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Most mainstream CT influencers haven't even heard about @Truebitprotocol $TRUE yet. Would you go all into $link at 25C if you were given the chance? Grab a bag before the CT gurus do for once.
$TRU @Truebitprotocol price is staying well above 13ema that basically matches the parabola I drew. Parabola break isn't coming anytime soon. ⚡⚡🚀
Are you still hesitating on $TRU? my crystal ball says $2 tomorrow. I'm one of the bottom 0.1% on the bell curve so I know I'm gonna make it.
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Olive oil is a historically insignificant part of mediterranean diets, which rely heavily on animal fats. It had non-dietary uses mainly, only being eaten by the destitute who couldn't afford animal fats… ImageImageImage
The idea that Mediterraneans based their diet on olive oil is a scam promoted by Harvard & their industrial junk sponsors, to help sell high margin industrial plant oils, as detailed in the excellent @bigfatsurprise: ImageImage
Traditional Mediterranean diets, like all human diets, are based on animal fats.

It's hilarious that modern Meds believe what Harvard tells them their ancestors ate. If their ancestors saw them cooking in olive oil, they'd think they're destitute.
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Nassim Nicholas Tantrum has gone from endorsing my book to obsessively insulting me in public without once making any reference to my work.


Because I refused to join him on his insane cowardly hysterical crusade to shut down the planet with his friends at the WEF. Image
I was typing him a private message politely explaining to him why his "Precautionary Principle" is such a dumb idea.

He responded by blocking me, insulting me in public & then flat-out lying about why he did it the very next day. ImageImageImage
It was the biggest mistake of my career to associate with this lying fraud. We were distant friends when he volunteered to send my book to a publisher & write the foreword. He submit his foreword without reading the book, at the very last minute, when it was too late to change it
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The Bitcoin Full Node Sculpture, A Cypherpunk Chronometer.

#5 of 10 was hand delivered yesterday & I wanted to compile a GIGA-THREAD compiling photos, videos, explainers, and podcasts all into one place 👇

Let's go back into time and down the rabbit hole and see #1 -4
Mega Explainer tweet thread takes you deep down the rabbit hole, through all 21 layers of the full node sculpture. Get into all the details here 👇
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Bitcoin is the only technology that allows you to convert Janet Mnuchin, Christine Powell, Jay Lagarde, Mario Yellen, and Steve Draghi into noises inconsequential to your life.
Imagine training and working all of your life to earn money, and then having to hang on every cryptic word of some fiat economist you never hired to try to figure out how to keep it.

The fiat scam is the idea that you can indefinitely finance government insanity.

The real cost is the destruction of individuals' ability to save for their future.

It's been a century-long ponzi of destroying one medium of saving after another & systematic mass impoverishment.
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#HaveFunStayingPoor is another great addition to the pantheon of bitcoin memes.

We're not here for interesting tech, faster payments, or better databases.

We're here to stop the century of systematic pillaging & impoverishment by central banks. Hating bitcoin is loving poverty
A lot of people like to virtue-signal that their interest in bitcoin is motivated by loftier goals than just price appreciation. These people are clueless.

There is nothing that will help more people in the world than having a money that's resistant to pillaging.
We need to keep reminding people that Bitcoin is built on #NumberGoUp technology while your stupid central bank is built on #NumberGoDown technology, optimized for your local kleptocracy to rob you.

Don't like bitcoin? #HaveFunStayingPoor indentured to your local kleptocrats!
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