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okeydoke.. here's a PROOF OF CONCEPT for some #steganography that may be used by "Q" team (slight variation of their method though)

Graphic is KEY.
ORDERING is critical.

Why is the ORDER important?
Well, it definitely matters if there are HEX strings that need appended togethr
The 6 images in this tweet (again, ORDER is critical) all contain data inside them.
JPHide was used to embed a text file in each image, using the password: meow

Download the images, but make sure you get the RIGHT VERSION!!!
View Image > make sure to delete &name=small
Extract the text files from each image using JPSeek.

Copy the Hex strings inside each text file (make sure you do this in the proper order) and paste them into a Hex editor.
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Doing some #steganography work and Outguess always seems to render these strings into the header of my JPGs...
I know I’ve seen these strings before in other images...
I was embedding PGP keys into images to recreate the Jeffrey Epstein “situation” I was looking into a few months ago (NYPost, potential embedding of an encryption key into images)

So far, the results are interesting.
There’s a pattern with OutGuess (and other tools) embedding
Here’s example images from one of the #cicada3301 puzzles that contain embedded data.
Notice the same strings in the headers of the files:

(However, StegDetect doesn’t recognize these images as having embedded content, though they do—there is ASCII text embedded with Outguess)
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Finally making this happen—
I am getting all the #steganography tools I use installed remotely and am building a user-friendly interface for them that can be accessed via web browser (PC, Mobile, iPad, etc)

Proof of concept ready to play with:

*only PNGs
Eventually, I’ll have everything accessible, but currently—it’s limited to PNG images using LSB Steganography (one of many kinds)
This week, I hope to get StegDetect ready so you guys can just upload files & it’ll auto-scan them for you.

This is basically the pre-beta version.
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Didn’t find anything in the “Kenya” pic.
However.. JPo and his co EquitableGro may be into the #Stego....
...But I don’t know. 🤷‍♂️😉
... we’ll see how it goes?
A lot of you saw this the other day as well..
JP *rarely* posts photos on his Twitter account; mostly limited to articles and then RTs them.
But this was posted recently, so of course I scooped it up & scanned:
I went through a little over 4million password combos, but no luck. (Granted, that’s truly a small list in the grand scheme of things)
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Here’s something interesting...

“You have more than you know”
“Learn our comms”
“GRAPHIC is the KEY”
“The MAP is the KEY”

PGP Keys inside these Q pics? 😳😮🤭🤔🧐🤯🤷‍♂️
This thread will be all over the place.
Sorry in advance. 😇☺️
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scan shows a few things embedded here:… -- image… -- extracted data

331F7.myd: MySQL MyISAM index file Ver 4
- 30605 key parts
- 48219 unique key parts
- 207 keys
- 1964634138620769275 records
- 1322108267624772645 deleted records
Didn’t have time to do/try anything else tonight, so I’m throwing it out there, hoping someone else can pick up & figure it out while I hit the hay.
I posted it up in /pol, but everyone is scared to click the Firefox link 🤦‍♂️
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We’ll just get right to the meat& potatoes—I found a thing. Happening currently.

Embedded PGP Encryption Key???
Inside of Jeffrey Epstein photos, uploaded by the NYPost.
I’ve been sitting on this for a little bit, but when I saw that Jean Luc Brunel has “disappeared” now as well... I guess it’s time to release this.
BTW—was the NY Post the first to break this about Brunel?
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