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Meet Robert Wheldon, 30, of San Diego: Proud Boy, leader of neo-nazi club Legion XIV, and leader of "White Lives Matter California" on Telegram.

He's been putting up nazi banners all over SoCal. He works as an apprentice electrician for Vallejo Electric in Spring Valley, CA. 1/
Robert Wheldon put up antisemitic banners in Thousand Oaks on Mar 12th, 2022 with fellow members of Legion XIV, a neo-nazi club affiliated with Rise Above Movement.

Wheldon threatened a chicano community member, called him an "invader", and told him "get out of my country". 2/
Robert Bowen Wheldon is not only a neo-nazi, he is a 3rd-degree Proud Boy, as evidenced by the Proud Boy tattoo on his inner arm.

Wheldon wore Proud Boys colors to a Dec 5th, 2020 rally in San Diego, where he and members of Defend East County (DEC) harassed BLM demonstrators. 3/
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Introducing Alexi Michael Guthrie, 27, of Simi Valley, CA. - also known as "Brandon CA", the network director for the Southern California chapter of neo-Nazi group Patriot Front. Image
Alexi Guthrie, who describes himself as a National Socialist (Nazi), is highly active in Patriot Front, as evidenced by the leaked Patriot Front private chat logs published by @UR_Ninja in January 2022.

Guthrie supports building a Third Reich in America.
Alexi Guthrie graduated from Simi Valley High School in 2013. His former classmates describe him as being obsessed with the police and the military.

Guthrie was responsible for organizing Patriot Front's Sep 2021 training trip to California's White Mountain Peak. ImageImage
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Meet Juan Cadavid, aka Johnny Benitez, 33, of Springville, CA: committed neo-Nazi and ringleader of the white supremacist hate group who hung their hateful banners over the 101 Freeway in Thousand Oaks last weekend.

Cadavid cites Adolph Hitler as his biggest influence. 1/
We caught Juan Cadavid (aka Johnny Benitez) with his mask slipping on March 13th, 2022 when he and his fellow Nazis attached "14 Words" banners to a freeway overpass in Thousand Oaks.

He and his fellow neo-Nazis tried to intimidate a community member. 2/
Juan Cadavid, 33, is a well-known member of Southern California's far-right. He was originally a member of DIY Division, an early precursor to the violent neo-Nazi fight club Rise Above Movement.

He and his common-law wife Irma Hinojosa are grifters. 3/…
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Meet Eric Lyle Atwood, 41, of Manhattan Beach, CA: admitted neo-Nazi, attendee of the deadly 2017 Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, founding member of the SoCal "Beach Goys", and affiliate member of the violent hate group Rise Above Movement (RAM).

Hiding in plain sight. A photograph of the nighttime Unite The Right tiki torch ral
We first became curious about Eric Atwood's identity when studying Charlottesville footage. He was photographed with his hands taped next to fellow RAM members Ben Daley (front), Mike Miselis (back, red baseball cap), Thomas Gillen (front, goggles) Cole Evan White (facing right).
In other Charlottesville photos, Eric Atwood (lower left) is consistently seen marching next to RAM members Thomas Gillen and Ben Daley.

Atwood marched in Charlottesville on Aug 11th with white supremacists chanting "Jews will not replace us" before attacking counterprotesters. A nighttime photograph of Charlottesville showing about two
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Most of the Nazis/fascists who stormed the Capitol bldg to attempt a coup were upper-class professionals & business owners, NOT working class. And even if some of them were working class, these people are Nazis. They are too far gone. They’re dangerous white nationalists. 1 / 5 ImageImageImageImage
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Ugh! I'm trying to figure out my own feelings on this and to only get into the conversation if I have something useful to add. So, here are my thoughts on #UltimaThule
I do think a different "nickname" should have been used. Ultima Thule is difficult to say and has some negative connotations. And, there's a lot of good words without any negative connotations, so why go there?
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