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SUPPLY CHAIN IN PERIL: according to the Chinese record, the human paradigm flip flops during a #GrandSolarMinimum
Dynasties, governments, & aristocracies all collapse setting the stage for massive upheaval. The supply chain is the first to go during this time.
Read here for an in-depth outline of what the #GrandSolarMinimum is and what is in store for us as I reflect on the historical record for scientific evidence.…
Big government is staking it's claim to retain power.

In preparation for this cosmic event, the CCP know their stooge, Xi, will be at risk. They set him up for lifetime rule.…
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#GSM (#GrandSolarMinimum)


I conclude [DS] #Akkad/ #Canaanite #Cyclopean #HouseOfOrange
ALWAYS uses #SIS-/ #MIC-concocted #PsyOps/ #BlackOps to dupe #Humanity

re [DS] #Rothschild puppetdom rag @TheEconomist & #GSM hinting, yet nothing on #PoleShift aka #CrustalDisplacement? hmmn 🤔
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#TheSleeperHasAwakened #Qpost #QDecode #ParisClimateAgreementExposed PART 1⃣
Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 12/03/19 (Tue) 12:43:47 No. 88
#ParisClimateAgreementExposed #TheSleeperHasAwakened
#GrandSolarMininum PART 2⃣ Here is the secret agenda behind the PCA. The money is not going to fight AGW, it's for the establishment of mega-farms in the new agricultural zones. Links for articles are in PART 3⃣ below.
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#IPetGoatII #TheReal911Report #TheSleeperMustAwaken
PART 2⃣3️⃣ The ending of I Pet Goat II looks remarkably similar to NASA's Trappist 1 drawing
#IPetGoatII #TheReal911Report #TheSleeperMustAwaken
PART 2⃣4️⃣ is this another Trappist 1 comparison?
#IPetGoatII #TheReal911Report #TheSleeperMustAwaken
PART 2⃣4⃣ Shiva Nataraja statues at the nuclear accelerators CERN and LLNL. "Represents the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction." "For the modern Physicists, then, Shiva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter.”
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Daily, Monthly, All-time Cold & Snow Records are being shattered in the USA. Based on a subset of stations in the Global Historical Climatological Network with >30yrs of data. #grandsolarminimum, #ClimateEmergency #polarvortex #snow
The @IPCC_CH told us in their 5th Assessment Report (Climate Fiction): "It is virtually certain that there will be more frequent hot and fewer cold temperature extremes over most land areas on daily and seasonal timescales as global mean temperatures increase." (WG1 report, p20)
@IPCC_CH The @IPCC_CH Wrongly Predicted: "The global mean surface temperature change for the period 2016–2035 relative to 1986–2005 will likely be in the range of 0.3°C to 0.7°C..., "and assumes there will be no major volcanic eruptions or secular changes in total solar irradiance."
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#GrandSolarMinimum Astrophysicists link volcanic eruptions and Grand Solar Minimum…
Really cool video by @Reigarw showing scaled explosions of bombs, asteroids, earthquake and volcanoes as they increase in power. The last one is the supervolcano at yellowstone. Makes the Tsar Bomba look like a black cat firecracker by comparison
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#SolarRadiationBudgetManagememt #GrandSolarMinimum
Part 1️⃣
newly created man-made global warming, but its not carbon dioxide, its more water. alternate level artificial cloud creation either traps more radiant heat or reflects it before it has a chance to become that.
#SolarRadiationBudgetManagememt #GrandSolarMinimum
Part 2️⃣
they are storing more heat on the surface and in the oceans so more is held in for the just arrived Grand Solar Minimum
#SolarRadiationBudgetManagement #GrandSolarMinimum
Part 3️⃣
The record high temperatures over the last decade were in part do to this. we hadn't enter the GSM yet so it was adding to an already active sun. the chemical weather engineering is mostly in these three separate parts.
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This post is for those who what to start preparing but just don't really know how to begin. And also to show you that everything I have been posting is not just for dramatic effect to see how many followers I can gain. I believe this will happen here is what i am doing.
Buy land out in the middle of nowhere. Get together with a group and everyone pitch in. The last place you want to be is anywhere near a city. If possible have a water source, if not, immediately have a water well drilled.
Here is what i bought about 18 months ago.
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#TheSleeperMustAwaken #GrandSolarMinimum #LocalFluffCloud

This is the next report I have coming. Its still being put together, but with all that is going on right now, I wanted to give everyone an overview.
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