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3 Jun 20
Graham: "If you knew then what you know now (about the OIG and the FISA abuse), would you have signed it?"

RR: "No, I would not."

Graham asks RR directly if McCabe ever lied to him -- RR says no. Graham tries to equivocate, gets RR to admit: "Mr. McCabe was not candid with me, was not forthcoming."
RR admits that his "scope memo" came from the Mueller investigators themselves.

That's a big deal.
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10 May 20
It fills my heart with pride to see so many deserving citizen journalists, patriots, and diggers in this corner of the Twitter-sphere get their due after years of fighting for truth in the face of the largest, most sophisticated psychological operation ever launched.
When history looks back on this time, it will discover that it was a rag-tag group of civilians who took it upon themselves to dig and inform their fellow citizens about the biggest scandal in the history of this country at great personal risk to themselves.
This is only the beginning, not the end, of these disclosures and revelations. But patriots everywhere can rejoice in knowing there ARE people out there fighting for them, fighting for truth and justice.

Ordinary, everyday people bound together by love of country and truth.
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1 May 20
A note about the talking point going around from the defenders of the coup re: @GenFlynn.

Namely, that President Obama specifically warned @realDonaldTrump about Flynn -- and that somehow shows Flynn shouldn't be trusted, even today.

It's smoke designed to hide actual guilt.
We know - for a fact, backed by documents - that the FBI and the Obama administration KNEW @GenFlynn to be innocent at the time of Obama's warning -- yet he warned Trump anyway.


The why is simple - and shows just how deeply involved Obama was in this coup attempt.

Obama warned Trump about Flynn because he was trying to give @realDonaldTrump the rope to hang himself with.

He knew what Brennan was cooking up, this was bait.…
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24 Apr 20
Looks like my very first thread ever posted on Flynn's leak hunters was correct ;)

More to come.
This is an important follow up to that original thread…
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21 Apr 20
Another blow to the once "mighty" ICA.

It has been shown to have been complete bunk from top to bottom. Of course, this was known immediately upon reading it as was pointed out by many in January of 2017...
... But until recently the ICA had been the Alamo for those people still laboring under the delusion that the Trump/Russia story was ever real.

"But the ICA!" they'd cry.
This was after those same people spent years clinging to the vaunted Steele dossier before it was proven to be nothing but delusional (and illegal) disinformation campaign run amok....
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20 Apr 20

Monday reminder about the role of FEAR:

Fear makes you weak, both physically and mentally.
(Which is how they want us, because there are more of us than there are of them)

Fear keeps you subservient.
(Which is how they want us programmed)
Fear keeps you emotional, irrational, and illogical.
(Which prevents clear thinking and the identification of REAL threats)

Fear keeps you from realizing how powerful we actually are as individuals and as a group.
(Which is what they fear most).

Being afraid is doing the enemies' job for them.
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19 Apr 20
As popular resistance to the lock down grows, I hear more and more people afraid that things will turn violent.

Most people are looking to the South or East Coast to be where some sort of protest spins out of control into something that no one wants to see...
But I would suggest looking West, rather than to the South or East Coast.


Over 50% of Los Angeles is unemployed due to the virus.…
Here's the thing about Los Angeles. The divide between the poor and the UBER rich is so hilariously clear to everyone in town that it's become part of the city's DNA.

"Move to LA to be a star!"

... But most don't become stars, they go broke trying.
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7 Apr 20
(1/4) So... according to Cooper, the President of the United States is "hijacking this corovirus task force briefing every day" by...

(checks notes)

... Talking directly to the American people and taking unfiltered/endless questions for nearly 2 hours every day.

Got that?
(2/4) This comes from the same network which once told its viewers that it was "illegal" for people to read/download WikiLeak dumps...

... and begged their viewers to let CNN tell them what they contain instead... You know, for their safety.…
(3/4) Not only are they exposing their true agenda - to cultivate reality, not present reality truthfully to the public - it's ironic to hear this after MONTHS of every major media outlet whining about the lack of regular/ordinary/non-helicopter-involving press briefings.
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17 Mar 20
Said with love: Go fuck yourself, CCP.

This is the government who, RIGHT NOW is:
* running concentration camps
* actively suppressing their population in various regions through force and murder
* actively running an organ harvesting racket which preys on its most vulnerable
... Oh yeah, AND THEY STARTED THIS WHOLE PANDEMIC either intentionally or through incompetence/CRIMINAL negligence.

Our media kisses their ass. Why?
It's because most of their parent companies are all DEEP in CCP money.

As are certain individual journalists.

As are certain members of Congress.

We see you all. Enemies of freedom, enemies of this country, and certainly ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE.
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14 Feb 20
What a big week it's been...

Things are accelerating, though still going too slow for a lot of people. This is understandable, many in this corner of Twitter have been 24+ months ahead of the disclosure curve.
This (dis)information war in which we're all engaged is a test of endurance as much as it's a test of intellectual honesty and discernment.

This week gave us real movement on multiple fronts, in multiple parts of the world. Remember to take stock, reassess, and breathe.
More is coming. The pace of this battle will continue to quicken, as will the counter attacks.

Stay sharp.
Keep honing that discernment.
Think for yourself.
Love each other.

... And all will be well.
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5 Feb 20
@realDonaldTrump turned his back on Pelosi's handshake.

@realDonaldTrump "Four more years!" chant breaks out at the start.

Impeachment sure did work. 😅
@realDonaldTrump 45 has the battle-red tie on tonight too. But he claims it's going to be a "low key" speech...
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23 Jan 20
@DevinNunes memo has been proven to have been entirely accurate, despite the media and establishment hacks claiming (for months) that it was a "nothing burger" and filled with "partisan deceptions"...
@RepAdamSchiff 's memo, which the same media lauded as powerful, truthful, and damning to Nunes' case, has been PROVEN to be filled with lies, misleading information, and 100% incorrect in its findings.

The media has never apologized to Nunes, or held Schiff to account...
... And that should tell you everything you need to know about how curated and manufactured our "reality" is.

It should make honest people wonder what else the media has lied to us about over the years... and why.
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18 Jan 20
Seriously... if you've been honing that discernment, sentences like this in the article should anger you:

"At the crux of Trump's defense is that he did nothing wrong in his July 25 phone call with the president of Ukraine *when he asked for investigations into Democrats*."
Fox News is as bad as the rest. Narrative engineers, not journalists.
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3 Dec 19
Just to add to this...

"The OIG = undeniable evidence into the public sphere."

That burden will largely fall on us, the individual patriots, truth seekers, and independent journos.
The corporate media complex will fight to suppress the factual findings of the report with everything they have left in arsenal.

After three years of knowingly lying to the public on behalf of a corrupt segment of the IC, they have no choice but to die on this hill.
And it will be our job to make sure that happens.

So enjoy this last week off, friends.

Then get ready to read, source, and spread facts and truth through the spin.

This is a (dis)information war the likes the world has never seen. And it's about to enter a new phase.
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14 Nov 19
"All roads lead to Putin." @SpeakerPelosi just now between drunkenly slurred words during her presser. This comes after three investigations proved this talking point to be absolute bunk.

Nancy is working for @realDonaldTrump -- she must be to keep pushing this line of attack.
Then she has the lady balls to explain what exculpatory means to @realDonaldTrump ...

While claiming to be "prayerful" and that this is being done with a "heavy heart".

Fuck off, Nancy. Go drink more gin. Go steal more of OUR money with your graft.

2020 will be fun.
@realDonaldTrump Now she says it's a "fraudulent position" to point out that all the witnesses were second or third hand witnesses.

...Despite it being true.

@SpeakerPelosi lies to your face, America. Because she thinks you're too stupid to know any better.
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7 Nov 19
Thread incoming. The topic:

Who Am I?
Thanks to @Shem_Infinite's very kind shout out, I've gotten a slew of new followers -- so I thought it best to take a moment to explain how this account came to be and its purpose going forward.
This account was created because we are at war.

Make no mistake about that fact. This is a war unlike any other waged in human history. It's largely a (dis)information war, and each one of us is a combatant in this conflict whether we know it or not.

No one can sit it out.
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16 Oct 19
I've only half been paying attention to the debates -- but Liz Warren has no chance to win.

She's not authentic (despite the media hype) and people can see that in her refusal to answer a simple question about whether or not taxes would increase under her health plan.
She could have scored major points with the centrists in her party and independents by just acknowledging a fact which everyone watching already realizes: taxes will increase on the middle class under her plan.

But instead of stepping up, she dodged.

Because she's scared of the clips @realDonaldTrump and @parscale would cut of her saying taxes would increase.

I'm not a political wunderkind, but one thing I know for sure: no one can beat Trump if they're running scared.

And she proved tonight she's terrified.

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9 Oct 19
Thread incoming...

The topic:
As we wade through the fog of this (dis)information war, it often helps to step back and take stock.

Perspective is an important part of the discernment process -- but it's also one of the easiest things to lose sight of during moments of great tribulation and transformation.
And make no mistake, we are at present in times of great tribulation and transformation.

To wit, a palpable fear has gripped large swaths of the truth community, namely that the long promised public reckoning for the shadow state in DC was a ruse and was never going to happen.
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26 Sep 19
Note how one side keeps lying and tying the "favor" to investigating Joe Biden. It wasn't. The "favor" was tied to investigating the 2016 election.

When they have to lie about a basic fact every American can read for themselves is indeed a lie --
-- then their case for impeachment is WEAK. This isn't about impeachment ultimately.

This is about getting rid of Biden and getting in front of the looming OIG report --
-- which is going to lay out how the Obama Administration actually pressured allies to spy on their political opponents in order to subvert the 2016 US election.

They're terrified. Terrified.
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26 Sep 19
I jumped the gun before reading -- it's the OLC opinion not the complaint. Still searching!
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17 Sep 19
Whoever this joker is questioning @CLewandowski_ is REALLY bad at his job.

Like stunningly.
@CLewandowski_ His whole "gotcha" cross is to get @CLewandowski_ to admit he lied to the media?

... Congress is calling someone else a liar?

Again -- this guy is a terrible attorney and should return his JD.
@CLewandowski_ And now, instead of moving on to the next point, this terrible staffer is trying to spike the ball, but it ends up like this:

@CLewandowski_ is #21... (and all the while the clock is ticking on this clown's 30 minutes)
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