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[FANCAM] 220717 #IRENE attended Super Junior’s concert today! #SS9_Seoul_Day3

© thinkingofkkyu
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A tribute to actress #IRENE as Lee Hyun-ji of the film Double Patty 🎞 ( a well needed thread )
#IRENE : I represent to you Actress Bae Juhyun
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Some thoughts on the recording of “Queendom” (2021), Red Velvet. This behind-the-scenes video is interesting because (maybe) it reveals something about the way K-pop companies and singers think about English lyrics.


#KpopEnglishProject #RedVelvet #Queendom #Wendy #Irene

The video is the standard compilation of candid clips of the recording process. There are three places in it where Wendy (a fluent English speaker who spent part of her childhood in Canada) gives Irene some pointers about her English pronunciation:

“We are queens in the RED castle”

“Don’t need crowns, 타고났지 [born to] DAZZLE”

“모일수록 아름답게 [The more we’re together, the more beautifully we’re] shining BLING-BLING”

But isn’t that good? Isn’t it good if Wendy (who has this stuff down) coaches Irene? Of course!
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Wendy and Irene 180820 ISAC moments
💙 a thread 💗
#WENDY #IRENE ImageImage
1. This vid lives in my mind rent free 🥰💙💗
2. This one has 114k views 💙💗
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140815 Wenrene first held hands at smtown 💙💗

[a mini thread]


1. 💙💗 ImageImage
2. 💙💗 Image
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Family pictures through the years jk!😆💙💗💜
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» i'll never forget you «

a seulrene tagalog au where seulgi is a tiktoker who made a video trend in hopes of finding her airplane seatmate only for it to be irene, a 2nd year medical student.
» seulrene tagalog au
» don’t mind the timestamps
» quote to reply/react :D
» written in taglish
» fluff???
this is a work of fiction. names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. :)
🏷 #seulrene #seulgi #irene #au #redvelvet #aespa
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» go ustar «
a seulrene tagalog au where seulgi's ustar result got mismatched with irene's... the one she ghosted before ImageImage
special thanks to @//piapaat i asked for her permission for this it's just too funny 😆

so now imagine seulrene

(dont forget to stream like water!!) Image
» seulrene tagalog au
» don’t mind the timestamps
» quote to reply/react :D
» written in taglish
» idk if fluff or angst jk we'll see ;)
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To celebrate the #WomensHistoryMonth we are back with #HerstorywithCFWIJ! Today we celebrate six more amazing women voices in journalism. Some of whom paved the way, and others who are making them proud! (1/8) Image
First, let's go to #Canada and remember #EllaCoraHind! A journalist, an activist, and a suffragist. She was turned down for a position as a journalist #ManitobaFreePress, because of being an inexperienced woman journalist. Ella proved them wrong! #HerstorywithCFWIJ (2/8) Image
Carrying the torch is #Canada's @Kathygannon, a reporter at #AssociatedPress stationed in #Afghanistan and #Pakistan. Kathy has been attacked in her line of work, yet she marches on. Here is what she had to say in celebration of women journalists #HerstorywithCFWIJ (3/8).
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[TUTORIAL] Tutorial on how to make a Naver account and how to react and recommend an article for the main page.

Go to the following link first:…

#레드벨벳 #아이린 #IRENE @RVsmtown #RedVelvet
Once you click the button on top right, you will get the option to change the language to English.
After changing the language, login using either your Facebook account or Line account. You can set up your profile afterwards.
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Aryeon from Soonsoo - makeup artist

"I am staff who for 4 years, I've worked closely with Irene like no one else, and because I've spent so much time with unnie, I am so saddened and disheartened.

- She was a caring unnie that would take care of all her staffs' birthdays, and even when working onsite she'd take care of her staff first...

Seeing how one person's story has rolled like a snowball and grown, I am scared and I am so saddened thinking how did people end up -
-thinking that way about her when that's not the unnie I've known so my heart hurts...

She is an unnie who is warmer than anyone I know.. As someone who's had a relationship with her beyond just artist-staff, I always cheer you on so have strength unnie! ☺️

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"The things I'd worked so hard on for the last 5 years are disappearing like bubbles... I keep thinking of the good memories so my heart hurts so much...

We spent more time together than anyone else...


If you can judge a person by one interaction, I think you are living in a world far too difficult.

If you look at a person with pre-composed biases, how can you make any clear judgements from those biases...

- I think that there is something that cannot just be expressed in words, that cannot be made in a short time - of knowing each other's thoughts without even saying a word, just by looking at each other's eyes.

Revelies I love you♥️
#Irene "
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I am hair stylist Yoon Seoha who's worked with RV as a hair staff since 2015.

As I've been with the members for a long time, I don't think was a time we didn't treat each other with sincerity working together. For that long time we've/I've (?) worked with loyalty-
- and thankfulness and thanks to that, I feel that I've grown a lot myself. Irene was someone who gave me a lot of trust as a team leader and made me feel proud to be Red Velvet's hairstylist.-
- The Irene that I've seen for a long time was someone who gives accuracy and trust to people in every work. If I had faced any unfairness working with this person I've worked with for so long that I've seen even more than my own family, I am someone who would've already quit.

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Double Patty staff's take:

Since yesterday, there's been many people asking me about Irene. I think it's because I had worked in 'Double Patty' (though I left in the middle).

Honestly I don't know Irene very well. We worked together but over the span of a little over a month -
- we've met only a few times working.

To organize my personal opinions since many asked, I think there's a lot more problems in the entertainment side rather than problems with Irene personally.

- This may be dangerous to say but, when I met many idols at MV filmings, when I saw how the entertainment side staff were, not the filming staff, I could easily understand why those idols are like that.

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Soonsoo (RV's makeup team since debut)

#Irene... Ppl are asking if anything had happened at the salon (at Soonsoo)... Obviously if you go to a salon for a long time everything is revealed in words~ But Irene's a celebrity with a lot of good words around her~

- cont.
- During the year-end season, she writes a handwritten letter for all her staff 7 even for the youngest staffs she takes care of vitamin gifts~ She's a celebrity that knows how to show her thanks~

I know gifts aren't everything but because she just usually had a good personality
- all the salon's hair and makeup staff like Irene a lot~

Because she's a celebrity with more good sides to her, this situation is saddening~

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Statement by Irene's MUA since debut:

[bamboo forest means someone you can be vulnerable to, tell secrets, show emotions to, etc.]
Irene who's younger but always was a bamboo forest to me~

I've been and grown with Red Velvet since debut for 6 years now. -
-After I gave birth in 2015, so many things in my life changed as a MUA. It was full of first-time experiences and difficulties. But Irene who's incredibly shy and quiet became a bamboo forest for me who I could reveal my secrets/emotions to.

-One day she visited my shop & said she came to say hi as she was passing by. She sat beside me & we talked and left. On the way home, I put my hand in my pocket and there was a card in my jacket pockets. She had given me a card with Irene-like content, in an Irene-like method
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re #IRENE & #REDVELVET as of 12NN

1. K-Culture Fest Online Fanmeeting is still in discussion. Originally scheduled Oct 24
2. KT confirmed release of ‘Double Patty’ will be end of 2020 as scheduled.
#아이린 #IRENE
3. KT denied rumor which was revealed by their alleged staff. They confirmed the said staff isn’t an official member of their team.

#아이린 #IRENE
4. One of Irene’s biggest fansites, IreneBar, compiled accounts who spread ruthless rumors. Still waiting for the next action to be taken.

#아이린 #IRENE
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🚨Clear Irene Searches in Naver🚨

Here’s what you have to do:
• RT every tweet in this tweet
• Click on the link pasted in every tweet and stay in the page for at least 1 minute

Thank you! 🐰💗
#아이린 #IRENE #레드벨벳 #REDVELVET @RVsmtown
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» talk to strangers «
a seulrene tagalog au kung saan si seulgi kang ay mayroong online class kaya’t napag-isipan niyang mag-omegle dahil bored na siya only to match with irene bautista, isang iska, na hinihintay magload ang CRS website para makakuha na ng units. ImageImageImageImage
» seulrene tagalog au
» don’t mind the timestamps
» quote to reply
» written in taglish
» fluff lang :) Image
main characters:
seulgi kang - ust 2nd year bs pharma student
irene bautista - upd 3rd year bs chem eng
#seulrene #au ImageImage
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Dance instructor and pretty boy next door in one frame. Both are consistent, kaya ba nilang mapanindigan ang “make out make out lng?”

#gotvelvet #got7 #redvelvet #Jackson #Irene #gotvelvetau

Collaboration with @cieleMayLin
- tamang kalat lang (?)
- di ko alam kung crack ba to or seryoso hahahaha
- labyu all 🤣
Mains :
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SEULRENE SOC MED AU wherein Irene is your typical overachiever brainiac (na masyadong mahal nang Diyos) that happens to have an unclaimed not-so-secret-crush on baby Seul. Sa kanya dedicated ang kanta ni daniel na 'Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat' except ang pagtingin nang c̶r̶u̶s̶h̶ niya.
Or that one [TAGALOG] SEULRENE SOCIAL MEDIA FAN FICTION AU where Irene treated Seulgi as her one big tinik sa lalamunan vs overall perfect balikbayan Seulgi who's d̶o̶e̶s̶n̶t̶ ̶a̶c̶k̶n̶o̶w̶l̶e̶d̶g̶e̶ not even aware of her existence.
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170808 KBS Cool FM Moon Hee-Joon's Music Show - Starring #RedVelvet's #Seulgi, #Wendy, #Yeri
Intro Music: #RedVelvet's #RedFlavor
MC: They're Summer Queens who are loved by people. We'll meet #RedVelvet right after the ad break!
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1. The fanlight's official nickname is Kim Man-Bong (short for Kimchi Mandu(dumpling) and bong (stick))
2. The name of the broken robot is Rêve, and #RedVelvet #Seulgi was in charge of the initial design.
During the talk time, #RedVelvet asked #Wendy to do the broken robot dance again because she was so good at it.
W: I couldn't figure out how to express a robot.
RV: But you were so good at it.
W: Really?
#Seulgi: We found your dance genre! Try doing poppin!
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