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[1/] Here’s pretty solid #Reptilians footage from a rare video I archived in 2012. Don’t know if it still exists.

I *think* the first person is Zuckerberg? There is other evidence he’s one.

Full video is archived @…

This #reptilian woman’s mouth hologram was *definitely* malfunctioning… In the video you also see her lizard tongue flick out..
#AliensExist and #TheyLiveAmongUs
From the same video, a clear demonstration of a #Reptilian woman’s pupils pulsating different colors. Her face hologram is emiting EMF radiation that is also causing distortions in the way the camera picks up the background colors.
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In Aug 2008, I was alone in the office at 8 PM. A coworker who always worked 100% remote came up to me very exasperated. In 2 min i noticed her pupils went like #Reptilians & her pupils startd pulsing different colors, out of sync. Kinda glowing. Pinks, blues.

Her eyes pulsated, out of sync, left diff color than right, pink, blue, red, green, yellow, orange. It was crazy!!

I sat, scared out of my mind, hairs on back standing up.

5 min later, I asked her if her eyes were ok. She gasped and literally ran away.

Never saw her again...
Focus on 1:20-1:50, you can totally see her pupils go vertical, change colors, even the #Reptilian second eyelid blinking...
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March 3, 2013

#GoddessVortex is the ultimate technology of the Light forces which will finally dissolve the #Matrix on the astral and etheric planes around our planet.…
#GoddessVortex is a rainbow spiral of energy which encompasses all possible combinations of Light.
It is a presence of an angelic being which transmutes all darkness into pure Light through an eight-dimensional stargate of the #AntarionConversion. Image
It is a #vortex of the presence of One which absorbs all anomaly of duality and ascends it into the One through the process of microtriangulation. Image
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So, I'm live tweeting S2E1 of @HistoryBlueBook right about now. The first season was right on about a lot of things, excited to see what this one brings.

#SiriusBusiness #Reptilian
Honestly, I got a kick out of the Shooting Star rendering for the DC dogfight scenes. It is interesting how jet fighters of this era have a space theme. "Starfighter", "Shooting Star"...
Specifically, #Roswell is outside the scope of #SiriusBusiness, as it is likely a Grey visitation, but it does intersect with the Truman Doctrine and the Siriusians.
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