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May 4, 2021, 9 tweets

THREAD: Joy & Gratitude (& lots of fun!)
…We’ll Be Back Soon!

"A #Walk600AStNE Retrospective"

It began during the spooky hallows of fall…
cc: @theHillisHome

And grew to bring holiday cheer to all.

With each bulb, the number of glowing yards grew,

Connecting our neighbors, connecting us with you.

We welcomed a new Pres and Madam VP,

And enjoyed selfies: “Bernie and me!”

As the winter winds blew, we stayed home so snug,

While outside love lights gave a community hug.

Then we couldn’t resist a decorative nip & tuck;

To bring us all a little Irish good luck.

Onto “(Un)Despicable Spring Blossoms on the Hill” – WHY?

To earn the opportunity to cheer while the #petalporchparade went by!


Alas, a few weeks ago, down came the light strings

To welcome the natural beauty of Spring.

Passerbys lamented the decorations’ end,

Lobbying us to keep going with the trend…

We have been touched by the joy brought to us & you,

By the hand-written notes & kind words of thank you.

We are committed to start again in the spooky fall,

Better than ever – welcoming walkers, one & all!

@thehillishome #Ward6 #community

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