SignatureBank.
The #Crypto #Fear and #Greed Index has hit its highest index score this year, reaching levels not seen since #Bitcoin posted its all-time high in November 2021.
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Two striking resemblances btw #SVB & former @CreditSuisse.
Both banks did not pay attention to the top 8–20 risks, which every board must.
Either these banks kept their risk desks understaffed or didn't hire key managerial position holders at all.
Need introspection now.
@CreditSuisse It was reported on this forum that #SVB did not have a CRO for some 8 months during the VC Market spiralling.
Also, I read just now that former @CreditSuisse was sacking key MDs in their across their risk desks.
This trend continued since the #Archegos fiasco surfaced after 2019
CRO Chief Risk Officer or Head of Risk Management is a key managerial decision-making position and C Suite Level role which every financial institution can afford to keep empty these days.
The Front, Middle, and Back Office roles form key lines of defence against top risks.
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Así estará la situación de fea en el @CreditSuisse, que el día 17/03/2023 su valor bursátil era de $8.500 millones y un día después fue vendido por $3250 millones
al @UBS bank. Para aceptar comprarlo, el UBS pidió una línea de crédito directa con el...

[Hilo] 🧶

Banco Central de Suiza @SNB_BNS por +$100 mil millones, de los cuales $54 mil millones ya fueron inyectados para cumplir con la demanda de sus clientes, el UBS también le pidió una garantía de $9000 millones al SNB para cubrir posibles pérdidas después de la compra.

Lo que ocurrió fue prácticamente una venta forzada o expropiación del banco.

¿Por qué?

El @CreditSuisse era considerado hasta hace poco el 2do banco más grande de Suiza, en el 2007 su capital de mercado era de $300 mil millones, pero fue vendido al 1% de ese valor.

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👀 lol #ScottShay (AKA #SignatureBank's theologian in residence, also known for his Gordon Gekko routine) got absolutely rekt on the final day of $SBNY trading. which I guess explains that weird bounce from $70 to $100 in the morning

at least a $3 million loss. @NotChaseColeman
@NotChaseColeman oh Scott, your 500,000 shares of $SBNY were an equity allocation of infinite jest.

➤ worth over $150 million at all time high...
➤ $77 million on February 1st...
➤ $50 million on March 9th...

...and now it's a $0.
@NotChaseColeman whoops I read that wrong, I guess the noted theologian only lost $414,000 on the final morning.

gg scott!
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Concerns over small US banks ⚠️

Something has happened since the start of the banking liquidity crisis we are all watching unfold.

It has created a scenario in which perceived risk is completely polarised within the banking world.

Let me explain 👇
Since the fall of SVB and Signature Bank we've seen a rush to ensure that 100% of deposits in both banks are backed and no one with their money in either loses their deposit
Silicon Valley Bank had 95%+ of their deposits over the $250k insurance limit provided by the FDIC for protection if banks go under

The FDIC insurance means that deposits up to $250k are deemed safe and backed, anything above is not and vulnerable in the case of a bank failure
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El banco central de los EE.UU @federalreserve tuvo que abandonar su política restrictiva de liquidez monetaria y activó una especie de rescate para los bancos que están en aprietos, entregándoles efectivo a cambio de bonos con 100% de su valor facial.


Hilo] 🧶:

Una de las razones que llevó a la quiebra reciente del #Silicon_Valley_Bank y #SignatureBank en EE.UU fue que tenían muchos bonos de largo plazo a 10, 20 y 30 años y el valor de los mismos en el mercado secundario es mucho menor a cuando fueron comprados. Esto porque no...

son atractivos para los inversionistas. Cuando hubo la corrida bancaria, dichos bancos para cubrir la demanda de sus clientes tuvieron que venderle a pérdida muchos de esos instrumentos financieros a otros bancos. Un ejemplo fue @GoldmanSachs que compró $21 mil millones.👇

3/10 Image
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'ठिणगीच रूपांतर वणव्यात व्हायला वेळ लागत नाही' 🔥😄
अमेरिकेत बॅंकिंग सेक्टर बर्याच तणावात आल असताना आता युरोपची 'Credit suisse' बॅंक संकटात सापडली आहे!
थ्रेडमध्ये आपण Credit suisse
२)कोसळण्याची कारणे
३)Bank run ची भिती
४)रघुराम राजन यांचे मत पाहु
#वसुसेन #CreditSuisse
युरोपमधील 'Credit suisse' बॅंक ही Switzerland मध्ये स्थित असुन तेथील दुसर्या क्रमांकाची मोठी बॅंक आहे.बॅंकेची स्थापना १८५६ साली(१६७ वर्ष) झालीय.Credit Suisse चे मुख्यालय झ्युरीच, स्वित्झर्लंड मध्ये आहे. युरोपसहित अमेरिका, आशिया खंड इ. सगळीकडे बॅंकचे कार्यक्षेत्र आहे. लहानपणापासुन
आपण सगळे ऐकत आलोय की मोठ्या धनवान लोकांचा ब्लॅक मनी 'स्विस बॅंकेत' असतो तर याचा अर्थ असा आहे की स्विस बँकेत खातेदाराची गोपनीयता मजबुतरित्या पाळली जाते. तिथे खातं असणार्याची माहिती सहजासहजी बाहेर काढु शकत नाहीत. credit Suisse पण विविध फायनान्शियल सर्विसेस देण्यासाठी ओळखली जाते.
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The NY DFS seized #SignatureBank under Section 606 of the New York Banking Law. Here's the list of reasons justifying seizure. They are pretty wide-ranging.…. List of reasons for bank seizure. Screenshot from the link i
So let's discuss which of these reasons the NY DFS might believe apply to #SignatureBank, shall we? It could be more than one.
I think b), c) and d).
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#Biden backs strength of #banking system after collapse of #SVB, #SignatureBank | Mar 13
- When fed auths bailed out depositors in insolvent lenders SVB (NASDAQ:SIVB) and #SignatureBank on Monday,
Joe sought to reassure the public Image
#Ukraine-#BanderasBox opened.
#RAND Co | Jan 25
- There is an urgent need for #resources to flow into the national econ, especially the #banking system. Only European countries bound by #EU and #NATO commitments will be able to provide them
#SVB #SignatureBank #BanderasBox.
#Rand Co | Jan 25
- The key objective is to #divide #EU by placing #UsefulIdiots in political positions in order to stop #Russian #energy supplies from reaching the continent
- The entire #EU #economy will #collapse
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2013: Signature Bank expands presence at Sapir’s 261 Madison Ave.…
Three apartments in the Trump SoHo hotel-condominium, which Trump owned jointly with the real estate companies Bayrock and Sapir Org. LLC, were sold in April 2013 for a total of $3.1 million to shell companies ultimately controlled by Elvira Kudryashova…
Trump’s SoHo Project Was Co-Financed by Dirty Kazakh Money,

3 apts worth $3.1M were sold to Elvira Kudryashova, daughter of Viktor Khrapunov

Khrapunov and other members of his family were charged with fraud and other financial crimes in their homeland.…
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#SignatureBank has been shut down by regulators citing systemic risk. Second US regional bank to close down in a a week,after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Depositors will have ALL money guaranteed, not just the $250,000 covered by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Biden: "Americans can rest assured that our banking system is safe. Your deposits are safe." Nothing is more certain to make depositors nervous than the President publicly telling they should not be nervous.
San Francisco's First Republic shares lost 65% on Monday, West Bancorp dropped 42%, Western Alliance Bancorp lost more than 70% as regional bank stocks fell sharply. Zions Bancorporation shed 39%, while KeyCorp fell 23%. Bank of America lost 6%, Charles Schwab tumbled 18%.
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Re: $SBNY / #SignatureBank: Published this back in early December, which I believe was the first "FUD" about $SBNY...

and now I will take a victory lap. Image
Others important FUD on $SBNY is here (ctrl-F "Binancians" to find)

@DataFinnovation (technically first though he was nicer)
@MikeBurgersburg (killin' it)
@ExkrementKoin (brought receipts)

Note not a single "mainstream" publication/analyst…
And big ups to @crypto1nfern0 who helped me gather all the information for the original FUD piece in December and much FUD since then. Couldn't have done it w/out you.
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ELI5: Why did #SilvergateBank / $SI just implode?

I realize some people may be wondering WTF just happened so here's the unannotated short version...

The story begins when $SI, a small regional bank, decided to go full crypto.
A bunch of crypto companies used $SI to hold user deposits, stablecoin backing, etc - $USD cash. As it got more crypto customers it grew - $SI went from being a small bank to a medium bank, holding IIRC ~$15 billion in customer deposits.
Since it had all this cash around $SI execs decided to invest it in a very safe asset: US Treasury bills. Basically they loaned the government of the United States money in exchange for interest plus guarantee of getting it back in N years.
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