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10 Jun, 5 tweets

1/ BRILLIANT Q&A by @barronsonline—with Impactive Capital
Lauren Taylor Wolfe @ltwolfe + Christian Asmar @ChristianAsmar

A few gems:

Now over $1 billion - their style of ACTIVIST INVESTING:
-very concentrated
-3yr+ holding periods
-trust-building with management + non-hostile

2/ On how Impactive @ltwolfe + @ChristianAsmar

get the INVITE to join boards
vs having to FIGHT via proxy contests...

and how customers + employees are voting their VALUES
with their most VALUABLE things: cash 💵+ time⏳

3/ Great quote Lauren Taylor Wolfe @LTwolfe

“When you REDUCE your investment universe
you REDUCE your opportunity for return...”

And @ChristianAsmar on
adding to a high conviction investment when its price goes down...

4/ Excellent take
-on seeing what the market is missing with non-obvious fundamental analysis
-finding VALUE + revealing tactics to increase PROFITS
-like increasing WOMEN in rare talent pool to alleviate labor SCARCITY...

(by @LTwolfe + @ChristianAsmar of Impactive Capital)

5/ Smart activist win-win-win by @ltwolfe + @ChristianAsmar
for investors, co, stakeholders
advancing WARMTH of equity + inclusion
anchored in COLD economic logic

1st first publicly listed auto dealer to pursue
-paid maternity leave
-2 shifts for child/elder care
-4day work wk

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