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9 Jun, 6 tweets

I am not sure there is quite as much distance between "tear-gassed protesters for a photo op" and "took advantage of scheduled tear-gassing of protesters for a photo op" as some people seem to claim there is.

Also I am *intensely* curious what this redacted "request" made by what is likely a WH or Secret Service official!


Hm weird

The report amounts to an exoneration of the Park Police for the specific action of "clearing protesters for the president's photo op" and essentially nothing more. Fine, that's in the report's title! Pretty weird to claim it has anything to do with the other actors involved!

There is a plausible timeline where the WH learns protesters would be cleared that afternoon/evening, tries to get the USPP to speed that up (including with an unexplained "early deployment" by the Secret Service), and then Trump jumps across the street when it was cleared.

The alternative, and the full-on "exoneration" and "media failure" version of this, is that it was, what, a complete and utter coincidence?

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