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Apr 30, 2021, 5 tweets

Patriot's Guidebook

1. Unplug from the Industrialized Outrage Complex:

This does not mean ignore current events, it means not allowing oneself to become overrun by the endless stream of propaganda, outrage, and disinformation designed to keep our focus off what truly matters.

2. Focus on what truly matters:

So much energy is spent by the establishment to get us to focus on everything but what's important: our family, friends, work, and day-to-day lives. That's because it's within these realms where we can enact meaningful change. Live your life well.

3. Find and maintain balance:

Balance is the key to a happy life, and the key to winning in this moment of history. We are extraordinary beings with an incredible capacity for love, empathy, and genius. But to access these gifts fully, we must keep sane in these insane times.

4. Do not seek the fight, but fight to win:

If we are fighting one another over partisan labels, we are doing the heavy lifting for our actual enemies. This does not mean to turn the other cheek, it means to pick your spots, know your stuff, and never back down from the mob.

5. Go forth and multiply:

Start and raise your family - however you define it. Teach them to love, to think for themselves, to question, and to have courage. A strong family is a tremendous force for good. Millions of strong families is a tremendous force for positive change.

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