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When did it become ok to promote violence against a child? Is it because the child is white or catholic? We have come along way to fulfilling #MLK’s dream to suddenly lose our way. #racism #Violence
This is dangerous very dangerous. No one has checked those asking for violence against a kid. Social media was on fire attacking this kid(s). Even tomorrow when the kid gives an interview many are attacking him. When does it stop?
Now the left hates this interview. These out of control adults on the left need to get a life. I will continue to calm them and their hypocrisy out every chance I get! Please join me. #SavanahGuthrie #CovingtonCatholicHighSchool
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@davidhogg111 1/.. @davidhogg111, a few yrs ago I moved to my 1st place alone. I was in my early 20's.
1 night at 3am in the morning I heard pounding at my door, everytime I looked out the peephole the person would move, so I couldn't see who it was. Then they full blown BLOCKED the peephole..
@davidhogg111 2/... so I ran w/ my phone to my bedroom & I was shaking. As I was dialing for help I could hear someone actually climbing/scaling my outside wall. I lived on the 2nd floor. I was so scared. My 1st thought was, Oh God I Hope my Patio Door to the Balcony is LOCKED! Then I heard...
@davidhogg111 3...this person(MALE)on my BALCONY/PATIO(which is ALL Glass Window). I knew that if this person got in after all the other things he did that I was in danger. I Grabbed my Small Legal HandGun & then I RIPPED OPEN my DRAPES to the Baloney Patio where I saw him & shook w/ fear...
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Here's a bit of fun with follow the money
According to this video, 51 year old daddy Kevin states he was a Navy pilot, then an elementary school teacher, then got into the FBI.
Follow along...this will be a few tweets...
Kevin Hogg was born in 1967
To be a Navy pilot, you have to be between 19 and 26 at the time you enter flight training
Depending on individual, it takes 1-2 years to become pilot
Shorter if you have BA degree
So we're looking at Daddy Hogg being AT LEAST 22-25+ when he left Navy
Then Daddy Hogg leaves the Navy AS A PILOT in the early to mid 1990s and becomes an elementary school teacher?
There's a demand for pilots both in the military and in air industry.
So WHY does he then become an elementary school teacher?

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Is this the Dad of #DavidHogg - Kevin Ralph Hogg ?

* FBI ?
* Lived in San Diego with the nuke subs ?
* GLobal Defense / Transportation / Logistics ?
* URANIUM ????

#KevinHogg , dad of #DavidHogg , was in the news in #CNN in 2011 . Damn, this is easy. Now I know why the FIB wont hire me, I can make them look bad. Say, want to see his grades in high school ? Time for #AboutHogg ?…
[3] #ABoutHogg : My God, Did the grandad of #KevinHogg work in Navy Intel ? See… - Age / name / location aligns.
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What are the odds that the son of an #FBI agent, who happened to be a student at #Parkland, is interviewed twice within 6 mos by the news as a criminal witness? Oh and he's anti-gun, anti-Trump.... serious fuckery is afoot!

#ParklandSchoolShooting #2A #ParklandStudents #Trump
Clearly a crisis actor being coached by the Media and #DeepState on how to profit politically from tragedy and trash the President. Really pathetic. You can't trust anyone being put on TV by the #FakeNewsMedia.
Source and further details @thedonaldreddit here:…
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