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8 Jun, 9 tweets

1/ Can't help to see how eerily similar the set up is. June 7-9-11 is Major window. Does the centerpoint on 9th finally break? STILL have not closed above May 10 high.

2/ I am not seeing strength here. Potential ending fractal where there is a rally in green and red corrective. However, each "break" results in a substantially weaker rally. The B wave top of each red for first 2 were both gap and crap. Out of room on the last one.

3/ $AAPL Seeing trouble. That's a valid 3 wave corrective bear flag on the right and on falling volume. Possible HS also with falling volume targets 103 on the break. Major market general here could help take down the market.

4/ $BA If I was writing a textbook on patterns, this would be top entry. Not only was the diamond top txtbook, but so is this bear wedge. Last leg NEVER reaches top of wedge and fails early. Look out below.

5/ End of the rope for $GOOG. Once the lower red line breaks, it's all over.

6/ Another bear flag for $AMZN. This one is a triangle. If it breaks above could be parallel, but I think the triangle holds.

7/ $TSLA can't get off the floor as bounces get smaller and smaller. Next slip could take it to 400.

8/ $MSFT bear flag here too.

9/ $MRK Diamond top with bear flag.

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