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220627 kun11xd IG Story
You've worked hard bro! So cool
220627 The8 reposted Kun's IG story Image
220627 Kun's IG and Weibo (1)
IG: It’s pouring outside~⛈⛈⛈😪😪😪
Weibo: 雨季🌧️
[Rainy season 🌧️]
#KUN #쿤 #钱锟 ImageImageImageImage
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[220411] XIAOJUN - Respuestas a comentarios en Weibo

Trad. Inglés: SM_NCT, WayV China Station
Trad. Español: S. | weishentrad

#肖俊 #샤오쥔 #XIAOJUN #WayV
@WayV_official Image
👤:???? ¿Qué no habías reprobado el examen teórico? ¿Qué está pasando?

XJ: Adivina. ¿Quién dijo que soy estúpido? Image
👤: Supongo que la persona que te siguió para competir con el tiempo que te tomaría obtener tu licencia debe de sentirse triste en este momento.

XJ: ¡Dile que no se arrepentirá de su decisión! Image
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[220127 VIEWABLE🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR


10th msg:

op shared that their lunar new year is a whole collection of different memories; from preparing meals and sneakily eating food, to listening to the sounds of firecrackers being set -c-
-c- off, to sending lunar new year msgs to their friends and family.
kun asked xiaojun which lunar new year left the deepest impression on him and xiaojun and kun talked about how they spent the past 2 lunar new years together and kun was like "we're always really hyped when we celebrate and there was once when we played a game, we -c-
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[220127 VIEWABLE🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR


8th msg:

op shared that they're currently on internship away from home and bc of their work, they're unable to go home for the lunar new year. its the first time in their 22 years that they're -c-
-c- not with their family for the lunar new year and they arent used to it.
kun said that they're probably many listeners who cant go home as well and even them too, they cant go home. but theres not much a choice bc of the pandemlc.

xiaojun said that everyone can find their own happiness in their situation, its just that we need to work hard -c-
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[220127 VIEWABLE🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR


op shared that their brother got engaged today and they wna send their blessings to him and his fiance. op said that they're 25 this year and they dont receive red packet money anymore, except -c-
-c- from their mom and dad. op hopes nobody will question them about marriage (lmao this is the one thing i hate being asked about like DOES IT LOOK LIKE I WNA BE MARRIED 😀)
kun and xiaojun both sent their blessings to op's brother and fiance and wished them "百年好合" (which is like a hundred years of harmony)

kun said that op's parents love them a lot bc they still receive red packet money even tho they're 25 and shared that he started -c-
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[220127 VIEWABLE🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR


5th msg:

op's msg was in korean as well but from context, i think they were talking about the questions/nags that they will get from relatives during the lunar new year.
kun said that you usually cant escape this but for him personally, he doesnt get the questions and xiaojun agreed saying that he wont either bc his family understands them and their job.

kun said when you were younger, they'll probably ask about your grades, what your -c-
-c- future plans are, and then give some of their advice and he was like "this is unavoidable 😂"

xiaojun LOL he said "we can escape many things but our relatives 😂" xiaojun said that one way we can avoid would be to interview them back; so when they ask hows school -c-
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[220127 VIEWABLE🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR


2nd msg:

op shared that on the eve of the lunar new year. they like to eat a dish their grandmother makes and they can usually eat this dish at any time but eating it on the eve of -c-
-c- lunar new year makes it even more delicious and asked whats an iconic food for kun and xiaojun to eat on the eve of lunar new year.
xiaojun said he likes to eat a certain kind of nian gao and a mixture of shrimps, carrots etc wrapped in yuba tofu skin (sounds like nogh hiang but maybe it isnt 😂)

kun said his grandmother would cook pig intestines.
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[220127 VIEWABLE🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR


1st msg:

op shared that they're feeling a little lonely bc their friends can go home for the lunar new year but they cant and they're a little envious. its their first time celebrating overseas -c-
-c- and op asked kun and xiaojun what plans do they have for the lunar new year.
LMAO kun said that while xiaojun was reading op's msg and he got to the part where op said they felt alone, he joked that xiaojun sounded like he wanted to cry.

xiaojun said it must not be easy for op since they're alone, whereas at least he has the members with him. -c-
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[220127 VIEWABLE🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR


kun welcomed xiaojun in to the studio and called him "dj xiao!" (has such a nice ring to it 🤎)

LMAO xiaojun said hes a bit cute today and kun was like "what is this why are you calling -c-
-c- yourself cute!!"

xiaojun shared that someone gifted him the jacket hes wearing tonight and its really comfortable.

kun said its been a long time since xiaojun was on yuedong seoul and asked if he missed being on yuedong seoul. xiaojun said he did and he misses the -c-
-c- interesting stories the listeners had to share.

kun mentioned that the lunar new year is approaching soon and asked xiaojun if his hometown has any special traditions they did.

xiaojun shared that on the eve of the first day of lunar new year, his hometown will -c-
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[220127 VIEWABLE🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR

yuedong seoul's introduction:

kun said that the lunar new year is approaching and its the time we reunite w our family. he added that many may not be able to return home and have a reunion w their family members, but distance -c-
-c- between doesnt stop the care we have for our families. he asked what wishes do we want to send to our families and he'll help us convey them!
🎶: SuperM - Tiger Inside
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[220119 🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR


after the song played, kun revealed the 4 songs: WayV Kun & Xiaojun - Back To You, TFBOYS - 青春修炼手册, Jay Chou - 霍元甲 and EXO - Don't fight the feeling.

kun said any Jay Chou songs would be easy for -c-
-c- him to guess and lanlan thought that she chose the lesser known ones but kun was like "i would know all of them 😂 im a fan anyway! yesterday was his birthday too 🤣"
the last question is multiple choice again and there are more than 2 answers.

the question was: of the following options below, which original artistes and songs are paired correctly?

a) 王菲 (Wang Fei/ Faye Wong) - 红豆
b) 林宥嘉 (Lin You Jia/ Yoga Lin) - 你是我的眼
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[220106 🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR


2nd song guozhen recommended: 이루 (Eru) - 흰 눈

kun asked why did guozhen choose this song and guozhen said usually everyone would think of romance bc of the snow etc. but winter can also be sad bc there are -c-
-c- songs about goodbyes and breakups, and this song is one of them.

kun mentioned that there are group that release special winter albums like EXO and all the songs are related to winter. LOL kun then smoothly said "like me and #XIAOJUN's "这时烟火" (Back to you) which is -c-
-c- suitable to listen to during the winter time! ~ 😎 you can walk along the beach alone and listen to this song and woah ~ its so fitting ~" 🤣

guozhen was like "woah so natural ~ 😂😂"

after they played a short audio of the song, guozhen pointed out a phrase that -c-
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[220105 VIEWABLE 🐻🤎] #KUN #쿤 #钱锟 #KUNONAIR



after the song played, kun said that he gave an important -c-
-c- hint through the video and shared that lanlan said #XIAOJUN was very pretty and kun said he was suprised to hear that 😂

JSKDJDJS kun said more like #XIAOJUN was very eye catching 😭😂

lanlan announced the answer of the movie, "Aladdin"!

IM GONE HAHA kun said -c-
-c- that its an iconic movie; bc there was the animated one and real-action one and there was also a cosplay HAHAHAH REFERRING TO #XIAOJUN 😭🤣

kun asked if lanlan has ever thought about wanting to have a magic lamp and a genie, and lanlan said she has and she thought -c-
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