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So, if someone in the Gun Grabbing community attacks us, twists words and pushes false narratives, they get praised.

If a 2A Defender does it, they’re censored? 🤔

This speaks for itself here 👇👇👇👇
Again, proving the hypocrisy behind it all this Gun Grabbing.
In the above tweet pics: Ms.Ezell is attacked by @shannonrwatts - founder of Gun Control group, @MomsDemand Action... co-founder of @Everytown w/ Michael Bloomberg.

Watts clearly pushes FALSE PROPAGANDA here!
For one, Watts, Bloomberg, @womensmarch & other Gun Control groups use the kids of @AMarch4OurLives as (metaphoric) “human shields,” to push their own agenda! Check out the vid link below to better understand 👇

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Sharon Cromwell, City Gun Violence Prevention Manager at @Everytown, speaks to Indiana @MomsDemand volunteers about gun violence intervention.

The @NRA is in meltdown mode just a few miles away, but we’re stronger than ever. #INlegis #NRAAM
“We want to elevate the voices of those who have been doing this work for so long in their communities. They have the tools to do the work. We can provide resources to help elevate or expand their work,” Sharon Cromwell, City Gun Violence Prevention Manager at @Everytown.
Brand new Indiana @MomsDemand volunteer who’s a teacher in the southern part of the state, and I’d married to a gun owner and @NRA member. She wants to bring gun sense to her community. #INlegis
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BREAKING: Oliver North formed a "crisis committee" in an attempt to oust @NRA leader Wayne LaPierre. North’s first term is scheduled to end the same day. Both are paid millions. Matters will come to a head on Monday, when the NRA’s full board is scheduled to meet. #NRAAM
North sent a letter to the Board alleging financial improprieties, sexual harassment charges against a staff member, and accusations of excessive personal expenses, including $200k of wardrobe charges for LaPierre. He threatened to publicize the letter if LaPierre didn't resign.
The letter was drafted for North by Ackerman McQueen, the @NRA's PR/marketing firm, which the NRA is suing for over-billing. Ackerman pays North's salary (the job was unpaid and simply ceremonial in the past). Ackerman also pays the $1M salaries of Dana Loesch and Colion Noir.
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When right-wingers warned of a coming civil war, little did I know it involved a putsch among the gun industry lobbyists.
"Ackerman’s NRATV has taken on an apocalyptic tone, warning of race wars, calling for a march on the F.B.I. and portraying the talking trains in the children’s show “Thomas & Friends” in Ku Klux Klan hoods." #NRA
Grifters with guns.

"A small group of #NRA executives, contractors, and venders has extracted hundreds of millions of dollars from the nonprofit's budget, through gratuitous payments, sweetheart deals, and opaque financial arrangements."…
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Most people don’t realize the 2nd Amendment isn’t about sport shooting, hunting or even self defense. It was designed to prevent GOVERNMENT TYRANNY. So says Thomas Jefferson. #NRAAM
And it’s the REAL reason Democrats want to take away our guns: they hope for a day they will assume power without fear of the American people.
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Corporate America is going after the Second Amendment, according to Sen @tedcruz. Calls out Dick’s Sporting Goods (says, “The company’s name is really appropriate”). #NRAAM
.@tedcruz brags about going to Sutherland Springs the day after the shooting. He does not mention that he refused to return @KimsMom3’s call after her daughter was shot and killed in her Santa Fe, Texas, classroom last year. #NRAAM
.@tedcruz blames Chicago gun deaths on Illinois gun laws... He doesn't mention that a majority of the crime guns in Chicago come from Indiana, the state he's speaking in right now. Indiana has more lax gun laws than Illinois, but even Illinois' need to be strengthened. #NRAAM
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Vice President Mike Pence just had the nerve to say being at the @NRA’s annual meeting is part of his pro-life agenda. What about the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have been killed or injured by gun violence? #NRAAM2019 #NRAAM
“We’re draining the swamp,” says Vice President Pence, even though the @NRA is under investigation for its ties to Russia and for exploiting its nonprofit status. #nraam #NRAAM2019
Donald Trump on alleged “coup” of his administration: “I didn’t need a gun for that one, did I?” #NRAMM #NRAAM2019
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@PolisForCO Not true. The only reason that attendees of #NRAAM may not be armed around @vp is that the @secretservice is in charge of his security. They may be armed just about everywhere else. 1/
@PolisForCO @VP @SecretService Outside of the Secret Service, none of us are in favor of disarming our fellow, law-abiding neighbors. 2/
@PolisForCO @VP @SecretService Re: “arming teachers,” thousands of school staff nationwide are already armed. Hundreds in Colorado alone. You, @polisforCO, have armed guards at work. Our kids should be similarly protected in school. 3/
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