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Finally, my friend @catehstn on creating success together. #WSC2018Conf
@catehstn "What can happen when we come together to not feel alone is that we spend all our time talking about how everything is awful." --@catehstn #WSC2018Conf
So @catehstn wants to be a little bit more optimistic today.

She's telling the story of the number of test frameworks equaling the number of Senior SETs, because creating frameworks was incentivized by the ladder. #WSC2018Conf
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Next speaker is Amelia Downs of @pivotal on getting more actionable feedback. #WSC2018Conf
@pivotal Attribution is important! Kudos to Amelia for citing artists of the art she used! #WSC2018Conf
She recently became the anchor (e.g. tech lead) of her team at Pivotal. But she hadn't been on the team very long before she was picked for leadership. #WSC2018Conf
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Next speaker at #WSC2018Conf: @codermeow on mindfulness.
@codermeow Obligatory kitty picture. We can learn a lot from happy animals.

[relaxation exercise] #WSC2018Conf
[ed: this probably is a talk more like @rakshesha's that is best experienced rather than tweeted. so we'll see whether I keep going...] #WSC2018Conf
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How to onboard junior developers, by #wsc2018conf
Pain points: setting up dev environments, getting lost in the codebase, not knowing who to ask for help when everyone has headphones on and is heads-down.

"Why did they hire me in the first place?" and then your junior dev hides in the bathroom. #WSC2018Conf
Does it really have to be like this? No.

Have a mentor program. Make sure you have clear career ladders that reward mentorship, and tell everyone what their success criteria are. #WSC2018Conf
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And finally, we have @jennschiffer on the intersection of art and technology. #WSC2018Conf
@jennschiffer Quitting a job is like a breakup, @jennschiffer says. Someone else will paper their own narrative over your work. #WSC2018Conf
[ed: she's telling very funny puns and jokes as she goes. she's also asked some of it not to be sent outside the room so I'll abide by that] #WSC2018Conf
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Next up is Jasmin Rubinovitz from Fake Love (owned by the NYT), which does creative storytelling and experiential art/advertising projects. #WSC2018Conf
The goal is literally to create "fake love" for a brand or company by giving people temporary experiences. e.g. treadmill VR, applying Instagram-like filters by shaking a phone in water... #WSC2018Conf
She got into this by doing both art school and computer science because she wanted to do a fusion of both. #WSC2018Conf
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Next up is @chiuki on better negotiation through public speaking! #WSC2018Conf
@chiuki [ed: she has amazing hand-drawn slides]

She started freelancing after leaving her corporate job. "hire me and give me lots of money" isn't necessarily that convincing of a consulting pitch. #WSC2018Conf
She decided she was going to build her profile in order to make sure that she had a convincing presence if you searched for her name online so her clients would hire her. #WSC2018Conf
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Next up is @thathijabae on Bengali emigration data! #WSC2018Conf
@thathijabae So her family emigrated, and she grew up in the US. As a first-generation immigrant, she felt like a bridge between cultures but also isolated and not a part of either side. #WSC2018Conf
She grew up, and became a programmer because she wanted to create something with purpose. #WSC2018Conf
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Next up: @sweetpavement on ethics and inclusion at design time, not at runtime. #WSC2018Conf
@sweetpavement Starting off by taking a deep breath, because we all need it. [ed: yeah, we all do.]

Rowan is an SRE at buzzfeed, and she joined because it provided reliable journalism about things ranging from the Kardashians to Robert Muller & Black Lives Matter. #WSC2018Conf
Their engineer culture is to expect to make sure that even when we choose between doing things right and fast, the fast version is still ethical. #WSC2018Conf
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Next up is Tanya Reilly @whereistanya on "Being Glue"
Opening question "Who has felt like they didn't have the technical skills to be in the room?" [lots of hands]...

"Who has surprised themselves by doing the thing anyway?" [lots of hands]

@whereistanya "My job has 'software engineer' in the title but I do almost no coding"

Tanya wrote 211 lines of code last year.

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Final talk of the day at #WSC2018Conf: @hilarysk on the hidden history women and enbies in computing. "We've always been here."
@hilarysk First of all, why does diversity matter?
(1) the bottom line -- 35% more likely to outperform the market if more diverse [ed: as per data also cited by the @ZevinAssetMgmt proposal as well]
(2) Better software that meets user needs
(3) Equity/equality. #WSC2018Conf
How did programming go from clerical to cool? Originally the (human) computers at NASA were hired by attractiveness, because presumption it was secretarial/data entry work. #WSC2018Conf
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Next workshop presenter: @sailorhg on making zines. #WSC2018Conf
This is super neat and I'm having too much fun creating to tweet! #WSC2018Conf pixelbook with a zine template open and SRE intro material sketched out
Okay, here's what I have so far but I'm going to have to finish at home or maybe at work on Monday... thanks for the opportunity to do this and the tips, @sailorhg! #WSC2018Conf a partially complete zine covering my talk on SRE fundamentals
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Next up is @EventsDoctor on "passion" in coding careers. [content warning: suicide stats, depression] #WSC2018Conf
@EventsDoctor She started her career as an emergency vet and shelter vet. It's really draining, because you're seeing families and pets at their worst and it's really expensive. #WSC2018Conf
Eventually she found she couldn't do it any more. She always asked, "am I doing the right thing?" agonizing over and over again. "Hi, impostor syndrome, my name is Heather!" #WSC2018Conf
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Next up is @cattsmall on outlining, storytelling, and presenting story arcs. #WSC2018Conf
@cattsmall Stories have three components: plot, characters (beings in a story with agency/personality), and a point of view (e.g. the narrator). #WSC2018Conf
People engage more as listeners, because stories are how we communicate.

It also causes people to relate more to your message e.g. compassion for narrators and characters. #WSC2018Conf
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Over in the Explorations/Passion track of #WSC2018Conf for the rest of today, starting with @SpeechlessShow and my colleagues from Google DevRel's video studio on audience-building on YouTube. It's going to be an interactive workshop, so there may only be scattered snippets.
On the plus side, I'll probably get to tweak and during this workshop to be spiffier, if I'm reading this session description correctly :) #WSC2018Conf
Claire is now leading off describing her approach to performance, and how she combines improv and education. #WSC2018Conf
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Next lightning talk up is @simpsoka on hacking jewelry. #WSC2018Conf
@simpsoka She leads part of the product management & UX org at Github. But her spare time hobby is making things. She wanted to not just make things with computers, but also with her hands. [and combining textiles and computers] #WSC2018Conf
"The electroknit 9000" allows turning images into lower resolution images and printing them on your knitting machine. #WSC2018Conf
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Next up is @mariannmicsinai of Pivotal on data science. #WSC2018Conf
@MariannMicsinai There are so many misconceptions, but fundamentally data science is the intersection of coding skills, math/statistics, and practical subject matter expertise. [ed: reminder to not use "you guys"; use gender neutral collective forms of address] #WSC2018Conf
She learned to communicate about data by presenting about economic damages to juries as a legal analyst, then moved to Wall Street. #WSC2018Conf
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The first keynote speaker of #WSC2018Conf is @MinaMarkham of Slack, on uncomfortable truths about self-acceptance!
@MinaMarkham This talk is about *truth*, not about tech. Content warnings: self-confidence, disability, and mental health #WSC2018Conf
Speaker has requested that some portions of the talk not be posted to social media and stay in the room. #WSC2018Conf
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