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It's as if, even now, after the highest legal authority explicitly refutes the lie, they think that repeating it enough times will somehow make it true anyway. #HiviteTactics Repetition for hypnotic mind control.
All these feeble attempts to get access to redacted information that has been withheld explicitly to preserve the integrity of ongoing investigations sure seems like the guilty trying to find out how much the cops know about their crimes.
Here's an idea. Why don't the Dems in congress demand Huber unseal those nearly 100K indictments. Then we can really hash it all out. Whad'ya say?
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Though a logical fallacy does not necessarily mean an assertion is false, it does mean we cannot use the fallacy to determine whether the assertion is TRUE. Critical thinking skills.
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I deal with enough harassment from the cult. To have people be so ugly and use the fact that I'm speaking at all to say that's a reason I'm not a victim is absolutely fallacious. The attacks are heavy this week. Accounts were already under suspicion.
They want me to shut up. So they're making it extremely unhealthy to be on Twitter. This is the only way they have access to me when I'm not in public. They can't attack the information I share so they attack the source. Logical fallacy. #theGreatAwakening will vindicate me 100%
And God is always watching. #Covfefe
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I made a promise to God.
That I would speak the truth.
No matter how difficult.
No matter the consequences.
No matter how much I wish it weren't true or could somehow be different.
I cannot honor God or be myself if I deny what I know now to be true about who I am.
God help me
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If I know I can be wrong, and I trust myself as the only 'source' or 'reference' in my existence (because all others, inanimate or not) are fallible, then that leaves me with trusting the PRESENT MOMENT and LIFE EXPERIENCE (ecology test) vs imposed theory/philosophy. #PeaceOfMind
Why does that bring me peace of mind? Because there are SO MANY competing theories and philosophies about life that anyone attempting to make sense of our current society can easily become neurotic & struggle (needlessly) over INTRODUCED dilemmas that aren't pragmatic to ponder.
I call it getting 'lost in the sauce' when people bite on socially promoted behaviors or ideas that blind them from a broader perspective. I'm just as guilty of this as anyone else; it's just a personal observation I'm sharing as I work through it myself. πŸ™πŸ’šπŸ™ #TruthisEvolution
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Do you know? OK, but...
How do you know that you know?
What if [ ]?

When stuck in a cycle of perpetual doubt (skepticism), pragmatic solutions are healthy & wise. I choose to learn. With #faith, God will take care if the rest.

#UseLogic #Epistemology #TruthIsEvolution
When the world is trying to convince you that you don't actually exist, that you are an AI or a battery pod in the matrix ("brain in a vat"), why not examine those possibilities with logic & THEN decide how to feel about them? Pragmatically speaking, what can do you about it?
I cannot control everything that happens. I CAN control how I respond to everything that happens. Even if I am only a brain in a vat in the matrix. Cogito ergo sum.
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Please excuse my holy rage the last few days. I've made several statements in anger & while in a state of being triggered by external influences that clouded my rational, logical thinking. I have no reason to believe that @realDonaldTrump election was anything but 100% legitimate
@realDonaldTrump In my frustration and strong desire to figure out what the F*Ck is happening to me, I made several snap judgements that now appear to be wrong. I am mature enough to own these mistakes. I choose to address it here to clear the air and continue demonstrating total transparency.
@realDonaldTrump I believe there is more going on with Q and #theGreatAwakening that pertains DIRECTLY & CENTRALLY to my life. Realizing a photo of me is on Rachel Chandler's social media page likely played a large part in my mood the last two weeks. Still, this movement isnt about ME.
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EM[p] = WW[p]
World War Phoenicia
There are no sides. There is only one. The illusion of sides is [p] deception.
I reject [p]
I reject the projection that manufactured division and forced bi-polarity are true and necessary
I reject the use of dissociation, mind control and dominance for some professed greater good
I reject WAR that [p] instigates to enrich and empower itself only
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"Family" who claim to be "supporting" me now with your fake accounts, leading communications, and total disrespect for ME, as an individual, are not welcome in my life, mind, Twitter conversation or presence. Face me or leave my experience, forever.
The locks to the kingdom are now changed all keys revoked. All prior consent obtained from me by any one through any means at any time, tacit or explicit, is now revoked. No one has consent for anything anymore. Continuing to violate me this way is ZERO TOLERANCE.
John Daniel Ashcraft is Lucifer.
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Why do I get the feeling it's all up to me? That none of you will say a word until I say it first? That you'll only disclose what's already known to me/the public and won't say what's still unsaid until I &/or #WeThePeople figure it out and say it first? Who MADE these rules? 🀐
Why do I ask myself rhetorical questions that I already know the answer to?
I dislike being in this position for the simple fact that there's no one to ASK. No external source trustworthy enough to supersede self discovery. That's the whole point of the structure of #TheGreatAwakening. 100% internal, organic discovery for synergy of #TRUTH in the mind.
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Our founding fathers knew what they were doing

"You must go to many states to win" πŸ‘οΈβœ΄οΈπŸ‘οΈ
"- The Cities would end up running the Country. Smaller States & the entire Midwest could end up losing all power - & We can't let that happen."

POWER = #WeThePeople. Get it? LIGHTS OUT.

#BurnDownBabylon "Cities" will not run THIS Country. #ByePhoenicia






They lie, cheat and steal as a way of life. Why? All to gain POWER. What does that MEAN exactly? #TruthisEvolution #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia #MindWars
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Demo C rats
Star see O me πŸ”ΌπŸ”Ίβ›°οΈ

Demon Arc rats
Dem O C RA + S
⛰️ 8 (the door to infinity) of the Arc of God's time before the mirror is S after the crossroads

Rats. Rat lines.

The rats of NIMH.

Ra + S

Hmmmmmmmm πŸ‘οΈβœ³οΈπŸ‘οΈ
The cheese stands alone.
The cheese stands, All One.
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Pop quiz:

Why do these human sacrificers create mass death public rituals on FRIDAYS?

#theGreatAwakening #QAnon #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia #BurnDownBabylon #TruthIsEvolution #CannibalsAllTheWayDown
Why did the crucifixion happen on a Friday? Crucifixion is a Roman public human sacrifice ritual. Expand your thinking.
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Lately it's been hard to find the right words... I've been feeling a bit like Bumble Bee the Transformer. There is so much truth in music, lyrics have been the only way I can find to #SayBraveThings. So pardon me while I let others speak for me for a while. "Expand your thinking"
πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ @cronsell

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Thank you @Pontifex for speaking the truth, even if veiled. Please keep going in this direction. #LoveWins #Covfefe - Sarah…
@Pontifex I am grateful to @Pontifex for connecting these dots for everyone. This is big, if you ask me. I appreciate this step.
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Please OPEN the WIENER GATE and reveal the contents of the Lap Top. - Sarah
Y'all still aren't picking up whats being laid down right in front of you. Oh well. Perhaps soon.
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While I see many ways the Democratic Socialist movement in America has been used to deceive, control, and STEAL from US, that doesn't mean the heart of the values underlying the principles of Democratic Socialism aren't worth exploring/supporting. Liberty first, but then CARE.
It seems ignorance and abuse of definitions through shifty language used by dark minds is the main problem with the entire debate around community care policies in general. We need to start changing the tone and terms of the debate or we'll be stuck in this loop forever.
P.S. I am NOT a "Democratic Socialist." I as Bernie or Bust until Trump won. After waking up to the reality of mind control, I see how the DS movement (coincidence?) is being used for domination, control, and eventually GENOCIDE. WE DENY CONSENT to ALL THEFT of OUR RESOURCES.
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It's hegelian dialectic: create a false problem to spur public outcry for a manufactured "solution" THEY want. I am satisfied w/ guillotine or burning at the stake in lieu of hanging, but that seems messier & more expensive. "Off w/ their heads" for good reason πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ - Sarah
If you're worried about losing your head and wish to keep it so you can try again, turn to Jesus, repent, and #SayBraveThings. Out loud. To the public or law enforcement. Silence now will lead to eternal silence. Get it? #TruthIsEvolution #DeceptionKills YOU now, forever. - Sarah
Trump is an emergency measure. We can find common ground to actually start fixing things with respect to policy and culture once we CLEAN HOUSE. Too many cooks in the kitchen. Too much interference with the flow of love. Tune the collective dial and we all get to move forward.
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Naamah, wife of Noah, mother of Ham & the Ark, came to me while doing dishes on 09/26/2017. My mouth said her name & I immediately had sea legs lasting three days, only leaving me after discovering #Hivites in the book of Genesis. On behalf of Naamah & ALL mothers, Ham, I'm sorry
This crusade of mine was ordained by God himself & I cannot change it now. But since 09/29/2017, after I had already bought a house in ARK An Sa S, AE have been carrying out Naamah's eternal guilt mission to APOLOGIZE to ALL Our children for the violation, abuse, and suffering.
Adam & Eve ate. The only way God could reassemble time was by destroying ALL conscious life on Earth in the flood. He chose Noah to END MAN. Do you understand? He was ready to reclaim ALL his time back. To let the Earth evolve WITHOUT humans/Him at all. Can you imagine? Dreadful.
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