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Digging for truth but twitter likes to say it's not available. Expert level typo maker. #TeamJoe (will that hashtag end my ghostban?)
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27 Mar
Protestors just shut down sunset, busted out some tables and a podium and now they’re handing out pizza and making people hold candles under the guise of #stopasianhate
Currently a very triggered woman mad at @AndrewYang she wants everyone to know they aren’t related.
Must say they are very well organized at least 20 cars coordinated to block traffic, they do not have a permit confirmed by LAPD.
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24 Mar
🤔Falling down a rabbit hole with this family.
The photo is shooters older brother who gave an interview to Daily Beast. He said too many odd things so started looking at the family. Just posting as I go, don't get excited could be boring 😂
The entire family lives in the same house, there's a police report about Ahmad destroying a toddlers bed (that belonged to his recent ex) the whole family covered for him. Much like they're doing now.…
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19 Mar
SUV just smashed into a store on Hollywood Blvd. just west of Highland, very busy tourist area 😞
Well Twitter isn’t letting me upload but recordings say it was a large group including a camera crew?
Additional units requested.
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12 Mar
Dr. Fauci also told us AZT was safe and effective so I'm not really sure he's the gold seal of approval @JoeBiden
Biden's hero doctor.
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16 Feb
What the actual f**k!? The @CDCgov guidelines for masks are whacked they’re literally promoting Chinese masks and say 60% of AMERICAN MADE KN95 masks are fake.
They want everyone to wear TWO and the ones with vents aren’t allowed😅
You are not allowed to wear N95 masks those are for healthcare workers peasants.
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22 Dec 20
No one ever talks about @SpeakerPelosi’s Chinese tourism company it’s been in her reports for years, shady as hell.
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30 Oct 20
Hi @SpeakerPelosi my rent is due and California is out of funds, my industry is still shut down, 3 units are empty in my building because they can’t afford this anymore, you don’t care you held up relief funds for political gain and now we’re f**ked until Feb 2021. You are evil.
I’d tag my representative but @AdamSchiff hasn’t lived in the State of California for at least a decade or more he’s too busy lying about Russia anyway.
What about my Senators? Is @SenFeinstein the billionaire, worried if the little people get to pay their bills and put food on table? Um No. Then there’s @KamalaHarris her constituents have never been her priority unless they have the last name Smollett.
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25 Jun 20
Barr is funny and this does look like “The Bull” 🤣 ImageImage
🤣 ImageImage
Source for those interested:…
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24 Jun 20
1. Poem by Cordelia Ray written for the dedication of Emancipation Monument:

To-day, O martyred chief, beneath the sun
We would unveil thy form; to thee who won
The applause of nations, for thy soul sincere,
A living tribute we would offer here.
Twas thine not worlds to conquer, but men’s hearts;
To change to balm the sting of slavery’s darts;
In lowly charity thy joy to find.
And open “gates of mercy on mankind.”
And so they come, the freed, with grateful gift,
From whose sad path the shadows thou didst lift.
Eleven years have rolled their seasons round
Since its most tragic close thy life-work found.
Yet through the vistas of the vanished days
We see thee still, responsive to our gaze
As ever to thy country’s solemn needs.
Not regal coronets, but princely deeds
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4 Jun 20
This is unreal. See google doc below being circulated by celebrities it includes hot tips on how to obstruct justice and explicitly tells people to NOT criticize looting!…
“Do not post photos that could help police”
“Do not use your social media to discourage looting or violent protest”
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20 May 20
This is the doctor that performed the autopsy of Lori Klausutis.…
The same year Lori died, an investigation found Dr. Berkland had falsified "several autopsy reports" in fact the State of Florida had to amend a report because a different family sued. He had determined natural causes and that was FALSE.…
Should be noted the falsified autopsy was the same month he did Klausutis autopsy, which seems to have vanished from the internet.
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13 May 20
Caption this.
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11 May 20
General Cartwright not only lied to the @FBI he disclosed top secret information to two different sources, then after he pleaded guilty he painted himself as a hero to the press, the recommendation was 24 months in prison. Why did @BarackObama pardon him? #ObamaGate
The FBI had emails proving Cartwright lied, unlike @GenFlynn they PROVIDED the transcripts to Cartwright to "refresh his memory" and he STILL lied, finally when he was caught he passed out and had to go to the hospital.…
Cartwright was the most senior government official to plead guilty to felony leaks, and it was @RodRosenstein that conducted the investigation and suggested the time.
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8 May 20
More #RussianCollusionHoax exposed thanks to transcripts released. This time from Matt Tait (@pwnallthethings) who's article on @lawfareblog claimed he was recruited to collude with Russians. Turns out he had ZERO evidence and that he wouldn't have picked that headline.
Oh but wait, there’s more. In the same article he ominously claims he was contacted right around the time @realDonaldTrump jokingly said “Russia are you listening” NOPE it was actually 40 days later.
His "intel" dragged half the campaign including @GenFlynn into an investigation and Matt testified for Mueller, who is he again? A guy on twitter who used to work at @GCHQ but his new fame landed him a sweet a gig teaching.…
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1 May 20
1. Okay cool let’s talk about the “25 women” that have accused @realDonaldTrump because out of the gate @businessinsider is lying despite article being updated 6 hours ago. This thread will be updated case by case. #FactsMatter…
2. You can immedately cross #AlvaJohnson off your list🤣 Her case was thrown out months ago when video surfaced and proved she was lying (weird @andersoncooper never had her back) here’s the “assault” #BelieveWomen
3. Here’s what @businessinsider currently has for #AlvaJohnson
making it FALSE and @SarahHuckabee statement TRUE. Report that bitches.…
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23 Apr 20
According to the 2019 @CountyofLA health profile the flu kills an average of 6,160 Californians. #COVID19 has killed 1,354. Explain why you're keeping the State shut down @GavinNewsom @MayorOfLA it's pretty clear it's a power grab #opencalifornianow…
128,937 were diagnosed with HIV yet since 2018, thanks to Senate Bill 239 it is perfectly legal for someone to not disclose their positive status with a sex partner but it's not legal for us to watch a sunset from our car because of #COVID19?
Diabetes killed 9,172 Californian's, why didn't @GavinNewsom shut down vending machines and restrict sugar for the entire State? Or order $1 billion dollars worth of insulin from China? #opencalifornianow
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18 Apr 20
If you’re stuck at home (like almost everyone) consider contacting @GOP or go directly to candidates running in your district and volunteer to phone bank/send text messages. Strong candidates are losing valuable time and Dems haven’t stopped campaigning #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
Now is the perfect time to remind voters #SmallBiz is being screwed by Democrats. If we don’t #KeepSenateRed and #TakeBackTheHouse we’ll have at least two years of worthless investigations and Pelosi madness.
There are crazy amounts of grassroots Dems in CA organizing postcards, phone banking, text messages for candidates all over the Country. Never underestimate your power to inspire people🇺🇸
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15 Apr 20
🧫 @WHO named it #COVID19 the experts strongly believed it should be "SARS-Cov-2" but @DrTedros didn't want to make China mad so he picked a name that didn't stigmatize. It's SARS and had we called it that we would've known how serious it is.
A group of Doctors wrote a public letter stating changing the name would mean confusion on already established research and did a disservice to the public and medical community. @WHO didn't listen.
You can even hear a Chinese doctor slip and say SARS but she quickly corrects herself.
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9 Apr 20
🧴💡Where are all the big brains at? Read this, it makes sense! Could mixing common detergent with water and spraying it in a fine mist kill the 🦠 in the air and what if we all did it? #LuganskMethod
Those jerks knew it lived on paper, they were spraying money.
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8 Apr 20
🇧🇷❤️ This is an amazing and heartbreaking story! A young man saved his 82yr old grandfathers life by convincing his mom to ask the doctor about hydroxychloroquine. The doctor said yes, if you can find it. So Dom went to social media to ask...
He was able to get a single box and raced across town to get it, then he ran out of gas and all stations were closed by law, finally a cousin came on a bike to get him and they raced it to hospital. By the next morning his Grandfather had miraculously improved.
The Doctor was thrilled and impressed that Dom has asked and also added z-pac, he wished he had more to save patients💔 Now the family is trying to find more to save people in their town.
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2 Apr 20
Total tests: 1,149,960
Total positive: 210,770
Deceased 🙏: 4,700
See how your state is tracking below, click on link to view useful sources. Red is total tests in each state, CA still has 57k pending.
Which brings me to next point. This JH map continues to inflate numbers with annoying inconsistencies.
It's showing 5,745 MORE positive cases and 419 MORE deaths? Kind of a big deal.
In Germany JH is reporting 10,615 MORE positive cases and 199 MORE deaths than government source.…
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