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✞ illustrator, mystical idiot. semiotics + comics. instagram: same @. art https://t.co/9IGbW3ru7b shirts+prints https://t.co/hVvvnwN4Vd painting show tues. @ 7pm est

3 May, 7 tweets

gonna post something right now. i posted this sometime late last year but something was wrong with the font i used so it just kind of slipped under the radar (maybe). i fixed it. its kind of long so, please enjoy a special episode of [m99], for ur viewing pleasure, here:

[tweet 1/5]

[tweet 2/5]

[tweet 3/5]

[tweet 4/5]

[tweet 5/5]

fixed this up because im getting the book together, of the first batch of collected comics, today. its gonna be pretty long, like 200 pages or so. ill post about it but if you want me to put you on the list to hit up when its ready u can comment here or dm me (or email, whatever)

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