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despite being rivals since highschool, taehyung cant seem to get over his crush on yoongi. one day, he accidentally tweeted a picture without realizing that half of yoongi’s face is displayed on the back of his phone for everyone to see, including yoongi.

#taegiweek19 #TG19DAY3
taegi au
-quote instead of reply so tht the thread wont break!
-will be a short story? i think
-ignore timestamps!
-circle of friends are hyungline & maknaeline
-everyone are the same age and went to the same highschool except seokjin
-for more, ask here!
taegi au

lets take this way back into the past when they were still in highschool
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Pick wisely my intellectual readers πŸ˜”πŸ’œ
When they're spent and Tae rests with his head on Hoseoks chest, ignoring the stickiness of the drying cum that covers it, he gets up and looks at the beta
His heart races in adoration as his eyes are magnetically pulled towards the red mark on his neck
/His/ mark
Hoseok looks debauched, but Taehyung doesn't feel an inch of remorse
The reds and purples that litter his skin are a brand, Taehyungs mark
Its delicious- Hoseok looks ethereal
His skin a painting of love
And his neck bearing Taehyungs signature
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{ Jikook AU }

Superstar Jungkook is used to his agency paying escort girls when he's on tour to relieve stress in the utmost secrecy, but it all goes wrong when his manager messes up one night and books a boy instead.
Jimin becomes his only weakness.

(!nsfw) #jikook #jikookau
(yes, I'm writing it πŸ‘€)
Ok so a few notes :
β€’ It's my 1st AU and I usually write long ass fics so bear w me πŸ˜…
β€’ I'm an Android user so πŸ’€ I'll be switching between 3 diff apps, RIP me
β€’ Please quote only !! or use my cc to reply :)
β€’ I pay attention to time stamps but I may make mistakes ;;
β€’ 😘
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