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Another ethics talk: Facebook, Dynamite, Uber, Bombs & You by Lana Brindley @Loquacities (I think).

@Loquacities Starts with Herman Hollerith. American child of German immigrants. Built a machine to tabulate census results.

1884 built a prototype. There's a pantograph (which encodes into punchcards).

@Loquacities Card slots into the tabulator. Pins go through holes, complete a circuit using mercury, increments a mechanical counter.

Human operators could process 80 cards a minute like this.
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Keynote: Personal Branding for the Security Conscious by @Snubs #lca2019
Starting point: everyone has imposter syndrome.
- Take action, practice.
- Surround yourself with awesome individuals.

[List of @Snubs accomplishments, which is too long to type]

- No background in hacking, infosec, Linux...
- Started in theater, did some geocities websites...
- Parents were supportive.

Lesson: everyone starts somewhere. #lca2019
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And now, @avadacatavra on "Mixed Reality Security: Learning from IoT's mistakes" #lca2019
@avadacatavra Mistakes I've made.
- Using terrible passwords.
- Reusing terrible passwords.
- Snoozing updates for months.
- Not using a password manager.

The great thing about mistakes is learning from them.

The biggest mistake we make is not learning from past mistakes.

@avadacatavra So, let's talk about IoT fails.

- Mirai botnet DoSes a big DNS company using compromised IoT devices.
- Super hackable cardiac devices.
- Home security cameras sending login credentials via plaintext.
- Remotely taking control of a car.

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#lca2019 @jonoxer open source superhumans

this makerspace in melb was set up by folks with duchenne muscular dystrophy, closer to home.

first item: a little space heater for hands. DMD bodies sometimes cannot shiver, become stiff, lose ability to control wheelchair.
@jonoxer #lca2019 @jonoxer nick & chris wanted better control of a $45,000 wheelchair, with minimal interference to its function.

solution: bluetooth controls sent to joystick via smartphone, without click & drag
@jonoxer #lca2019 @jonoxer
want: collaborative control of multiple devices

solution: a switch moves input signals from game controller device, to the wheelchair.
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#lca2019 @attacus_au on the non-consensual use of public tech use, and how to be evade it.

spoiler: reality is already scarier than scifi.

this is a live system adding metadata - pants vs skirt, direction of travel - of pedestrians
@attacus_au #lca2019 @attacus_au this chinese system matches faces to ones it knows, at a public escalator - v high accuracy, e.g. people travel the same way to work
@attacus_au #lca2019 @attacus_au researcher joy buolomwini found her face wasn’t picked up by face classifiers due to her dark skin, so tested a few algorithms. high accuracy: M presenting light skin, low accuracy F presenting dark skin.
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Shortly: How much do you trust that package? Understanding the software supply chain by @jeamland

@jeamland npm is bad!
Lots of fiddly little packages, tons of them.
Packages disappear.
Packages are vulnerable to malware!
npm is a single point of failure, right?

All this only happens to npm, right?

@jeamland More generally: supply chain attacks.

Call out to the Bloomberg/SuperMicro story last year. Modification at source is unlikely, but:

- Interception is fairly common (ship stuff from vendor to $INTELLIGENCE, then to customer)
- Unavailability (fab destroyed)
- Defects

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