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24 Jun 20
1. Poem by Cordelia Ray written for the dedication of Emancipation Monument:

To-day, O martyred chief, beneath the sun
We would unveil thy form; to thee who won
The applause of nations, for thy soul sincere,
A living tribute we would offer here.
Twas thine not worlds to conquer, but men’s hearts;
To change to balm the sting of slavery’s darts;
In lowly charity thy joy to find.
And open “gates of mercy on mankind.”
And so they come, the freed, with grateful gift,
From whose sad path the shadows thou didst lift.
Eleven years have rolled their seasons round
Since its most tragic close thy life-work found.
Yet through the vistas of the vanished days
We see thee still, responsive to our gaze
As ever to thy country’s solemn needs.
Not regal coronets, but princely deeds
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5 Jun 20
Hey @TheDemocrats let's play #FlashbackFriday to 2012 when you (almost unanimously) passed H.R.347 you know the bill to protect you @BarackObama @JoeBiden from Occupy protestors, you seemed pretty serious about punishing violence back then?…
Back then @Slate even called you out. So really AG Barr is just enforcing YOUR law, as usual the litigators pretend they're in the dark.…
ROLL CALL!! The gangs all here.…
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4 Jun 20
This is unreal. See google doc below being circulated by celebrities it includes hot tips on how to obstruct justice and explicitly tells people to NOT criticize looting!…
“Do not post photos that could help police”
“Do not use your social media to discourage looting or violent protest”
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27 May 20
@icecube You’re falling for a troll, that photo isn’t him.
@icecube The photo is “Johnathan Lee Riches” you’re making him very happy right now. In the past he’s pretended to be Adam Lanzas uncle at Sandy Hook, Jews for Trump days after shooting and he created a fake Covington page. Congrats @icecube you’ve been trolled.…
@icecube If you need further proof. He’s a POS.
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27 May 20
Hey @TwitterSupport since you’re in the business of fact checking why don’t you have your verified accounts remove a photo that IS NOT Derek Chauvin? ImageImage
Man in photo is someone else, a giant troll on Facebook. Image
He lives for this chaos @NewYorker fell for it once.…
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22 May 20
@LeeSmithDC @tabletmag Don’t mind me just going to drop a few links here to back up that you’re absolutely right:
@LeeSmithDC @tabletmag His second week at work:

“The days of turning a blind eye to Iran’s hostile and belligerent actions toward the United States and the world community are over”… ImageImage
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21 May 20
Lying is standard for @AdamSchiff but this is a new low, nothing he is saying happened @DevinNunes never stepped down as @HouseIntel chairman, he recused from Russia investigation because of a fake, drawn out ethics probe NUNES is not the fool of this story you are Schiff.
Is there no consequence at all when the Chairman of a INTELLIGENCE committee lies to the American public? The guy is completely delusional, if you can tollerte the voices of Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast listen to rest of the garbage he says.…
Yes they have a new podcast it really should be called TDS but it's also good to know what the freaks believe and talk about.
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21 May 20
“Damn this feels momentous..”

“I’m a control freak”

It’s maybe Russia, maybe not we don’t know how Trump campaign reacted or if it came from public sources but f**k it we’re investigating the @realDonaldTrump campaign NOT warning them like we did with @SenFeinstein🙄…
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20 May 20
This is the doctor that performed the autopsy of Lori Klausutis.…
The same year Lori died, an investigation found Dr. Berkland had falsified "several autopsy reports" in fact the State of Florida had to amend a report because a different family sued. He had determined natural causes and that was FALSE.…
Should be noted the falsified autopsy was the same month he did Klausutis autopsy, which seems to have vanished from the internet.
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20 May 20
Since everyone in Congress is talking about money, seems like a good time to see what your Representatives spend, it’s dizzying.…
Silly me, that’s only one of the three volumes, here’s where to search all of it.…
Here’s all three volumes in one document:…
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15 May 20
Some douchecanoe ginger just tried to attack @PressSec for her comments decades ago about same sex marriage. Seriously?
Sorry not decades ago it was 2015 and was a comment on a SCOTUS case.
Update: Reporter works for an LGBT site which sort of explains randomness but seems like a wasted question during a pandemic. Maybe ask about the effects of COVID on LGBT community at least? Idk.
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15 May 20
Twitter has removed Republican candidate Greg Raths he’s running against Democrat darling Katie porter who only got 50% of the vote in March, this is a viable race why is this allowed? @CAGOP @AjitPaiFCC @TwitterSupport…
She has raised THIRTY times more than Raths and Dems are claiming GOP has given up trying to fight. Why are we not focusing on races we have a chance to win @CAGOP @GOPChairwoman?…
CA45 is absolutely within reach!
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15 May 20
Feinstein and her husband never do business together, they are totally separate and have been since the 90's right? Come on @FBI don't fall for the line she's been giving for decades.…
Does that say partners? Well yes it does.
BTW you should really check out all the businesses at that address...
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13 May 20
Caption this.
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13 May 20
The DNC communications director @XochitlHinojosa is losing her mind on @BillHemmer right now she’s all over the place and just accused @GOPChairwoman of stealing PPE from nurses and doctors for the RNC convention.
She also ranted about “Russian collusion” and refused to provide any evidence despite being asked three times by @BillHemmer.
Also just some constructive criticism for @DNC: it would behoove you to have not have a communications director whose voice makes ears bleed.
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12 May 20
🤣Good God. @MayorOfLA is kind of opening beaches but you’re not allowed to sunbathe, sit or picnic. Also face coverings are required, I think we’d all like to know how that’s possible if you’re swimming or surfing. Also, this discriminates against disabled & elderly.
If my grandma wants to be wheeled out to the beach to feel the sun on her face will she be arrested?
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11 May 20
General Cartwright not only lied to the @FBI he disclosed top secret information to two different sources, then after he pleaded guilty he painted himself as a hero to the press, the recommendation was 24 months in prison. Why did @BarackObama pardon him? #ObamaGate
The FBI had emails proving Cartwright lied, unlike @GenFlynn they PROVIDED the transcripts to Cartwright to "refresh his memory" and he STILL lied, finally when he was caught he passed out and had to go to the hospital.…
Cartwright was the most senior government official to plead guilty to felony leaks, and it was @RodRosenstein that conducted the investigation and suggested the time.
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8 May 20
More #RussianCollusionHoax exposed thanks to transcripts released. This time from Matt Tait (@pwnallthethings) who's article on @lawfareblog claimed he was recruited to collude with Russians. Turns out he had ZERO evidence and that he wouldn't have picked that headline.
Oh but wait, there’s more. In the same article he ominously claims he was contacted right around the time @realDonaldTrump jokingly said “Russia are you listening” NOPE it was actually 40 days later.
His "intel" dragged half the campaign including @GenFlynn into an investigation and Matt testified for Mueller, who is he again? A guy on twitter who used to work at @GCHQ but his new fame landed him a sweet a gig teaching.…
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7 May 20
Despite both @MayorOfLA and @GavinNewsom opening press conferences grimly reporting the first child dead of #COVID19 and using it as a scare tactic, data shows ZERO deaths for ages 0-17 years. Funny how that works.
Latinos have highest death rate 18-64 then from 65+ it's pretty even.
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1 May 20
1. Okay cool let’s talk about the “25 women” that have accused @realDonaldTrump because out of the gate @businessinsider is lying despite article being updated 6 hours ago. This thread will be updated case by case. #FactsMatter…
2. You can immedately cross #AlvaJohnson off your list🤣 Her case was thrown out months ago when video surfaced and proved she was lying (weird @andersoncooper never had her back) here’s the “assault” #BelieveWomen
3. Here’s what @businessinsider currently has for #AlvaJohnson
making it FALSE and @SarahHuckabee statement TRUE. Report that bitches.…
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1 May 20
Where exactly are the personnel records held? Not seeing it @USNatArchives 🧐…
Perhaps it’s here @JoeBiden just misspoke (shocking) #SaidNoOneEver…
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