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I've been running sessions for educators adjusting to online teaching and many are facing challenges with live, synchronous's some small ways to enhance things...1/ #onlinelearning #onlineteaching
There are so many distractions when teaching via videoconferencing, including the video of yourself. We have a tendency to keep looking at ourselves, so hide this to remove an unnecessary distraction. 2/
Eye contact is an important aspect of communication, but we usually look everywhere but our webcam. Looking into the webcam is hard but good to master - adding post-it notes with key points adjacent to it can help. 3/
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It works! This #onlineteaching trick combines visual contact with the audience and the genuine blackboard feeling.
(No, I did not practice mirror writing, and yes, this is the actual audience screen.)
A short manual 👇. 1/n
This is the setup: I am writing on an acrylic glass sheet in between the webcam and a neutral white background. Problem is that everything is mirrored. Although you can select 'mirror image' in e.g. #Zoom, it does this only for the presenter, not for the audience. 2/n
But... with the camera software (#LogiCapture) you can steer and adjust the camera, including horizontally flipping the image, before you send it to #Zoom. In Zoom, you don't select the webcam itself, but the output of the #LogiCapture software. 3/n
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[Thread on #remoteteaching]

Thank you @ProfJohnRBuck for a wonderful convo on fall remote teaching. I always learn so much from our discussions and the call today was no exception! For the benefits of others, here are a few things that came up in the call. #AcademicTwitter

What is the best way to develop a personal connection with students, when we won't be seeing each other face to face ever. It's different than in spring, when we started off with face-to-face instructions. This requires some serious thinking. #onlinelearning #remotelearning

How to encourage class participation when many universities (like Rutgers) are recommending asynchronous remote teaching (for obvious reasons that students might be spread across different time zones). This also brings up the question of equitable teaching.

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1/ Hey #MedEd and #MedTwitter! #TwagTeamBackAgain with another #TweetorialTuesday from the one and only #MedEdTwagTeam

Today, I take some of the things we have taught you over the last 6 weeks and organize them based on the type of teaching you may be planning to do.
2/ Here is the series of #tweetorials that @JenniferSpicer4 and I have been bringing you every Tuesday.

Welcome to Week 7! Make sure to go back and check out our previous threads if they are of interest. Just search #MedEdTwagTeam
3/ We have been bringing you a lot tips and tricks about #Zoom:

Optimizing Settings
File Transfer
Screen Sharing
Breakout Rooms
Collaborative Tools
Splitting Your Screen
Sharing Partial Screens
Virtual White Boards

But how to make sense of it all?
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Pedagogy in the time of the Pandemic - a thread on peril and promise of education in the time of #COVID19 - my learning from efforts across the world #education #onlineteaching #edtech (1/n)
"Here, the struggle for survival has overtaken other aspects of growth, with education coming to be considered a privilege" - read the story of Vaishali @IndianExpress Image
The ongoing emergency will put further strain on hard-won gains in learning. Three possible scenarios: a lower average, a higher standard deviation, or a sharp increase in low learning at the bottom. @hpatrinos Image
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So much negativity being directed towards #remotelearning #remoteteaching #onlineteaching #onlineeducation. The underlying sentiment: classroom teaching in #highered is far superior. Let's investigate the myths! 1/10
Myth 1: education is social, and only a classroom can create the conditions necessary to make it social. Classrooms with 100, 200, 400, 800 students are ideal learning situations? Everyone participates, even as the term wears on and attendance falls like a rock? 2/10
Myth 2: I can't have meaningful connections with my students online; I need to be with them in person. For smaller classes, maybe. But how meaningful are the interactions when the classes hit 100+? How meaningful are the connections when the students don't attend class? 3/10
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New to delivering online lectures? 😱

I've put together some of the tips and tricks I've learned over the last few years!

@MemorialU @AcadiaU @UNB @DalhousieU @UPEI @MSVU_Halifax @stfxuniversity

#onlinelearning #onlineteaching #pedagogy #virtualclassroom #education

1) Record & watch yourself teaching📽️Consider:
- lighting, sound, video quality
- font size
- background distractions (pets, clutter)
- body language / movement that doesn't translate well to camera
2) Sharing your screen? 🖥️
- mirror your learner's environment
- disable notifications and/or set up an separate account on your laptop for teaching
- consider your background image & desktop files
- increase the size/visibility of your mouse pointer (
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Need to teach online? Remember that there are many alternatives to presenting your class in Zoom. Production value matters to engage online learners. Here are a few ideas of how to “mix it up” in this time of crisis. (thread) #OnlineTeaching 1/
1. Don’t force yourself to produce content. There is a lot of good content on the web that was produced professionally & is more engaging than something shot with a webcam. Consider a role in which you help guide students learning journey through such content ...
If you are teaching a more conceptual class, you can rely on online video courses, like those curated in course sites like or or even, YouTube, and audio courses. Many scholars already have lectures online.
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#Academics Are you "force" to teach online as a result of COVID19?

Here is a way to implement Twitter in your classrooms: #Thread
1️⃣Students sign-up w professional handle (no exceptions) & tweet at you [faculty] - this is important to ensure they have a proper online appearance. 1/6
2️⃣Give them a target - 5-10 tweets/wk in your specific topics. This gives them an expectation to follow - and helps you with grading. 2/6

I'm not "picky" with content as long as it pertains to the topics being discussed.
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