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Maldivian Jihadi terrorist talks about why he has chosen a life of crime, evil and barbarism! His mental gymnastics let's him to genuinely believe he is in the right! We must reject this bankrupt ideology of Islamic orthodoxy!

One of the most important takeaways from this interview is that a Maldivian has publicly assumed leadership of Jihadist from the Maldives and has declared the government of @ibusolih and the majlis of @MohamedNasheed as unislamic.
These jihadists are given a platform by @OGNreports to speak directly to Maldivians first and foremost as he speaks in Dhivehi language and looks directly at the camera.
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The most terrifying thing I learned today from this press release by @PoliceMv is that the weapons cache that was discovered hidden under the sea belongs to Islamic terrorists rather than any thing political that we were all lead to believe at the time.
How do we know whether Islamic terrorists there are armed or not? How sure are you that there were no other weapons caches hidden in sea?

#TerroristWatchmv @ibusolih @MohamedNasheed @M_Hameedh @ShimranAb @PoliceMv @CDFofMNDF @MariyaDidi @evattey @hsuood @DdcomMdv @NCTCMaldives
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RCMP visited. They wanted to check up my security situation & to inform me Canadian national intelligence has picked up a threat notice to my life. They are legally obligated to inform me of this fact. They are monitoring the situation and advising accordingly. #TerroristWatchMv
They also inform me a hazard radius has been set up around my residence and increased monitoring and patrol is in place.

I am also informed that they are treating it seriously.
I told them I intend to continue with my advocacy work for now and completely trust the competence of law enforcement agencies in Canada to do their jobs.
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Rusthum, his family, his friends and myself, we have tried to get a lawyer to represent him since his arrest. We have all failed to find him a lawyer. Nobody wants to take the risk of representing him and being called laadheenee. This would ruin their legal careers they say!
Meanwhile, the he has been held without a lawyer and due process for more than a month and half. During this time, they increased his detention via the courts 2 time for 15 days each. And the third time the judge has decided to keep him in prison indefinitely until his ”trial”.
Given that he is unable to secure legal representation at this time, even though it is a fundamental right for everyone, it is now up to the government to provide such representation for him, given the country lacks a public defenders office.

@ibusolih @MohamedNasheed @evattey
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In that first screenshot you see @Alizaid1000 in the same chat room talking with a known terrorist who hides behind an anonymous account.

Exhibit A:
Here is that same terrorist in that group!
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Dhen fennaanee Lahore ga jaanun fidhaa vegen maruvi habaru. Harukashi kamuge hekithah dhenegannamaa. #terroristwatchmv
Islamic version of "Can you find me that porn?"
Mihaa saafukoh buneema ves baeh meehunnah nuvisneny ey.
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