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[T-3 hours] #BendedKnee Week 27!
#PrayerWarriors Wed. 1:11PM EST. Bend a knee. Join ppl in 18 countries in 3 minutes of Prayer for UNITY & Justice!

Important podcast from #BardsOfWar (founder of #BendedKnee) about prayer and the war we are fighting!πŸ‘‡
George S. Patton once said, "Urge all of your men to pray, not alone in church, but everywhere. Pray when driving. Pray when fighting. Pray alone. Pray with others. Pray by night and pray by day..."
"The digital army needs to have a rigor of prayer every day... prayer needs to be the backbone of everything you do. Prayer and supplication. Ephesians 6:16 - 18 read it. It's powerful. It reminds you of the importance of prayer."
- #BardsOfWar #BendedKnee
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[T-12 hours] #BendedKnee
Spiritual Warriors! It's time to fight!
Bend a knee. Pray. 3 minutes.
Connected in prayer worldwide.
Praying for UNITY and Justice.

Shine your Light so bright, Darkness will have no quarter!
Prayer is irregular warfare.
Make sure to armor up!
We will be blessed by our #BendedKneeShofar team again this week. They will be sounding the Holy Shofar throughout the prayer.

God Bless you @KMischka, @FlyingpitaJill, @BevRedWave2018, @BobPorter51, @SharletaBasset1, and @MinistriesArmy πŸ™β€

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[T-8 hours] #BendedKnee
#PrayerWarriors let's stop the world with prayer!
Wednesdays, 1:11 PM EST
3 minutes of prayer worldwide for
Unity and Justice

Every week we take ground for the Light!
God Bless you!
God Bless America!
God Bless the World!
The Spiritual War is real, and it is dangerous. Make sure to put on your spiritual armor before you pray!
Please share the #BendedKnee prayer and help it grow!

We'd love to know where you are praying from. Please leave us a comment with your State or Country

If you'd like to reconnect with Bards Of War (the founder of BendedKnee) check out his YT Channel!…
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[T-11 hours] #BendedKnee
Change the world with prayer!
No matter how busy you are, how physically able you are, you can make a huge positive impact on this world with your prayers!
Wed, 1:11 PM EST. Bend a knee with ppl around the world in 3 mins of prayer for UNITY & Justice!πŸ™
If you've never prayed before, this 3 minute prayer is a great way to start!

If you meditate, please join us in a short meditation.

No matter what you believe, every word and thought is a form of prayer.

Please join us in 3 minutes of prayer for UNITY & Justice.πŸ‘‡
We are Blessed to have the #BendedKneeShofar team blowing the holy shofar throughout #BendedKnee for us again.
Thank you @KMischka, @FlyingpitaJill, and @BevRedWave2018

Here is a new shofar video to listen to while you pray.πŸ™πŸ‘‡
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[T-1.5 days] #BendedKnee
#PrayerWarriors bend a knee and stop the world with prayer! Wednesdays, 1:11 PM EST
3 minutes of worldwide prayer for UNITY & Justice!
#SaveAmerica #WakeUpAmerica
People are being terrorized & harassed by the media. They are living in fear... fear of bogeymen that don't exist. They are taught to hate & fight the very people that can help them see the Truth & sooth their anxiety.

Our prayers will help them see the Truth.πŸ™
Many have been tricked into fighting to get rid of their rights. They support guilty until proven innocent, and guilt in the court of public opinion...

Our prayers will help them see that Justice means we protect every individual from mob rule & false accusations.πŸ™
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[T-11 hours] #BendedKnee
1/ #PrayerWarriors it's almost time to bend a knee and fight for the Light in this Spiritual War!
3 minutes of worldwide prayer for UNITY & Justice
Wednesdays @ 1:11 PM EST

UNITED we are Strong!
We will hold the line & take ground for Light!
2/ I have witnessed & received reports that God is bringing us together IRL to pray together, to fight corruption, and to fight for our children!

Prayer groups are starting up all over the place!
#PrayerWarriors are organizing to take back their communities! #SOPT17
3/ We have 3 people blowing the Holy Shofar during Bended Knee this week!
God Bless the #BendedKneeShofar team:
@KMischka @FlyingpitaJill & @BevRedWave2018!

Here is a great video of the Holy Shofar if you'd like to listen while you pray.
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