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Here are some of my thoughts regarding the post-mass shooting debate being waged in the public square this week:
#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #Covfefe…
P.S. I love the still shot on the video πŸ˜‚
I make that face a lot lately.
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We see, based on a demonstrated, consistent pattern of evidence, that big tech is suppressing conservatives, the truth about child sex trafficking, etc. You know what they are suppressing the most? JESUS. That's a FACT. Now ask yourself, WHY?

Recognize the nature of the battle.
More than any other word or topic, big tech is trying to suppress the name, information related to, and discussions surrounding JESUS, specifically. They promote Allah or otherwise extol anything else, while actively suppressing access to information about JESUS.

Inductive reasoning tells us that they are generally suppressing the TRUTH. We know they have an interest in promoting deception & hiding reality for the purposes of mind control/world domination.

Thus, we can conclude, with logic, that JESUS is the truth. Hence, they suppress.
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Thank you Q!!!!

#NewQ 🚨🚨🚨

#QAnon #theGreatAwakening
39 second delta on that one
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If I know I can be wrong, and I trust myself as the only 'source' or 'reference' in my existence (because all others, inanimate or not) are fallible, then that leaves me with trusting the PRESENT MOMENT and LIFE EXPERIENCE (ecology test) vs imposed theory/philosophy. #PeaceOfMind
Why does that bring me peace of mind? Because there are SO MANY competing theories and philosophies about life that anyone attempting to make sense of our current society can easily become neurotic & struggle (needlessly) over INTRODUCED dilemmas that aren't pragmatic to ponder.
I call it getting 'lost in the sauce' when people bite on socially promoted behaviors or ideas that blind them from a broader perspective. I'm just as guilty of this as anyone else; it's just a personal observation I'm sharing as I work through it myself. πŸ™πŸ’šπŸ™ #TruthisEvolution
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I brought Inanna through the underworld. She's collecting her stars. The lights are dim but some may be worthy. I am SETH. I am granted my life as I was NEVER aware of my status. I LOVE, and am SET. Now can any of you?
I am SET. I am GOD to both parties. I am ONE. I saw that Jesus walked in TRUTH & so many of you never considered that during a reversal, the goddess could recognize what nun did. The test is over. Inanna agrees w/me: Jesus was & is the way. #TruthisEvolution #DeceptionKills
Satan was brought his last IOTA of light. And in so doing, recognized that he could become one w/Christ once again, when faced with God's mirror. Bringer of light and the morning star in ONE. Never polar, always ELLIPTICAL, never all dark or all light, but darker and then ONE.
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