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Day 31 of hankcon #inkytober - Halloween

Hank blinked his eyes open at the sound of Sumo hurrying across the floor and the front door opening, and if he strained his ears he could just hear Connor quietly shushing the dog and greeting him.
He had no idea what time it was, but it was dark, and the timed string lights Hank had hung in the bedroom window gave the room a soft orange glow. He must have finally fallen asleep. Thank god, he'd been worn and aching all day but stuck in some insomniac limbo.
A shriek and childish laughter drifted into the bedroom, and Hank groaned. Still kids running around trick-or-treating, it sounded like. Couldn't be too late, then.

A soft knock on the door frame had him turning over slowly, and Connor was peeking in at him.
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Day 30 of hankcon #inkytober - Book (Car) 🔞

"Connor are you fuckin' kidding me, don't answer the--"

Connor had already tapped "Answer Call" on the car's dash, eyes shining with mirth, and Hank smothered a groan. This little bastard.

"Yeah?" he answered, in no mood for this.
"Hello, is this Lieutenant Hank Anderson with the Detroit Police Department?"

"Uh, yeah, it is. Who's asking?"

"Oh good, hello! My name is Alex Petrov, I got your number from Captain Fowler. I was wondering if you had a moment to speak with me about scheduling an interview?"
There was a brief pause as some papers shuffled. "I'm writing a book about the DPD's Red Ice Task Force, and I was hoping to include a chapter in particular on your involvement. Since it's coming up on the fifteen year anniversary of the task force's founding I wanted--"
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Day 29 of hankcon #inkytober - Date (Petnames)
(continuation of Day 2)

Hank hadn't meant to let it slip. If Connor asked when he woke up and didn't seem as receptive as his sleepy whispering had implied, he'll just say it was in the heat of the moment. Not entirely untrue.
Until then, he watched Chris skid over to them with an armful of thirium and finally, about damn time, the sound of sirens closing in. Getting more thirium into Connor would only do so much good when he was still more strainer than whole, but at least now he wouldn't run out.
From there it was a whirlwind of making sure Chris was okay to meet up with his partner and figure things out with their asshat criminal back at the precinct while Hank rode along in the ambulance with Connor. He wasn't allowed to follow when they arrived, of course.
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Day 28 of Hankcon #inkytober - Pumpkin

“You’re a whole-ass computer-man, and you couldn’t just bring up one of the dozens of pictures you probably have of my face to use as a reference, instead?” Hank teased, waggling his eyebrows while he leaned on the table.
Connor scoffed, glancing up at Hank’s face briefly before turning his attention back to the pumpkin in front of him. “Don’t be ridiculous,” he said, biting his lip a moment before digging into the pumpkin with a fine blade for detail. “I have THOUSANDS of pictures, not dozens.”
Hank sputtered, and Connor gave him a cheeky grin before scolding him for moving. “Besides, having you model for me is more fun.”

“Uh-huh.” But Hank went back to making the scowling face Connor had requested, rolling his eyes for his own benefit. “You almost done, though?”
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Day 27 of hankcon #inkytober - Flowers

Hank had a dream one night, that left more of a feeling than a memory with specific details. But he remembered color, vibrant and flourishing, the scent of earth and pollen and the warmth of sunshine. And Connor, a beacon in the center.
It took some time to do the research and get them both time off for the plan that had slowly formed, and he was proud of himself for keeping it a secret from Connor while he did.
He grinned as he gripped Connor's hands in his, watching his eyes light up as they walked into the conservatory. It was a colder weekend after a warm week, so most people seemed to be hiding at home today. It meant little traffic and the majority of the place to themselves.
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Day 26 of hankcon #inkytober - Connection (reverse au)
Just a note that this based on a reverse au I've been picking at, and includes talk of a prosthetic/missing limb

"Hank," Connor started, standing in the kitchen entryway looking and sounding very put-upon.
Hank turned his head to face him, continuing to pet Sumo but otherwise giving Connor his full attention. He looked like he bit into a lemon, arms crossed over his chest and foot tapping in his jittery state.

"What is it?" Hank asked, brow quirked.
Face still pinched, Connor turned his eyes away and jutted his hip out. You're the one asking ME for something, Hank thought, bemused at the attitude. He figured it would be easier to just let him have his moment, though.

"My leg is acting up," he finally admitted. Ah.
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Day 25 of Hankcon #inkytober - Hair, Stasis

Hank groaned as he rolled over yet again, unable to find just the right spot or angle for his mess of limbs to get comfortable in. He’d tried in and out of the blankets, elbows and knees here and there—nothing.
With all his tossing and turning, he was surprised Connor hadn’t stirred from stasis. He’d mentioned he’d skipped it the last few days, so maybe it was kind of like a human thing; he slept (stasised?) deeper to make up for it. Either way, Hank was glad he hadn’t disrupted him.
Sighing a tad louder than he meant to, Hank rolled again until he was facing Connor, mouth pursed in frustration at his own restless mind. Watching Connor sleep at least helped him settle, if nothing else.
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Day 24 of Hankcon #inkytober - White

The first time Hank saw Connor in his entirety, without his projected skin, he seemed to glow in the darkness of the bedroom. An ethereal white, distant, untouchable. Especially so when Connor turned, caught him staring dumb in the doorway,
and immediately covered himself again.

His expression was difficult to pick apart: part fearful, part agitated, maybe? Whatever it was, it was clear Hank had not been meant to see. And so Connor brushed it off quickly as he finished dressing and practically fled the room.
It left Hank feeling uneasy, but he didn’t push. Not yet, anyway.

It was even more difficult to not say anything once they started a relationship. Not that Connor owed him a damn thing. He could do as he pleased. Share as much as he wanted or keep his secrets.
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Day 23 of hankcon #inkytober - Spooky, Marking (vampire au)

At the feel of feather-light touches to his hair, Hank closed his eyes and took in a quick breath. He tensed, both in excited and worried anticipation, at the cold press of lips to his neck.
He couldn't be sure, of course, since it was coming from behind, but his guess was confirmed at the sound of shoes tapping in a landing on the pavement. Fingers gliding down to his shoulder. Connor always had a flair for the dramatic, and they hadn't seen each other in weeks.
He WOULD choose to fly down and surprise him on a dark street, rather than just, you know. Coming to Hank's house like a normal person. Not that Connor was normal in any sense of the word.

Not that he minded one bit.
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Day 22 of Hankcon #inkytober - Lap

Hank sighed, pausing in the middle of the sidewalk to stare off to the side. It took Connor a second before he stopped too, calling to Sumo to wait so he wouldn’t pull too hard on the leash. “Hank?”
“‘M okay,” he said, motioning for Connor to follow him as he stepped off the path and into the small park next to them.
They’d chosen a different route today, one that had more trees so they could admire all the fall colors. It was beautiful. Nice winding path near the water with a lot of little parks and places to stop and admire the scenery.
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Day 21 of hankcon #inkytober - Rings

Since starting a relationship with Connor, Hank had found himself becoming much more tactile. He couldn't keep his hands off of him, especially when they were alone.
It was always an experience with Connor: feeling the give or resistance of his wonderfully inhuman body, tracing patterns on him via his moles and freckles or the lines of his exposed chassis, finding unique places that made him twitch and sigh and light up.
Connor invigorated Hank as much as the reverse was true. And he was very receptive to Hank's touches and attention. Eagerly encouraged them, in fact.

Hank's favorite places, however, were the warm rings of Connor's LED and the thrumming circle that surrounded his thirium pump.
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Day 20 of Hankcon #inkytober - Belly

Hank was lounging lengthwise on the couch, one hand holding a book and the other dangling off the edge to pet Sumo’s head where he lay on the floor, when Connor came home.
He’d gone at Markus’ request, to shoot ideas off each other for something pertaining to android employment, and about an hour later he’d texted Hank to say he’d likely be back late. Another twenty minutes: “Apparently the mayor wanted to conference call with the both of us here.”
“Yikes,” Hank texted back, “you’re nicer than I am, I woulda said hell no.”

“It’s already been less than productive. I’m sorely tempted to walk out.”

Wow, Connor had more patience than Hank could shake a stick at, so if he was already on edge then it must be bad.
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Day 19 of Hankcon #inkytober - LED

In the quiet moments of the night when Hank found sleep elusive, woken by dreams or who knew what, he took comfort in watching Connor rest.

Or, rest in whatever way he could, not being human and all.
Connor called it sleeping when he spoke with Hank, but in conversation with other androids it was always “stasis.” As if he just said it for Hank’s benefit—he probably did, not that he needed to.

And it was rare, catching Connor in those moments.
He always waited until Hank drifted off first, and woke early. So unless Hank had a desperate need to get up or use the bathroom, he made sure to lie as still as possible and just... take him in.
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Day 18 of hankcon #inkytober - Cuddles (reverse au)

Hank had a timer going in the corner of his vision. Every time Connor's head bobbed in an aborted droop toward dozing off, or he drank one more coffee that he may as well be injecting intravenously, Hank checked it, frowning.

Lieutenant Stern had been running on no sleep for over three days. Roughly. He couldn't know for sure without having been there to monitor his sleep before this stupid "I'll sleep when I'm dead" bender had started.
But his best guess from when Connor had come into work days ago seemed, unfortunately, pretty accurate.

Being stuck on this stakeout was probably both a blessing and a curse for him. It meant downtime, rest, with nothing much to do but sit and watch for their guy to make a move.
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Day 17 of Hankcon #inkytober - Chicken Feed

Hank knew there was no way he was going to get one over on Connor. He knew exactly where they were going, and despite Hank stealing glances at him to see his reaction, or if he’d say anything, Connor kept his lips sealed.
Besides, Connor had long since given up and respected Hank on his eating habits. He’d learned quick that reciting ingredients and health issues was a sure fire way to get Hank to consume MORE out of spite.

“Child,” Connor would say with a laugh. Hank would stick his tongue out.
So Hank pulled up outside of the Chicken Feed. It had been awhile anyway, he figured he deserved it. Shoot the shit with Gary a bit or something.

Connor followed, and very unlike the first time they’d been here together, Gary greeted him warmly and Connor returned his easy smile
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Day 16 of hankcon #inkytober - RK900


"I don't think this is going to be considered "sexy" by the general population Connor, let alone Hank."

"No?" Connor asked, tilting his head to the side in thought as he looked down at the projection on his palm.
It was a mish-mash of his preconstruction software combined with some image searches edited together. He'd thought it had turned out well enough, and had even found all of the items required to purchase. He frowned, disappointed. "You don't think so?"
"I don't," Nines confirmed, tone deadpan but with a trace of humor under the surface.

Connor huffed at his tease. "What about this idea?" he asked, and the image shifted.
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Day 15 of Hankcon #inkytober - Jazz

Hank could see the soft candle light from the living room window outside. He bent to unhook the leash from Sumo’s collar as they stepped onto the front porch, lips pursed in thought.
He should have known Connor was up to something when he declined to going on a walk with them.

Hank barely had his hand on the doorknob when the music started. He paused, and Sumo panted next to him, nudged his knee. But he wanted to stop a moment and hear what Connor chose.
It was easy to pick out just from the beginning notes. Some good ol’ Etta James, At Last, on... a saxophone. Hank couldn’t hear any other instruments, and figured Connor had found some instrumental video online to play. He cracked a smile and finally opened the door.
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Day 14 of Hankcon #inkytober - Fire

cw burning building, android burn wounds

Despite his prior opinions on the matter, Hank had never seen an android actually on fire.
Before the revolution, he’d not been involved with android crimes (“property damage”), so most of what he had heard was secondhand accounts.
His anger and bitterness had fueled more drunken rants and hateful glances than anything. But he’d be lying if he said that he didn’t entertain the thought more than once. Had even threatened Connor with it.
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Day 13 of Hankcon #inkytober - Cats

Hank had been fortunate enough as a kid and into his adult life to be healthy. Other than the rare broken bones or sprains, he rarely got sick and never had to work very hard to maintain his health other than the usual common things.
It wasn’t until his mom came in from the back garden with a small, waterlogged kitten when he was six that he discovered he had one unfortunate allergy. Which was a shame—Kiki the kitty was an adorable little gray tabby.
Sadly his nose didn’t get the memo, and decided explosive sneezing was his reward for cuddling with him on the couch. He’d been relocated to a new home quickly. Hank definitely cried. It took him all of two seconds to get attached to him and he was still bitter about his allergy.
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Day 12 of Hankcon #inkytober - Candy

Hank could hear the crinkle of plastic from the kitchen, but didn’t think much of it as he flipped through channels. Connor getting up to something in there wasn’t too strange for him, considering. Or just in general—he was a sly lil thing.
Connor made his way back out to the living room, silent as he parked himself next to Hank on the couch. It was quiet between them for a while, and that suited them. Companionable silence was a comfort Hank enjoyed and hadn’t had much of in the last few years. He’d missed it.
It wasn’t long though before Hank was leaning over and against Connor, pressing soft kisses along the side of his neck. Connor’s shoulders shook in a quiet laugh, and he nuzzled into the crown of his hair before turning.
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Day 11 of hankcon #inkytober - Biocomponents 🔞

"Hank?" Connor called, standing from his place knelt next to the dresser in the bedroom. Unable to find what he was looking for, and really Hank HAD been the one to use it last, Connor left the room in search of his husband.
He never did actually answer Connor, but he can't have gone far. It was nearly time for them to crawl into bed, and while Connor hadn't exactly had any solid plans for pre-sleep his mind had... provided options. Which were difficult to carry out if he didn't have--
"Hank, have you seen my--" he cut himself off as he spotted Hank seated at the table, scrolling through a tablet idly with a mug next to him. Connor frowned. It was a little late for coffee, but he supposed that just meant he had his work cut out for him to wear Hank out tonight.
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Day 10 of Hankcon #inkytober - Coffee

Hank decided that whatever jackass made it so that the new guy was designated the office bitch should be strung up by their stupidly huge belt buckle in front of the whole staff.

He DEFINITELY wasn't targeting that little shit Gavin.
"Hey old timer," he'd said, walking up behind Hank and smacking him on the shoulder harder than necessary. "Since you're new, that means you're up for a coffee run." He'd waved a torn off sheet from one of their company-branded memo pads. "Here's the order, it's a block over."
Gavin could kiss his ass, but he wasn't about to sour things on his first day. Even though that little bastard already had--

Hank took a deep breath and rolled his eyes to the ceiling of the coffee shop, looking back down and hurrying over when his name was called. Not worth it.
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Day 9 of hankcon #inkytober - Stars

Based on all the evidence Connor had collected and after some deliberation, he supposed he could be considered a romantic.

Having a second opinion wouldn't hurt, but as far as he could tell it seemed accurate, and pretty obvious.
It had gone on since that morning he'd met Hank after the revolution, the sun bright but Hank standing tall and alive and even brighter. He'd taken to likening the man to many things, literal and not-so. At this point it was almost a daily checklist he was happy to add to.
"What is Hank?"

Hank was many things. Brave, strong, kind. Capable of change. Complex. A pillar, worn and cracked from time and disaster but still standing strong in spite of it all.
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Day 8 of Hankcon #inkytober - Sweaters

"You're not going to turn into one of those people that goes on online shopping sprees, are you?" Hank teased, sipping his pop as he watched Connor carry is parcel in the door.
He gave him a withering look in return. "Of course not," he scoffed, sitting next to Hank on the couch and beginning the process of tearing into the crinkled packaging. "It was our turn in the rotation to order clothing from work, so I decided to get a few things."
Hank "ah'ed" quietly, and distinctly remembered himself deleting that email. He hadn't had a turn on the rotation for a few years, and the DPD hoodie he'd gotten the last time was still in decent shape. And frequently filched by Connor.

Suppose it was only fair he get his own.
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