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There are 18 young adults across the Nation who are training to be model citizens. For a month, they have worked with their local governments to uplift the civic standards of their neighborhoods.
They are the Youth vertical of the Solve Movement! Working endlessly with our mentors, this group of leaders is training to build the future of the country. Are you still reading this?
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“Meghan had known abt us when she lived in LA previously... Her mother said "#ProjetAngelFood needs help"”

“Harry asked... "do ur neighbours checking on u?" & Frank our client said "no" H said "we all need to watch out for each other"”
"i talked to one of our clients, he called up and said "thank u for sending #HarryAndMeghan to my house"” - Richard Ayoub, Project Angel Food

"they were just down-to-earth and very granted" - Carlos Nieto, Homeboy Industries
“Harry asked... how she did she come to Homeboy and she said "through the father of my son" and she burst into tears... Harry just immediately threw his arms around her”

“People were immediately vulnerable with him and her”
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When multiple attempts to contact his local govt. authority went ignored, Hanumanth took the responsibility onto himself to clean up the streets of his village.
Having discovered that hoards of garbage littered his streets unchecked, he stepped out of his comfort zone and reached out to his local Panchayat authority to have it cleared.
Upon no response, Hanumanth planned a campaign with the children of his village who helped him and other volunteering community members clean up the garbage and dispose it.
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This is hard to write but it is true for many. What I’m about to say is a harsh reality of what people go through.

What I am about to say is also the reason why a lot of people don’t ask for help.

People do not ask for help because of the fears and stigmas that exist.

Here Is Something to think about,

What if you were a #singleparent with a #child

You work full time for $15.00/hr

You take home roughly $960.00 per paycheck (bi-weekly after taxes)

#singleparent #parenting #Blessed #grateful #calgary #calgarylife #alberta #yyc

Your bills per month:

$1,000 or more for rent
$150 or more for cable/internet
$250 or more for utilities
$150 per month for car insurance

So let’s do the math

You bring home about
$1,920.00 a month

Your bills average about $1,500(give or take)

@GrannyGTArp @BallerGearCA
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Over the course of the next few months I’m gonna start setting up to live stream a new show on #woodworking, #politics, #art, #writing, #Philosophy and many other topics. My goal is to focus on teaching #handsonskills and would love to also get the chance to #learn as well! if you’re interested please consider donating. I will provide an itemized list of necessary spending which donations be spent including tools, computer equipment, audio and camera equipment and material costs. I want to be as transparent with you all
As possible and feel all #donations should be directed and shown to be specifically put back into create a community space for those interested in learning and building the skills they will benefit for years to come! #pleaseshare and #RETWEEET if possible
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入ってしまったw I also want to use you guys' lion icon...🦁💘
Nice discussion just now. Twitter? Discord??…
and Clubhouse???
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#COVID19 and kids: "This virus scares me. Some of my friends have gotten it. My grandmother got it and was really sick. I think we should all do what we can to stop this. I’m wearing my mask at school. Hope I can get the vaccine soon.” -- Jim, 14. (1/7)
Kids and #MaskMandates: "Coronavirus has hurt all of us. I hate missing school. All of us are wearing masks. Not sure when kids can get the vaccine. I hope it’s soon.” -- Lauren, 12
Kids and #vaccination: "My mom and dad think the virus is under control now. They keep telling me not to worry about it. They let me wear my mask but they don’t push it. I don’t think they’ve been vaccinated. I hope they will let me get the shot.” -- Mike, 15 (3/7)
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You asked, we listened: The @CommissaryClub App is here!
We developed the app based on real feedback from our community of 11MM+ users with criminal records, so you can trust us when we say, “You’re gonna love it”.
The app is 100% free, and offers a wide variety of content & resources: from the home feed you love (populated only by users who have done time, too), to great background-friendly jobs nationwide,...
...curated virtual events (with guests like “Freeway” Rick Ross, @ShakaSenghor & @TopekaKSam), expert Q&A’s, national reentry resources & so much more.
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Don't own a Labs #NFT?🤨

Here's an opportunity to stake your $LPool and mine a reward in this Labs #SuperPuP, which contains $100K of tokens from all the incubated projects in @LaunchpoolLabs Cohort 1. 👀

You'll soon learn who the teams are!!!
#FairLaunchforAll #BeYourOwnVC 3D puppy with a cape barking and a shield with a paw print.
/2 What's a #SuperPuP?
Here are some details:
🛡️100k worth tokens distributed over 3 months
(3 Month hold)
🛡️Each token represents $1 made up of 20 cents from
each of the 5 projects.
/3 Details..continued
🛡️Every project has 20k given to the pup for free, from
their private round allocation price.
🛡️Price and valuation of these rounds will be
announced when the round launches and not before
🛡️Max 500 LPOOL staking limit
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Earlier today we were in downtown #yyc handing out water & gatorade and fruit, when we decided to stop & have a break by the Cat Cafe...when we came upon a senior lady rummaging through the city's garbage bins.

#Yyccc #Calgary #Alberta #Canada #SeniorLiving #seniorcare #Seniors
We thought she was looking for bottles to turn in for money but we were wrong. She was looking for both bottles & she was also taking food out of the bins & putting it in her cart.

As soon as we saw that we went over to offer her our help.

#Help #Community #Compassion #BeKind
We went over, asked if we could get her a cold drink & a snack & asked her if she'd like to join us on our break.

She accepted. We went into the coffee shop across from the Cat Cafe (Forgot Name), grabbed some drinks & snacks and sat down in the shade across the street. #Hope
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(1/6) Following the disappointing High Court decision for the #A303Stonehenge scheme last week, we’re keen to clarify a few things. Thread to follow: ⬇️
(2/6) This doesn’t mean the #Stonehenge #tunnel is cancelled (as you might have seen on #social media and in the press). The Secretary of State @transportgovuk is currently considering the judgment and the options. #A303Stonehenge #A303
@transportgovuk (3/6) The High Court ruling was not made about the merits of the #Stonehenge #tunnel #scheme itself – but concerned points of law in the way in which the decision was made to grant permission
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@ClausRiehle @ImTunnel etzt gehts wieder los...

harte und weiche wissenschaften... trallalla... #OMG #dögs #soziologiWie?…
@ClausRiehle @ImTunnel kommst mir mal erzählen von deinem manuskript?

an einem dienstag? @WikiDienstag? welchem? welche zeit?
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1| #Ceasefire rages on as the #OnlyDemocracyInTheMiddleEast™ continues street #executions, and corpse abduction of #indigenous people under its military regime 👇 #NotTheOnion🍍… #Israel #ceaseapartheid
2| Israel's army shot and killed Shadi Salim (41), at #Beita junction, making him the 311th indigenous #Palestinian, to be killed by Israel's army since the beginning of 2021, and the 51st Palestinian to be killed from the #WestBank.
3| Israel's last #execution was carried out just 6 days ago, when soldiers invaded the town of #NabiSaleh, and shot 16 year-old Mohammad Tamimi in the back.
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#Agenda21 is #Global #Communism

Wake Up & Resist

Deny #Marxists at every turn
They are not your friends
At best,they are #UsefulIdiots
At worst..
They are purposefully helping #Globalism install dictatorial #government & eroding our rights as FREE people.
Don’t let them!

#Agenda21 is the biggest public relations #SCAM in the #History of the #World
But it is far more then that its the agenda for the 21st century and it’s a recepy for #destruction it enables and justifies monitoring and metering and restricting our #energy & #water usage!

#Agenda21 is #Global #Communism

#Communitarism says that it’s all for the common good,that the individuals right need to be balanced with the rights of the #community
Now we don’t know what these rights are they can change them at any time!
The individual loses!
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The past few weeks I've been curating 2 custom cases focused on Product Management & Product Analytics as two amazing roles in Data and earned my CSPO 📚

I delivered it today 🙌🏽 fellows loved it, we need more Product Managers!

#data #product #WomenWhoCode #agile #codenewbie Image
Both roles hit a few "Top Jobs of 2020" reports during COVID, everyone's creating a product/service or adapting their products to remote, the demand exploded! ☄

We think of products like apps but products could be a service, like the DS4A training!👇
➡️ Airbnb is a product and a service
➡️ Uber is a product and a service
➡️ Your phone is a product
➡️ Consulting is a service

Today will be another great day in the DS4A community because the fellows will be learning how data plays a significant role in the product space.
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Para quienes creen que es seguro reunirse en familia entre vacunados, sin mascarillas, lean este hilo. Se los pongo traducido (por google) 👇👇👇
Normalmente limito los datos personales que comparto en Twitter, pero al servicio de #PublicHealth y compartiendo información importante, tengo una historia personal para compartir sobre la experiencia de mi familia con #COVID19 .🧵

El fin de semana pasado, viajamos en coche a ver a familiares cercanos y nos quedamos con ellos en su casa durante 24 horas. Ambos son adultos que han sido completamente vacunados con el #Pfizer#vaccine . Mi pareja y yo también estamos completamente vacunados con Pfizer.

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I was dreamin' in my dreamin'
Of an aspect bright and fair
And my sleepin' it was broken
But my dream it lingered near
In the form of shinin' valleys
Where the pure air recognized
Oh, and my senses newly opened
And I awakened to the cry
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We have a serious emergency.

Late this afternoon we were contacted by a senior named “Helen”. She only had one meal left in her kitchen.

She called us for help and we are helping.

We will be using the last of our available funds to get her some much needed groceries. #YYC #YEG
We will hopefully be giving her enough groceries for an entire month so she doesn’t have to worry about having to choose between medications/food, food/electricity, food/rent.

Too many #Calgarians are being ignored and forgotten. Too many #Calgarians are afraid to ask for #help.
We need help. If anyone can help with a donation towards her food hamper, we will be here for about 2 more hours because we are shopping for four seniors tonight.

You can help by donating by any of the options ⬇️ #Donate #community #donations #DisabilityTwitter #BeKind #Alberta
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1/ I produce a lot of content. It's difficult for some to keep up with at times. Below, a list of some of my threads & important tweets for $EGLD & $CEL The Crypto Industry & Banking/Federal Reserve & Investing. Education is Freedom & Crypto is Financial Freedom. #cryptocurrency
3/ “Is @ElrondNetwork The Future Smart Contract Blockchain Market Leader?” (44 Page Research & Investment Thesis) $EGLD ⚡️
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I typically limit the personal details I share on Twitter, but in the service of #PublicHealth and sharing important information, I have a personal story to share about my family's experience with #COVID19. 🧵

Last weekend, we drove to see close family members and stayed with them in their home for 24 hours. Both of them are adults who have been fully vaccinated with the #Pfizer #vaccine. My partner and I are also fully Pfizer vaxxed.

My 2 children are too young to be vaccinated. But, because we drove (i.e., no high passenger travel), were staying with 2 other fully vaxxed adults, and did not go anywhere else but their home, we thought it was a low risk activity to spend time together indoors, unmasked.

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#mindfulmonday THREAD & we're all about gratitude! It starts with us as parents, carers, caregivers, grown ups. Show up for your little one's by helping them appreciate the small things in life. The things that make the 🌎 beautiful, sparkle, shine.
We know it's been a tough year. We've been #homeschooling, #parentinginapandemic and working. It's been rough, full stop. But remember the clapping, the rainbows, the neighbourly kindnesses. That's the human in us all shining through.
This week, try to focus on #gratitude. 🙏

Here's some ideas! 👇👇 What works for you?

🏺Make a gratitude jar together
👀 Spend some time appreciating your surroundings together
💬 Talk about what makes your little ones happy. Tell them.
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(1\25) The #vision & addressable market opportunities of Blockchain’s such as @ElrondNetwork & accompanying #community/network $EGLD ⚡️ is vast beyond what many can fully grasp. It’s the opportunity to re-write the rules of the status quo system that currently serve the few (1%) Image
(2\25) & inherently promotes inequitable opportunity & wealth inequality. #Blockchain systems can re-shape every industry #Finance, #Entertainment, #SupplyChain, Content Delivery, #BigTech, #Food, #Agriculture, #Education, #Politics/Government, #Transportation, #healthcare
(3\25) #Digital gaming etc. The existing status quo system restricts the majority from participating both in the value sharing (#investing) at the ground level due to supposed accredited investor protections & the value creation (new products/services) unless one has access to
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Here u go:

Mainstream #crypto is in a #bear.

So mainstream pleps tend to have less $ value and less motivation to “invest” / sacrifice smthng rn.

This leaves us with less total $ value for the sacrifice phase, hence you get more % for your sacrifice, hence a bigger opportunity
However #HEXicans are in a 1000x permabull & they love and support their ecosystems.

So the most % of the total $ value for the sacrifice, will come from #HEXicanOGs & HEXicans in general.

HEXicans have proven to have #graphiteHands

HEXicans are the whales now & also in PULSE.
That basically means PULSE will start with one of, if not THE strongest hands #community out there. This will be a veeery strong fundament to build on top of.

Or do you think the PULSE #whales, which are mainly HEXican OGs will sell after a 2x … 10x … or 100x … not at all 🤣
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