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Jun 7, 2021, 9 tweets

Seeing reports from around the globe that this may involve AN0M --- an encrypted chat application used by organized crime groups that was actually developed by the FBI. #OperationTrojanShield

Breaking: Police down under confirm FBI was secretly operating encrypted chat app AN0M for 18 months. Law enforcement watched criminals around the globe sell drugs and plot murders in real time. Anom[.]io now:

“Worldwide, 9000 law enforcement officials were involved in co-ordinated operations linked to the penetration of An0m.”…

The FBI got AN0M from a confidential source who also offered to supply it to transnational criminal organizations (TCOs), according to court documents.

The FBI built a master key into the device that attached to each AN0M message as it was transmitted.

Each message was then “BCC’d” to a server controlled by the FBI.

AN0M was used on nearly 12,000 devices in 90 countries, per court documents.

Here’s the affidavit laying it all out.…

For those asking for examples of what was said.

One AN0M user posted photos of suspected cocaine packages packed in a shipment of bananas.

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