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ultimate rekt pleb. winner of 70btc to under 1btc challenge in 2018. Rekt again in 2021, but let's run it back to 70btc before altseason ends. LFG!

2 May, 11 tweets

Most mainstream CT influencers haven't even heard about @Truebitprotocol $TRUE yet. Would you go all into $link at 25C if you were given the chance? Grab a bag before the CT gurus do for once.

$TRU @Truebitprotocol price is staying well above 13ema that basically matches the parabola I drew. Parabola break isn't coming anytime soon. ⚡⚡🚀

Are you still hesitating on $TRU? my crystal ball says $2 tomorrow. I'm one of the bottom 0.1% on the bell curve so I know I'm gonna make it.

$TRU daily volume is in top 100 daily volume of ALL coins. That's HUGE for a coin only on @Uniswap
that's a big clue as to where this project is headed. Are you really going to hold that "low cap gem" that's bottomed out hoping to break even this month? You hesitate, you mastur

Ok let me spoon feed you guys. Here's the @DEXToolsApp link for $TRU. Buy ALL and then some more for your grandkids.


Are u all in $TRU yet? The parabola still accurate AF. If u haven't bought yet, #HFSP. Cant wait to update my thread with how I made it all back and then some to $1M w @Truebitprotocol. Only regret is not finding this before getting rugged. Imagine if I had gone all in with $185K

When you run into a solid project like $TRU @Truebitprotocol and you don't APE in with 100%, do you even crypto? Diversification is the enemy of the elusive 100X. I'm a $Tru maximalist until 100X or Rekt.

$TRU VOL only increasing with the bonding curve preventing pumps and dumps. Price steadily increasing. Every decent project has gone back to its ATH. $TRU going back to $300 isn't far fetched as a layer 2 solution for $ETH. This deserves a spot in top 10 over $XRP $BNB $DOGE

$TRU Fudders gonna be in disbelief when @Truebitprotocol gets to top 10 after @coinbase and @binance listings and heralded by noobs as $ETH 2.0

To clarify, disregard the time frame on this $TRU chart as it's NOT to scale. Might take months, maybe years to get there. Also, just because the team has no plans to pursue exchange listings doesn't stop top exchanges like @binance @coinbase @FTX_Official to proactively list it.

Ok technical folks are telling me the bonding curve won't let $TRU go up parabolically and dump. It will just go up steadily, stairway to heaven. At some point, if they decide to take it off the bonding curves, it may just go full vertical. Still SO damned early.

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