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29 Apr, 7 tweets

This was today's announcement of a big multi state liquid meth drug bust in Florida .
Those buckets tho

hold on.
Those were not even the buckets the drugs were found on, but the sheriff's office somehow got brand new home depot buckets for this.... that is some logic

This gets way better:
@PolkCoSheriff is both surprised about upset about 25 lbs of pot gummies and hard candy that " will eventually be marketed to your children" and quickly skipped the 2500 Xanax pills.

This gets better-er:
After a speech about el chapo and the Juarez cartel violence, the @PolkCoSheriff goes on about the operation started:
A 2000 Xanax pills package was send from Ontario Canada to Tennessee then to Florida.
LE Juarez Cartel of maple leafs

I dont know much about cartels @PolkCoSheriff but Jennifer Mears there doesn't look or sound very Juarez-y

ding ding ding
Finally we got to the personal feelings of @PolkCoSheriff .
The children at the crisis at the border at the gangs at the fake news at the hunterlaptop

so based on the logic of @PolkCoSheriff:
Brian Thomas Stanton masterminded the entire operation from the a federal prison in Atlanta Georgia of Juarez Mehiko

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