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A5: This is old school but I believe in the power of reading. Read @safiyanoble’s Algorithms of Oppression. Read Patricia Hill Collins’s Black Feminist Thought. And don’t back down just because whiteness socializes you to *sound* polite. Racism and misogyny are rude. #EthicalCS
A5: GET COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. (a lesson I learned while visiting a friend’s Mennonite church.) Making change is hard, uncomfortable and slow. It will be especially uncomfortable for people who benefit the most from injustice. #ethicalCS
A5: in the feminist future, google and Facebook and Twitter will be public utilities and twitter will acknowledge that mentions spam is a form of harassment and finally ban it and enforce the ban and @jack can fuck off into some rich sunset, in a win for #EthicalCS
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The most important thing is to make your spaces safe for trans and/or non-binary students colleagues, and coworkers.

An increasing number of people are coming out as trans -- so we need to make sure they feel safe and welcomed. #EthicalCS
We also need to ensure we don't perpetuate discrimination or human rights abuses with our work. Ask questions about what you're building and why. Don't be complicit.

Unions can be an important force *if* they focus on helping marginalized people. #EthicalCS
For more information, see #TechWontBuildIt, @techworkersco, @endforcedarb, @GoogleWalkout, @DropDragonfly, @teamcoworker, and so many other resources. #EthicalCS
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A4: I want to see men aggressively supporting the right of women and gender minorities to organize autonomously. I want to see white women do the same for women of color. Respect the resources set aside for these groups. Don’t take what isn’t yours. #EthicalCS
A4: Bystanders to casual racism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia and misogyny need to speak up — in the moment. It’s not enough to say quietly later that is agree with the minoritized person or you’re sorry. Also back the minoritized person up when they need back up. #ethicalCS
A4: Recognize that becoming an accomplice — which is what you need to do — is a skill set and you will make mistakes and it will hurt you and other people and you can’t be a baby about it and quit. Men tend to get very emotional about being told they’ve messed up. #ethicalCS
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Listen to us first and foremost, and we even need to be allies to each other *within* the movement. Listen to what your Black, Latinx, and Indigenous compatriots face as challenges.

Seriously, listen with compassion. Don't disbelieve what they go through. #EthicalCS
Hire marginalized people. Take action when someone feels safe enough to call you in, rather than being in denial/lashing out. Stop doing performative bullshit.

Talk to your peers to advocate for us, because you're in rooms where PoC & trans/NB folk aren't. #EthicalCS
Recognize emotional labor. Pay people for their diversity work rather than treating it as an obligation for marginalized people, least of all an unpaid one.

Hire & pay us. Poverty is the single largest issue facing trans & non-binary folx. Share knowledge of salaries #EthicalCS
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A3: Rape culture is extremely damaging to women and gender minorities everywhere, including in STEM. White women also need to confront the way white women’s participation in white supremacy harms other women/dm. #ethicalCS
A3: The myth that science, a human social practice, can be objective & that scientists are particularly capable of being objective needs to be demolished because it harms participation of people who experience the world from the perspective of the margins, esp W/NBPOC #EthicalCS
A3: Unpacking investment in this myth is a task for women in STEM and not just for men. I see a lot of women who have survived STEM by thinking like one of the boys. That’s harmful as well. #ethicalCS
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We think that women and non-binary people belong at all levels of STEM - from the boardroom, to tenured faculty positions, to co-founding innovative startups, to leading teams.

It's both a moral imperative & good business sense to involve women in creating technology. #EthicalCS
.@ASpittel is spot-on that we need to pay attention to intersectionality and empowering black and indigenous women, trans women, non-binary folks, and so many other folks rather than letting white feminism & racism divide our movement. #EthicalCS
Equal pay, and equal opportunities for advancement are critical; as is lifting each other up rather than pulling up the ladder; as is sponsorship from allies who can ensure we're considered for opportunities.

Ending toxicity that drives us out of STEM is fundamental. #EthicalCS
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Hi! We're Liz, we live in NYC (with frequent trips to SF and Seattle), and we are a developer advocate @honeycombio; we also were active in advocating for ethics at Google which we resigned from in January over ethics oversight concerns. #ethicalCS
Women's History Month is important for recognizing the contributions that women have made to our field and to the world as a whole. Folks like Grace Hopper, Ada Lovelace, the hidden figures of the Apollo program such as Katherine Johnson were essential to computing. #ethicalCS
For more on why we resigned, see… -- we were especially alarmed by the mistreatment of women and non-binary employees by executives, and the lack of action to safeguard minority populations in Google's products. #EthicalCS
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This month's #ethicalCS Twitter chat on Wed, Feb 27, will be a special edition focused on #BlackHistoryMonth and Black Lives. We are inspired by #BlackLivesMatter and #data4blacklives. More details coming next week. The chat is brought to you by @CSforAllNYC & @ProcessingOrg
@CSforAllNYC @ProcessingOrg Please join us this Wed, Feb 27, at 8 pm ET for the next #ethicalCS chat when we hear from @bxmani @profnicolej @aricianoo @mutalenkonde @DrDesmondPatton @workplacehobo @britannaka @drturnerlee discuss Black Lives and the STEM fields, cohosted by myself & @Robinsony811 #CSforAll
#ethicalCS chat is back tomorrow night, Feb 27 at 8 pm ET with @bxmani @profnicolej @aricianoo @mutalenkonde @DrDesmondPatton @workplacehobo @britannaka @drturnerlee @katrinelldavis to discuss Black Lives and STEM fields, cohosted by myself & @Robinsony811 #CSforAll #CSforAllNYC
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Encouraging creative speculation could be an important part of teaching ethical thinking. Here are some exercises that I use in a tech ethics and policy class, based on #BlackMirror, with some other science fiction suggestions as well! #ethicalCS…
And if you’re not a fan of Black Mirror specifically, I recommend short fiction - @doctorow has a wealth of options! Novels, too. Snow Crash is a favorite of mine. (I’m also halfway through @Annaleen’s Autonomous & want to talk patent speculation. ;) )
One big picture takeaway: If you can think speculatively about the ethical implications of the technology that someone else might create in fifty years, you can think speculatively about the ethical implications of the technology that you might create next week.
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#ethicalCS is back on July 25, Wed at 8 pm ET, to talk about codes of ethics in CS. Please join me, @ACM_Ethics, @jakebask, @dongotterbarn, @kirkpams, @luke_stark, @stoyanoj, @martyjwolf, & co-host @Robinsony811 for this important conversation #ACMCodeOfEthics #CSforAll #csta2018
Wednesday night, tomorrow, at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT #ethicalCS is back to talk about codes of conduct with a great list of guest experts. Join us!
Here is a list of the guests and bios for this month's #ethicalCS - @ACM_Ethics - Helping promote ethics in computing and related professions. Tweets by @rptrpn, Associate Professor, College of Science and Technology, Bellevue University
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