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1) Starting a thread to make the case that there is no Ukraine whistleblower after all.

It’s #CoffeeTime.
Friday, November 8, 2019.
@barbzy1 2) Sorry for the delay. Computer.
@barbzy1 3) Here is a link to a free YouTube audio of white noise, which helps me concentrate. If you are trying to write your book, this might help you.

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1) #BibleStudy #CoffeeTime continues, July 21, 2019.

Parshas Balak: Num. 22:2–25:9
Haftorah (Supplemental): Micah 5:6-6:8

Note: Today is17 Tammuz (would have been yesterday, but we don't fast on Sabbath)

Previous threads:
2) Today we will get into the final confrontation between the Moabites (who started it) and the Israelites, the revenge they took, and how the resulting crimes are being corrected today.
3) But as before, before we start, a bit of backstory, and context.
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1) #BibleStudy #CoffeeTime continues for July 20, 2019.

First a bit of story.

Then more of the Torah - Parshas Balak.
Numbers 22:2–25:9


Part 1 -…

Reference Bible:…
2) I am one of those people who see the Bible as intertwined with life. So I have to share a little bit about today, before getting to the reading.
3) Probably the nicest part of today was that I got to hold a baby in my arms.
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1) Deep State demons: please take your asses and go home.

It's #BibleStudy #coffeetime
2) We wake up to the news that "Iran" has "done something."

Now, they're looking for a fight!
3) The 4 am marching orders are as follows: "Get the people all tied up in knots."
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1) The Messiah is at hand. 👍

It’s #coffeetime.
Shabbos Chayei Sarah.
November 3, 2018.
2) Absolutely fantastic
3) Why am I so happy?

I am happy because we are closer to solving the riddle of Exile.

Let’s go.
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1) They maintain their power by pretending to be one of you.

It’s Friday, October 2, 2018.
2) Yes, #coffeetime :-)
3) The more I see of the rich and powerful, the more I understand their hands are soaked in blood.
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1) What they don’t want: we relax.

So let’s relax, and take a break, and do #coffeetime.

Thursday, October 25, 2018
2) The Truth Factory has a short but very on point instructional video about why liberals are so angry when they see the NPC meme.

Basically it shows them for what they really are: mindless, programmed, laughable fools.

3) I love this
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1) “Objects in cup are hotter than they appear.”

The #KhashoggiMurder #hoax #psyop gets weirder and weirder and weirder.

It’s #coffeetime
Tuesday, October 23, 2018.
3) Is Hatice Cengiz an impostor? Is this person a male intelligence operative playing a female role?…
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1) I’ll bet you $10 #Khashoggi is alive.

It’s a lunchtime #coffeetime.
Thursday, October 18, 2018.
2) This first part is shameless marketing for my upcoming book. Just give me 2 Tweets and then we'll move on.
3) But you need to know how I know the #Khashoggi thing is bullshit.
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1) Should we alter the historical narrative to make its victims feel better?

It’s #coffeetime
Monday, October 8, 2018
2) I remember when the local school changed Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day.


Hard to spell.
3) So I guess this is how you have to teach it now.
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1) I believe the letter from Dr. Ford was written by a third party.
2) Oh yeah, it’s #coffeetime, Monday, September 24, 2018.

And yeah, I am as sick of having to write these threads as you are of reading them.
3) In fact yesterday I declared I was done ✅ officially. There is no level beneath which these swamp rats will not sink.
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A thread on #PhDinCanada application process. This is targeted to those still in Nigeria or outside Canada to a large extent. If you are in Canada, I will follow a different approach.
Here we go....
@OgbeniDipo @BTDTHub
First, PhD requirements.
While the requirement will vary between universities & field of program, but you generally need the following:
1. A master’s degree in a related field, with strong grades and proven research ability and potential. [This is key from my experience]
2. English Language Proficiency scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. (if applicable).

Most universities in Canada recognize English as the official language of instruction in Nigerian universities but some have specific universities listed. So you may need to check this.
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