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I didn’t know whether I should link to this thread. Nerves from the #ThousandOaksShooting must still be very raw; from the #PittsburghSynagogueShooting also. But after each one of these damned massacres we hear people from the President on down claim we could stop them...
...if more people walked around packing heat. It’s an idiotic claim, really; there are single celled animals who aren’t this stupid. Do a quick mental inventory of people you know. How many of them would you really want to see armed? At work? At sporting events? At church?
Anyway, thanks to @iAmTheWarax & @MustangZeroFive & many others who’ve shared, in this long exchange, stories about what happens with people and the military, where proficiency w/firearms has a defined value. These stories will curl your hair.
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.@uklabour 1/4 A short thread about JVL statements on the #PittsburghSynagogueShooting

JVL showed their solidarity for murdered Jews by attacking @antisemitism, a charity renowned for prosecuting antisemites and far right Neo-Nazis
2/4 Another JVL statement uses this terrible event to furiously downplay the suggestion of antisemitism in the Labour Party
3/4 Right on cue, one of their Holocaust denying members blames the ‘zionists’ for the #PittsburghShooting
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1) Working theory: We are dealing with a paid operative.


It’s lunchtime coffee time.
October 28, 2018.
2) Exhibit A, yet another hate act that we American Jews are dealing with today. (Via Jewish Breaking News.)
3) Working theory: Pittsburgh is part of a coordinated terror campaign to disrupt the midterm elections. As #QAnon stated 5/22/2018: “Attacks will intensify.”
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1. I've spent both my professional & academic career studying & training for #ActiveShooter events.

As timelines & official reports begin to emerge on the #PittsburghSynagogueShooting, some #PublicSafety thoughts.
1a. As ever, thoughts with all involved. We’re in this job because we care. We train&plan to lessen impact future incidents.

1b. These thoughts are general to this incident type. NOT specific to the response in #Pittsburgh. By all accounts Responders were heroic at every turn.
2. From a strategic view, this was a tactical nightmare. Shooter had the element of surprise, a large crowd & a cavernous building. He was relatively secure against an unarmed, largely elderly congregation.

As @fred_burton & others have noted, he may have preplanned the site.
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10/28/2018 thread #PittsburghShooting.

This sounds like actual Neo-Nazi. Referring to the #PittsburghSynagogue shooter:

“This guy just blew out the kneecaps of the movement in order to kill some no name Jews.”

Payoff, motive, timing don’t add up.…
2) My working theory is that George Soros bankrolls both sides in order to set them against each other.
3) “Screw your OPTICS, I’m going in” is an odd thing to say. This is how DC bureaucrats talk. It is not how Nazis talk.
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1) Starting a thread to investigate the #PittsburghSynagogueShooting. This report of an active situation came in today 10/27/2018 at 10:54 AM Pittsburgh local time - the height of the Shabbat service.…
2) They interrupted the synagogue announcements this morning to tell us about it. I got home and shared this initial thought.

(“Baruch Dayan Emes” means “Blessed Be The True Judge,” what Jewish people say to a mourner. We don’t understand God’s ways.)

3) You already know that I believe this event is yet another terrorist attack in the seditious conspiracy to destroy our President and our Nation among with him. You know the blame is not long in coming.
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On GAB, Robert Bowers (as 'onedingo')
His last post:
"HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people.
I can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered.
Screw your optics, I'm going in."
His GAB account has been pulled, but we're going over it.
Bowers: "For the record, I did not vote for him nor have I owned, worn or even touched a maga hat."
#PittsburghSynagogueShooting #TreeOfLifeSynagogue
RB Gab account: "Jews are waging a propaganda war against Western civilization and it is so effective that we are headed towards certain extinction within the next 200 years and we're not even aware of it"
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Nazis on DailyStormer not happy with the #synagogueshooting #TreeofLife :
This is really, really not good news.
Unless it’s Moslems."

They're hoping it isn't a "white guy" but it is.
Nazis respond on DailyStormer: "Please Jesus Christ let it be Moslems."
DailyStorm Nazis worried how this will affect their efforts to elect white supremacist friendly candidates in #Midterms2018
#SynagogueShooting #TreeofLife #PittsburghSynagogueShooting
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