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23 Sep
Trump's rally tonight is bonkers.
Here is a thread:
This clips has everything:
- Tuna cans
- Spou cans
- A president advertising Goya and Bumble bee
- Tuna can baseball pitch
- cops dodging tuna cans
- Boasting about my homie @AliVelshi getting assaulted.
2/ trumps bonkers rally tonight:
- This one is all about @AliVelshi, a member of the press, getting hit.
- Trump said he will try the shaved head one day maybe
3/Which porn p0rn plot is this? or is it the aristocrats?
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17 Sep
As of today, trump is still winning the elections when you combine all the small shenanigans together: vote by mail, voter Intimidation, targeted election hacks in small regions, fake ballots, creating a β€œfraud” illusion then tying the entire county/state in court... etc
170,000 votes gave trump the presidency.
Typo * take the 1 out
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12 Sep
This Q Netflix nonsense:
1- none have seen the movie. It is about a bunch of young girls dealing with image/culture issues and competing. There is ZERO nudity.
2- tamer than toddler and tiaras dance mom events happening all over the US FOR DECADES.
3- actual movie posterπŸ‘‡πŸ½ Image
Here is a deleted scene from #netflix #CutiesNetflix that shows how they give signals to all pizza basement Illuminati to abuse/objectify/brainwash little girls. #TulsiGabbard #QANONS #Quacknon.

No. This is a one of many tv series on many US MAINSTREAM channels, in the south
My point with the two tweets above:
The movie will make one uncomfortable watching closeups of very young girls dancing and twerking, but it is not what Quacks are making it to be . Not even close.
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10 Sep
" I had to go back to work politically" WTF does that even mean??
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2 Sep
Do you get a DOW jones check?
Do you get a DOW jones credit on your cash app?
Does the Dow pay rent? the mortgage? medical bills? gets you laid?

Ok, the Dow is irrelevant to you.
plus the dow jones these days is driven by very few stocks. Because we all ordering shit online and binging
most of us are the endless pool of new cash that gets thrown in the stock market using our automatic contributions to our retirement accounts. We are the tit they keep sucking on and if we are lucky we will see some moderate gain in the single digits before uncle Sams takes 1/2
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16 Aug
So... Image
Sorry everyone, the pop up showed up and I quick snapped a screenshot, it was a chaturvate whatever popup. I was researching stuff.🧐
ok, found her. In the world of paid adult cam world, an empty chairs gets more attention.. I wonder why viewers come.. and quickly leave. That is a head scratcher
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8 Aug
Why is " House 2" trending? please be this
but this is the best Dr House scene IMO. with @davematthewsbnd 's Dave
since this came up, how about Boston Legal being right in 2006, about now..
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8 Aug
COVID-19 ALERT: Fraudulent Facemask Flyers | USAO-MDNC | Department of Justice…
These guys ( The Freedom To Breath Agency). I pray one of these bozos stop me in a store one day. I ll shove all the 2 for 1 specials up their ass
This agency has weird uniforms Image
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4 Aug
residential buildings in the vicinity were pulverized. this is heartbreaking
πŸ‘† potassium nitrate. + sulfur.
you can see the fireworks exploding. case closed
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31 Jul
Wait. I have to find my tweet from several months ago. This is today :
Jared Kushner scrapped national coronavirus strategy in political move to blame Democrat governors, report claims…
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30 Jul
President @BarackObama went there.
oh he didn't
"democracy isn't automatic"
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27 Jul
Since Antifa is trending because @RepJerryNadler call it a myth, here is some β€œAntifa” groups that made and oops and showed who they are . Thread 1
2/ Since Antifa is trending because @RepJerryNadler call it a myth, here is some β€œAntifa” groups that made and oops and showed who they are . Here is where they forgot to turn off their location Image
3/ Since Antifa is trending because @RepJerryNadler call it a myth, here is some β€œAntifa” groups that made and oops and showed who they are . When the Celsius gives you away
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12 Jun
1/ Election season means disinformation will inundate your timeline here &/or on Facebook.

Comprehensive list of websites run by Far-right/alt-right fringe groups and browser extension to block fakenewz:

100percentfedup com
10news one
3ccorp net
activistpost com
ajuanews com
allnewspipeline com
alphanewsmn com
altright com
americanjournalreview com
americanpatriotdaily com
americanpravdabook com
americansarepissed com
americansfortruth com
americantruthtoday com
americasfreedomfighters com
americasnewssource com
amren com
analyzingamerica org
backroombuzz com
bannedinformation com
barenakedislam com
bb4sp com
bitchute com
bizpacreview com
blackeyepolitics com
bluntforcetruth com
breakingfirst com
bulletsfirst net
censored today
cernovich com
chicksonright com
churchmilitant com
city-journal org
clashdaily com
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6 Jun
Hey @EdMcneal, deputy public defender at Colorado state @edMcneal, I know you told me to shut the F up yesterday after I told you stop repeating the name the wrong guy and let the cops do their job (Bethesda trail incident) here is the right guy. FU eddie
In summary, dear best friend @EdMcneal, deputy public defender at Colorado State, I hope we can patch things up and go back to being friends.
Here is my apology since I am still on a 24h no profanity thing. Psychiatrist mandated.
in your honor Ed McNeal, Deputy public defender at Colorado state @edMcNeal, You will forever be memorialized in the bio.
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5 Jun
He is having a 10 AM press conference because instead of 27 million we have 25 million unemployed?
Taking credit for people eventually going back to work because he is partly responsible for them not working to begin with?
( there is an issue in BLS report noted at the bottom)
the paycheck protection program cash will be exhausted 30 days. The unemployment rate will be 20% by the time august is over.

This is my opinion and it has nothing to do with politics.
2 factors: 1-Stimulus $ will be over and some PPP due
2- back to covid surges
Trump's press conference after the job report: 2 hours
Trump's press conference after ______________:________
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5 Jun
hmmm the Deputy State Public Defender has a potty mouth. Repent @edmcneal.
hmm the Deputy State Public Defender in Colorado told me to SHUT THE ( I YiELD MY TIME) up after I pointed out the person everyone is accusing of that crime in Bethesda may be the wronged let the cops do their job
One would think a Deputy state public defender would agree
.@EdMcNeal we are not done, come back, or are you a one shot and done ed? you are no fun
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5 Jun
This from @WBFO
Look at what they did to this guy who did NOTHING, to have his skull smashed on the concrete and start bleeding from his ears.

F*ck you Trump
FUck you BArr
Fuck every single scumbag who supports this.
there is 40 of them and maybe a couple dozen protesters. WTF is wrong with these assholes.
I hope that guy recovers, and drains every penny from the fucking state police in court
He was still going to hit him while down until he was pulled, then he yelled.. he is bleeding and keeps walking.
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5 Jun
@TomCottonAR @nytimes Thread: 1/
……..…../´¯/)………… (\Β―`\
…………/….//……….. …\\….\
………../….//………… ….\\….\
…../´¯/…./´¯\………../Β― `\….\Β―`\
.././…/…./…./.|_……_| .\….\….\…\.\..
(.(….(….(…./.)..)..(..(. \….)….)….)… )
.\…………….\/…/….\. ..\/……………./
@TomCottonAR @nytimes 2/
........('(...Β΄...Β΄.... Β―~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.Β·Β΄
@TomCottonAR @nytimes 3/ /"\
| |
| |
| |
/'\| |/'\..
/~\| | | | \
| =[@]= | | \
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3 Jun
@maggieNYT A lot of other people feel that trump raped a 14 year old and got away with it, that is my feeling, a vert strong feeling, and I do feel it.
@maggieNYT A lot of other people feel that Melania overstayed her tourist visa, worked illegally while out of status and got away with it. That is my feeling, a very strong feeling, and I do feel it
@maggieNYT oh what is going on here... look at that likes number changing up then down
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3 Jun
The most satisfying 30 seconds I have ever experienced.
"Suck my D.. and choke on it, I yield my time, and F**k you"
There is 8 hours of this.
here is another caller, much more subdued but cold.. also referred to pigs
there is 8 hours of it…
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