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Aug 23, 2019, 10 tweets

👁‍🗨Today isn’t the first time Patrick Byrne has told his story, he reached out to Butina’s lawyers last month and it paints a more complete picture. This letter to @TheJusticeDept @JusticeOIG and OPR was sent July 25th and it’s alarming if true.…

For background the judge told DOJ they HAD to disclose Brady material to her lawyers, they claimed there was none.

This is important because her lawyers argued she was baited by an intel source and they even argued it WAS Byrne because he was a government informant. THIS WAS FLATLY DENIED

Byrne had a “non-standard agreement” with the @FBI and assisted the government by kindling a manipulative romantic relationship with her, all under instruction from the highest levels of DOJ.

Should be noted Byrne genuinely didn’t believe Butina was a spy he reported meeting her in 2015 BECAUSE OF HIS SECURITY CLEARANCE and the @FBI told him she was fine and had already been looked into.

He continued to inform of her activities and the government never stopped her yet shes been charged now with being a national security threat? The two of them lost touch and it was the FBI In 2016 that told Byrne to re-connect.

The more Byrne observed the more he was convinced she was harmless he said as much. So WHY is he coming forward now? He claims remorse and didn’t realize how awful it would all be but feared for his business, one month later, we see he was right to be fearful.

So now Butina sits in a jail cel, remember this girl was held in solitary, and her defense lawyer has no jurisdiction which must be maddening because HE WAS RIGHT. WHY would Byrne make this up?

For those following these cases it’s become a wildly disturbing pattern of @TheJusticeDept withholding evidence: they’ve done it with Flynn, and they’re doing it with Concord so it’s not impossible to believe they did it here and it’s horrific. #RussiaHoax

Last thing, it’s pretty obvious they knew they didn’t have enough with Butina so someone leaked to press which triggered the infamous article Strzok and the Ohr’s shared. The same pattern over and over and over.

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