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It is worth unpacking how this letter redefines research and scholarship in the humanities and law. The repercussions of this redefinition extend far beyond Birmingham. thread 1/15
Key premise: research activity not externally funded is ‘unfunded time’ and therefore a problem to be solved. It is not a university’s role to fund research time. 2/15
It follows that growing levels of research time mean time wasted – in activities detrimental to “Education” - it is unclear what education means here other than TEF league table scores. 3/15
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So: #USS is undertaking a new valuation (of funding position in March 2018). 1/ #USSstrike
Bill Galvin, #USS CEO, implicitly puts onus on #UUK for problems of 2017 valuation, stating that employers had given a "very clear view" to USS to "take less risk than was laid out in its [USS's] original proposals"… 2/ screen shot of part of document linked to in tweet
There is clearly dispute between #USS and #UUK over this: the #JEP, we should remember, said that it had 'not taken a view' on the differing perspectives of #UUK and #USS over the shift from the Sept to Nov TPs & valuation assumptions… 3/ screen shot of p. 45 of document linked to in tweet
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Unis in Brazil already subject to vicious police raids…

CEU being forced out of Hungary #IstandwithCEU

And at this historical moment, we have, as the so-called 'voice' of UK unis, the institution that is @UniversitiesUK
On which note, check out this U Liverpool doc (VC = Janet Beer, #UUK Prez) assessing risks & benefits of establishing a "Branch Campus" in Egypt under Sisi

Risks: potentially to institutional reputation (sad face)… screen shot from doc linked to in tweet
We await with interest #UUK's feelings about the potential "market opportunities" under a fascist Bolsonaro Brazil.

Meanwhile, so much solidarity & sorrow & rage for all those suffering, fighting in Brazil. I have barely been able to speak, because of the horror, today ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽
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It's been a pretty busy week at @USSbriefs HQ.

We published @BenPatrickWill's fantastic brief on what's coming down the chute in terms of transformation of HE into performance data. An essential read – & glorious @acupunctureUSS design #USSbriefs40… 1/
We published Richard Farndale's (in consultation with @CambridgeUCU Exec) excellent set of questions for the #JEP in our @OpenUPP2018 series #USSbriefs41… 2/
We published @carlomorelliUCU's excellent submission to #JEP (in our @OpenUPP2018 series) on the wider context & political economyof EU legislation – & discount rates – around pensions #USSbriefs42… 3/
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I need help from those in PR.

In my ongoing efforts to track the very recent history of UUK/EPF I'm wondering if 'myths & misunderstandings' is a standard PR trope used to reframe a debate, or a particular discursive tic of Alistair Jarvis #USSstrike… 1/
In Jarvis's recent blog ('Have we "miseducated a generation" about student finance?') he argues that 'myths & misunderstandings' have allegedly led to students having – wait for it – *MISGUIDED* concerns about 'high costs & debt' 💰💰💰… #YesUniCan 2/ Screen shot from blog post linked to in tweet -- including phrase myths and misunderstandings
'Myths, Misunderstandings & Misconceptions" (EPF, Oct 14, doc author=Alistair Jarvis) argues: 'Many of the comments & claims that have been made against the case for necessary [USS] reform are based on misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the facts'… 3/ screen shot of doc linked to in tweet
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Your regular UUK update (or: Keeping an 👀 on the rolling out of the marketised vision of UK HE)

So, yesterday, UUK held an event on "Improving Student Retention"… #UUKSR #YesUniCan
The proud sponsor of "Improving Student Retention" was Civica, 'the leading provider of business-critical software, digital solutions & managed services for our public sector and regulated markets' Screen shot of Civica tweet quoted in the tweet
Civica also contributed to the workshop with a session on "Your data, valuable insights: Using data to drive improved student retention"… #UUKSR Screen shot of Civica session at the workshop
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This is utterly fucking obscene, people. Go away and think about what you just did.

[and now a THREAD, because I haven’t done one for a while and I’ve had one brewing for ages on the value of education...]
I’m going to leave aside the excellent point made here – that the kids going to RG universities are BLOODY WELL ALREADY RICHER – and that they benefit from old boys' networks (blech), because I want to tell you a story.

When I was 12 I found my mum in the living room crying over the gas bill. Because she could pay it, OR she could feed me and my sibs.
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