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This one in mice suggests that chronic inflammation, and specifically IL-6 levels, may lead to increases in frailty and physical decline due to skeletal muscle changes that are mediated by changes in mitochondrial regulation and autophagy. Image
- This study focuses on a humanized inducible IL-6 model "due to the significant homology between mouse and human IL-6 at the amino acid level".
- The goal of this study was to better understand the role of IL-6 in frailty.
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The findings of this study suggest that inflammation (glycated proteins and small:total HDL particle ratio) and muscle metabolism (creatinine, creatine) may play a substantial role in the development of type 2 diabetes. Image
- The aim of this study was to combine nuclear magnetic resonance-based metabolomics and machine learning to find a glucose-independent molecular signature associated with future type 2 diabetes mellitus development.
- A case-control design nested in a population-based cohort ( study) was used in this study.
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In this thread, we will have fun talking about how a ketogenic diet makes for a healthy brain. And sharing just a small portion of the research that proves I am not making this up! Are you ready? 🧠🧵(1/14)
The ketogenic diet (KD) has been linked to significant neuroprotective effects, with Beta-hydroxybutyrate acid (BHBA) playing a key role in preventing neurodegenerative disorders. I kid you not. Ketogenic diets are no joke when it comes to having a kick-ass brain! (2/14)
Microglial cells play a crucial role in neurodegenerative disorders, but BHBA from the ketogenic diet can help. It promotes an anti-inflammatory microglial phenotype, reduces migration, and modulates cytokine levels. The implications for neuroprotection are off the charts! (3/14)
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1a) Welcome to a live-tweeted, #accredited #tweetorial from @nationallipid #NLA23 in #Atlanta on advances in #hyperlipidemia management #LLT. Our expert returning faculty is Pam R. Taub, MD @PamTaubMD #cardiologist from @UCSDHealth ImageImageImage
1b) Dr. Taub is a clinician/scientist and is a frequent contributor to our #accredited programs. She is the founding director of the Step Family Foundation Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness Center at #UCSD.
#FOAMed #cardiotwitter @MedTweetorials #MedEd #lipids Image
2) This program is supported by an educational grant from Esperion Therapeutics & is intended for #HCPs. Statement of accreditation & faculty disclosures at Earn 0.75 hr 🆓CE/#CME by following this 🧵!
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The anti-inflammatory effects of #exercise: mechanisms and implications for the prevention and treatment of disease 🧵… Image
2. Physical inactivity is linked to various health problems like #type2diabetes, #heartdisease, #cancer, and more. This is partly because of the accumulation of visceral fat, which triggers #inflammation in the body and promotes the development of these diseases.
3. Exercise has been found to have a protective effect against these chronic inflammation-related diseases, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect. Regular exercise can reduce visceral fat mass and create an anti-inflammatory environment in the body.
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Ready for an #obesity #research disruptor?
@bcorkey 's studies on hyperinsulinemia and inflammation are a perennial favorite

1/ Image
We often focus on slow or fast metabolism but there isn't enough talk on *energy efficiency*. See how much additional Δkcal is required (beyond that calculated) to effect 10% weight Δ:…

2/ Image
"We ignore this important variable: involuntary control of energy metabolism" - @bcorkey

3/ Image
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B12 is an important water-soluble organic compound that plays a critical role in the health of our brains. It is involved in DNA synthesis, methylation, and cellular metabolism, which means it is necessary for the proper functioning of our cells. (1/21)
B12 deficiency is a major concern, as it can lead to megaloblastic anemia and neurological problems. But did you know that inadequate #B12 or subclinical deficiency is also very common? (2/21)
It's seen at all ages but definitely in elderly populations. This can be particularly worrisome for those with Alzheimer's disease (AD), as several studies have shown an association between B12 deficiency and #AD. (3/21)
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The findings of this one suggest a causal effect of increased PUFA desaturase activity on risk of colorectal cancer and esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, with a plausible candidate mechanism for this being an increased synthesis of arachidonic acid.
- Omega 3 and omega 6 PUFAs are metabolized by delta-5 (D5D) and delta-6 (D6D) desaturases to their respective long-chain metabolites.
- The study tried to examine the causal relevance of PUFAs for risk of site-specific cancers through a Mendelian randomization study design, defining the primary exposure as PUFA desaturase activity and secondary exposures as individual omega 3 and omega 6 PUFAs.
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Got leaky gut and worried about Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) causing an immune response that leads to systemic inflammation? Well you should be! But let's talk about what a ketogenic diet can do to mitigate that for you. Shall we? 🧵(1/21)
A #leakygut is a condition in which the lining of the intestine becomes damaged or compromised, allowing toxins, undigested food particles, and harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream. (2/21)
When this happens, large amounts of LPS (lipopolysaccharide) can be released into the bloodstream, triggering an #immune response and #inflammation in the body. (3/21)
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This one suggests that a higher habitual coffee consumption may be associated with a lower type 2 diabetes risk, especially among drinkers of ground (filtered or espresso) coffee and non-smokers, and that lower subclinical inflammation may partially mediate this association.
- Using data from two large population-based cohorts, the UK-Biobank and the Rotterdam Study, longitudinal associations between higher habitual coffee consumption and lower risk of type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance were observed.
- Findings also suggested that higher coffee consumption was associated with lower CRP and leptin, and higher adiponectin and IL-13 concentrations.
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In this multiethnic cohort of US women and men free of clinical cardiovascular disease between 45 and 84 years old, consumption of avocado/guacamole was not found associated with levels of inflammatory markers.
- "Our observational study confirms results from smaller studies and clinical trials that although avocados are high in fat, consumption is not associated with increased levels of inflammatory markers...
"...High-fat diets, in general, have been linked to inflammation and a host of other diseases, but not all fatty acids have similar health effects...
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The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a crucial defense mechanism for the brain, regulating the exchange of molecules between the bloodstream and the brain. When the BBB is disrupted, it can have severe consequences for brain health. (1/12)
Alzheimer's disease is one example of a condition that is exacerbated by BBB disruption. When the BBB is compromised, amyloid beta-peptide deposits can accumulate, leading to #inflammation and disruption of neuronal function. (2/12)
A disrupted BBB in #Alzheimers means astrocyte and microglia inflammation, disruption of synaptic transmission, and myelin destruction. (3/12)
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I teach people how to use a ketogenic diet to help with mood and cognitive dysfunction. But that is just the first phase in my online program toward their recovery. (1/10)
Phase 2 consists of teaching people how to do a nutrigenomics analysis for truly personalized supplementation. What is nutrigenomics and why do I think this step is important? (2/10)
Nutrigenomics explores how your genes interact with different foods and nutrients. It can inform you if you may benefit from different types, forms of supplements that improve mitochondrial function. (3/10)
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Journalism & #ME
and related diseases

There is nothing that can reproduce or describe this nightmare.

By that I don't just mean the torture in the body or the desperate enduring of symptoms, the torture, which a healthy person cannot imagine at all.
All this fighting for treatment, for recognition, this constant humiliation...

...and then these desperate messages that you exchange with other affected people, and I don't mean the ones that you can read here, but that you exchange DIRECTLY,
this daily confrontation with death, every new treatment attempt - Russian Roulette ...while people are discussing out there whether it is appropriate to invest in research etc. or to educate.
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#Graphene in '#vaccines.'
Who is Pablo Campra #Madrid, the scientist who directs the research? | 07 Jul 2021
- Pablo Campra Madrid , a graduate in biology, a doctorate in chemical sciences and a full professor at the University of Almería #SoyUAL
Recent progress of #GrapheneOxide as a potential '#vaccine' #carrier and #adjuvant | Aug 2020
- functionalized graphene oxide serves as a vaccine #carrier and shows significant adjuvant activity in activating cellular and humoral immunity.
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We are discovering exciting things about how therapeutic nutritional ketosis could benefit those living with serious mental illnesses. It's time for a short thread about two main ways this could be happening. 🧵 (1/13)
First is the direct effect of ketones. Scientific studies have shown that people with serious mental illnesses often have trouble using glucose efficiently for fuel. Ketones supply fuel that doesn't depend on insulin or the cell's ability to metabolize glucose. (2/13)
By providing the brain with this alternative fuel source, ketones can help enhance energy production and improve cognitive function in people with serious mental illnesses. (3/13) #lifechanging
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Magnesium is a mineral that is highly abundant in the human body and is considered the second most abundant mineral hanging out in your intracellular spaces. 🧵 (1/11)
Magnesium plays a crucial role as a cofactor in various physiological processes such as protein synthesis, energy production and storage, reproduction, DNA and RNA synthesis, and maintenance of mitochondrial membrane potential. (2/11)
If you want healthy functioning #mitochondria, then you best supplement magnesium. And if you have any cognitive symptoms, it's time to get extra serious about your magnesium supplementation. (3/11)
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Mitochondria are essential to our overall health and well-being. In addition to producing energy, they regulate many critical processes in the body. (1/11) #mitochondria #energy #health
Mitochondria play a key role in the production and regulation of neurotransmitters. They also help produce key hormones like cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone. (2/11) #mitochondria #hormones #neurotransmitters #neurotwitter
Mitochondria are involved in epigenetics, which is the expression of #genes from the nucleus. They send signals to the nucleus that turn genes on or off. (3/11) #epigenetics #genes #mitochondria
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Let's explore the outcomes of a study that explored the neurobiological evidence in support of improvement in depression with a ketogenic diet and find out what underlying biological mechanisms they uncovered through in vitro and in vivo studies.🧵(1/29) #depression #ketogenic
Basically, they did a literature review from August 2021 to January 2022. Here's what they found. (2/29) #research
People with #depression may have changes in #glucose #metabolism in the brain. The #ketogenic diet boosts cellular #energy metabolism by raising #ketone bodies and replacing glucose as the main fuel source. (3/29)
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Both neighborhood and family #socioeconomic status (SES) influence children’s gray matter structure & function, but what about #whitematter (WM)? What could be some mediating mechanisms? We studied these questions in 8842 children from the #ABCD Study:…
RSI assessed microstructure in 31 WM tracts. We looked at RND, which measured *directional* intracellular water & could reflect organized #myelin, and RNI, which measured *isotropic* intercellular water & could reflect #glia/neuron cell bodies. (fig adapted Burnor et al 2021) Image
Higher neighborhood disadvantage and lower parental education had independent links to lower RND (organized myelin) in forceps maj, corticospinal tract, and sup long fasciculus. These agree with previous findings of lower DTI-FA and lower WM integrity in low SES. Image
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@IPiikki @turnusband "PEG-nanokantajat pääsevät kulkemaan elimistön biologisten esteiden läpi. Ne menevät rasvaliukoisina nanokantajina myös [1]veri-aivoesteen läpi ja jos ne läpäisevät veri-aivoesteen, ne läpäisevät myös istukan."
@IPiikki @turnusband #PEGylated lipids; #ALC135
ALC-135 is functional Cationic lipid of the vaxx.
-introduction of an aquenos #RNA solution.. at a specific pH leads to an #electrostatic interaction between #negatively charged RNA backbone and #positively charged Cationic lipid
@IPiikki @turnusband #SINOPEG #China Pat. #CN112220919A
Nano #coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking #GrapheneOxide as carrier
- The invention; field of nano materials and biomedicine, and relates to a vaccine, to devt of #2019nCoV #coronavirus nuclear recombinant nano vaccine
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There are positive effects of the #ketone body beta hydroxy-butyrate (BHB) on vascular function. Why? Very likely, the following things that we already know BHB does. And quite frankly, there are likely additional mechanisms that haven't even been discovered yet. 🧵(1/10)
BHB lowers high blood sugar, and that reduces the production of reactive oxygen species #ROS and #inflammation mediators. In other words, BHB reduces Oxidative Stress (2/10)
BHB increases endogenous #antioxidant production by upregulating gene expression in those pathways. So yes, #BHB reduces Oxidative Stress from that mechanism as well. (3/10)
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on #Bronchiectasis (#NCFB or #bronchiectasis) & its management, by Christina Thornton MD (@Cthornton32), respirologist & clinician scientist in Calgary 🇨🇦. Follow along and earn 0.75h CE/#CME #physicians #nurses #NPs #PAs #pharmacists!
2) I am very excited to be among the founding faculty in this initiative! FOLLOW US for awesome expert-led education #pulmtwitter!
👍@BronchiectasisR @COPDFoundation @EMBARCnetwork @ELF @profJDchalmers @sunjayMD @DrHollyKeir @becleartoday @ephesians_1_7 @NTMinfo @AlibertiStefano
3) This program is supported by an educational grant from Insmed & is intended for healthcare professionals. Statement of accreditation and faculty disclosures at CE/#CME credit from @academiccme.
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If you have Alcohol Use Disorder, consider speaking with a psychiatrist trained in the use of ketogenic diets. (1/7) #RecoveryPosse #Alcoholism #Alcoholic #metabolicpsychiatry
A 3-week RCT done by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found that a ketogenic diet could reduce the need for detox medications. (2/7) #Journal #Research #PeerReviewed #ThisIsPublicHealth #RCT
They also found that a #ketogenicdiet reduced both #alcohol withdrawal symptoms and reduce alcohol cravings. (3/7)
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