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Got some TEA for you.. ☕️ #Virgo #Taurus #Capricorn #EarthSigns

This energy I’m picking up is wow. I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but love it’s time to put your focus on something else for now. I’m not saying it’s completely over and done with your person, but why are you
just waiting around? No ma’am, No sir that’s not what you need to do. You are not living your life the way you need to live bc your so focused on when their coming back. For some of you, your not taking the hint and your person just wants to be left alone. That’s why you keep
getting brushed off. It’s not you, it’s your person. You have to realize it may not be done forever, but for now you have to separate and move towards your happiness. Sorry to say, but for some of you, your person is interested in someone else right now. Im also picking up your
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What you need to know right now .. #Virgo #Taurus #Capricorn #EarthSigns

You have already or are currently working towards establishing a solid foundation. The lessons that you have learned will assist you in better choices you make from here on out. Of course you will have
some obstacles and challenges that come you way. But you were built for you this. You can do this. The universe has your back, so make sure whatever you do just be sure your choosing wisely and thinking things through. Good luck and fortune are now in your favor. A cycle of
change, success and growth. Good karma has come full circle for you. What you sowed, your about to reap. Open your heart, and accept and receive what you’ve earned. Opportunities, whether expected to
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💭💔 If your in separation from a #Virgo #Taurus #Capricorn #EarthSigns

This person could’ve tried to replace you and now in regret. You were literally everything this earth sign could’ve wanted and they just let you get away. Their sneaky behavior, manipulative ways, being a Image
user. You could be an Gemini, Aquarius, Libra. Just know this person is planning on getting you and winning you back. Your person still loves you. Definitely could be feeling some regret here for doing you like this and causing your drama and pain. Your person wanted things their
way. Could’ve even tried to replace you and now feeling stupid. And even if this person is with someone, you can literally ask them and they will say their single. You could’ve even seen this person in your views recently.
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Your person current thoughts/feelings for/to: #Virgo #Taurus #Capricorn #EarthSigns

It seems like your person is very stubborn and still stuck in their ways as it was hard to shuffle these cards lol. It seems the reason being is because you were at the point where you let your Image
person know what it was and you didn’t back down. You told this person what it was. Your person is letting their pride get in the way of this connection. Could be feeling very regretful/ashamed/embarrassed possibly for something they did. The thing is you were right for what you
were saying. Your person does want to reach out to you. Your person still wants you. Just know soon your person will be taking actions towards you. You could be seeing signs. Your person could even be spying on you. This time apart your person is wondering now that you both have
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Tarot for Earth Signs (#Taurus, #Virgo, #Capricorn):
Something has reminded you of a past loss or personal tragedy which has you anxious about your current path. The way forward seems unclear, and you're inclined to freeze in place until you have more information. (1/?)
(#earthSigns cont'd) You're luckier than you realize right now. Don't get stuck in place - your anxiety over the past is more likely to bring you misery than protection. Find your spirit of adventure and explore! You know exactly as much as you need to take your next step (2/?)
(#earthSigns cont'd) Past experiences have burned away the excess that wasn't serving you. You are now prepared to enter a new phase full of growth and abundance. Take the leap of faith to put this cycle in motion. (3/4)
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