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Aug 23, 2020, 7 tweets

Stocks for 24/08/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volatility and Volume concepts

Results of the Day : 6/10 stocks gave tradeable moves

1/6 : #CHOLAFIN : LOSS : -1R

Price came up to previous session resistance and formed a Bearish engulfing candle with wick.

All conditions for my setup were met and hence Short trade was taken.

2/6 : #CIPLA : LOSS : -0.2R

Price broke a significant support with Volumes.
Short trade was closed early since Bullish tail forming candle came in with Good Volumes

3/6 : #McDOWELL_N : PROFIT : +1.2R

Price was giving bullish signals but a Wide range Bearish engulfing candle formed with High Volumes

Price took support in the support zone and did not hit +2R targets

4/6 : #AUROPHARMA : PROFIT : +2.3R

Price gave a fakeout below Support and formed a Wide range Bullish candle with high volumes

Exit was done after bullish bias was getting weaker

5/6 : #INDUSINDBK : PROFIT : +3.5R

Price broke previous resistance with a strong candle and good Volumes.

Again Exit was done after Bullish structure got weaker


This stock formed a Bullish setup as detailed on chart.

Since the Volumes were lacking, it was closed at +1R.

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