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23 Jul
1/ A great article from last year.

10 Yrs ago Lux asked
Q: “What Sucks?” with nuclear.
A: waste

Lux tried to find a high-tech venture to fund. Finding none we started one.
We funded it, hired team, set budget for tech R&D, did M&A
And got VERY lucky.…
2/ One tech we had in our portfolio @ our venture (Kurion) pulled radioactive Cesium + Strontium from salt water. Nobody has this as nuclear reactor water is ~100% pure.

When Fukushima disaster struck, hundreds of milllions of gallons SEA WATER were dumped to prevent meltodown…
3/ This little US company with a TOTAL of $3M of invested capital ($1.5M from Lux and we owned 35% between common + preferred) funded at $3M pre…

ended up with $40M of EBITDA and sold to Veolia for ~10x.

Lux made 43x on that $1.5M which returned an early fund + then some
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17 Jul
1/ About last night...Strictly Business.

Legendary EPMD (green eyed bandit @iAmErickSermon + Parrish Smith)

covering Tribe Called Quest (Scenario), 2Pac (Hail Mary), Ol Dirty (Shimmy Shimmy Ya), Biggie (Hypnotize)...
2/ @funkflex on the wheels of steel...
3/ Hundreds of hours influenced my ears between them from copping bootleg Maxell tapes of Hot97 sets to
EPMD + @iAmErickSermon + @funkflex
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13 Jul

4 most dangerous words—“It’s different this time”.

4 most profitable words—“it’ll rot your brain”

When those are uttered by parents or politicians: run + buy
video games

US Congress (1955) Comics + Juvenile Delinquency…
PS: two comic/graphic novel titles i recommend

3/ BRZRKR (created by Keanu Reeves)…

has very cool simple story + detailed art
and when you zoom out has VERY cool color gradient from start to finish…

Watch colored pages chance with the scroll from this POV
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10 Jul
1/ Outstanding op-ed by Brett Swanson @entropyecon

A few excerpted zingers in this THREAD……
-“Index funds exist because security prices are nearly impossible to predict. So if expert computer modelers can’t yet predict temperatures in a single complex realm—climate—how can we take seriously BlackRock’s triple extrapolations of the climate, the economy and finance?”
“Who wants to bet BlackRock, which just won a first-of-its-kind approval to operate in China, won’t force every Chinese firm to submit to Mr. Fink’s climate vanities in the name of fiduciary risk management, or even saving the planet?”…
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23 Jun
1/We started Coney Island Prep public charter school >12yrs ago to give kids
the right heroes
deep desire to learn
high expectation
to get into college & career of their choice

From 90 5th graders in a room in the projects to > 1100 scholars + 200 staff + 💯college acceptance
2/ Part 2... @CiPrep
Part 3...@CiPrep
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10 Jun
1/ BRILLIANT Q&A by @barronsonline—with Impactive Capital
Lauren Taylor Wolfe @ltwolfe + Christian Asmar @ChristianAsmar

A few gems:

Now over $1 billion - their style of ACTIVIST INVESTING:
-very concentrated
-3yr+ holding periods
-trust-building with management + non-hostile
2/ On how Impactive @ltwolfe + @ChristianAsmar

get the INVITE to join boards
vs having to FIGHT via proxy contests...

and how customers + employees are voting their VALUES
with their most VALUABLE things: cash 💵+ time⏳
3/ Great quote Lauren Taylor Wolfe @LTwolfe

“When you REDUCE your investment universe
you REDUCE your opportunity for return...”

And @ChristianAsmar on
adding to a high conviction investment when its price goes down...
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2 Jun
1/ Either we believe in the VIRTUE that people can (+ wish to) improve & be just a bit better than they were yesterday or we believe they are set in stone + unredeemable.

This was a chilling moment for me thinking of the "corrections" society seeks + the lives in this bus...
2/ Whether a serious crime or a thought crime

a transgression where someone did something considered WRONG today

But either
a) didn't know it was WRONG
(and error corrected on learning)
b) it wasn't considered WRONG
at the time they did it

3/ JUSTICE ought time travel JUSTLY

Standards change—We ought hold others to standard now + hence not past

-a past crime,newly discovered,gone unpunished but for evasion OUGHT BE punished

-a past act,deemed present offense,newly discovered,not previously punishable OUGHT NOT
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24 May
1/ LOVE this.

3 big NEW products revealed from Lux family co @latchaccess

-LatchOS for commercial offices 🏢
-Latch Visitor Express 🎡🏟
-Latch ID 🆔💳

Here’s genius founder/CEO @LASchoenfelder explaining the news...
2/ LatchOS for commercial offices enables them to serve...

more than 50 million new potential users in powerful ways through their existing, product platform
3/ Latch Visitor Express—

changes how people experience new spaces for the 1st time, including some of the world’s most iconic properties
-Rockefeller Center ⛸
-Empire State Building 🗽
-Brookfield Place 🍎
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24 May
1/ Our US experiment has 100% been hacked

by cynical "leaders" of political parties + well-intentioned others + foreign enemies fanning 🔥 NOT as nationalists but as populists seeking to destroy nation by dividing us into TRIBES + fueling US to hate EACH OTHER more than 'them'..
2/ At meta level the tribal division is those who

Mesh—or clash
Band—or disband
Merge—or diverge
Integrate—or segregate

This doesn't mean disavowing disagreement—but rather finding nuance to see + criticize "others" as ERRED protagonists + not EVIL antagonists
3/ Were I foreign enemy set to weaken the US i 'd not attack it kinetically from OUTSIDE, but do it from INSIDE.

Create constant low-simmer civil war, deepen rifts, provoke tribal Us vs Them alliances recasting identity, rewrite history, dissolve MYTH of "United States" so that-
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14 May
1/ You do you not see unintelligent people call out FRAUDS. Why?

Sure the easy answer is fools are easily fooled and thus the marks/targets.

But there’s another better reason why smart people like to call out FRAUDS...

Namely: Competition + Status. 🧵
2/ Competitive intellects love finding
correct answers quicker
truths not yet discovered
better explanations (for pleasure + sport)

Some compete to be ‘smarter’ than others
Motivated intrinsically for self or extrinsically—
they like to OUTSMART people—
and/or get STATUS for it.
3/ Frauds/hucksters/ tricksters also try to OUTSMART others
but in contrast don’t want STATUS for their cleverness—
they cloak it + dont want to be detected

Bad smart people are source of worlds conflicts
One cant be compelled to call out FRAUD
unless intellectually competitive
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14 May
1/ Yes. Astrology is SUPERSTITION.

Unscientific nonsensical FLAPDOODLE that exploits people’s need for narrative often in response to anxiety, stress, uncertainty

It gives false community: “I’m a __zodiac__ too!”
puts agency + fate outside of oneself
and exploits a...
2/Consider these statements
Answer each of the following quickly as True/False or Yes/No

And I can 100% tell you your zodiac
And 100% tell how you are likely to respond in most (but not all situations)
And who would be best career path and best life partner for you...


•You often have a need for other people to like and admire you.

•You have a great deal of unused capacity, which you have not turned to your advantage

•Disciplined outside, you sometimes can be worrisome and insecure inside.
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13 May
1/ Some news from Lux...

highly distributed
environmentally responsible
and now being built with software

New "Lux Manufacturing + Tech" Index
- on Bloomberg

A quick thread 🧵on WHY + the methodology...…
2/ Advanced MANUFACTURING co's are using DIGITAL tech thru the entire product lifecycle -

from design, engineering, + production
to recycling + end-of-life disposal...

and using advanced MATERIALS, modeling + simulation software, additive manufacturing, distributed sensors...
3/ Our Manufacturing + Tech investments include ultrafast + precise sensor + control systems like @veobot for "cobots"; 3D-printing tech like @DesktopMetal + @shapeways automated PCB assembly @TempoAutomation; space-related manuf companies like Hadrian + @vardaspace + more...
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7 May
1/ Take my money—DOUBLE it✌️

EVERY $1 you help K-12 scholars at Coney Island Prep @CiPrep—i will MATCH
up to $25,000

$100=scholar's family gets free WiFi access

Watch PART 1 of my interview with amazing school head Leslie-Bernard Joseph
2/ PART 2 📺: On difficult choices and challenging decisions w school head Leslie-Bernard Joseph

<Take my money—DOUBLE it✌️
EVERY $1 you help K-12 scholars at Coney Island Prep @CiPrep—i will MATCH
up to $25,000>
3/ PART 3 📺: On the speed+ magnitude of investment decision making —and of the resilience and adaptability...

...especially of kids.
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5 May
1/ Lux thesis of "TECH of SCIENCE"

the most cutting-edge hardware
the most sophisticated software
to do science...

Science is PROGRESS for humanity
and also PRESTIGE for individuals, companies, universities, cities, countries

This is a BIG deal.…
2/ Led by Lux partner @AGoulburn around the Nobel prize winning work of Eric Betzig who looked to the far reaches of the solar system and discovered a breakthrough imaging technique for INNER SPACE to see in REAL-TIME what is happening in cells... Image
3/ I mean this technique of adaptive optics x lattice light sheet microscopy gives subcellular resolution. INSANE what this means for drug discovery when you can see how drugs work inside cells!
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27 Apr
If we invent edible Flubber, there may come a day when we can survive by eating Flubber and also create a sustainably green economy building breathing Flubber buildings or entire towns out of it and even one day give Flubber consciousness too and expand it to a multiverse.
If we invent teleportation, there may come a day when real estate no longer matters as the majority of our time will be in the 'etherverse' and we will have solved the 'distance problem' and will need to rethink time. Something to think about.
If civilization is able to connect itself to itself via neuralinks, into a global consciousness we would be able to anticipate each others needs even before they are communicated and make life peaceful and stress-free. As so much pain comes from not being understood.
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25 Apr

If she wins tonight brilliant Beijing born Chloe Zhao (Nomadland) may be the first Chinese woman having won a Golden Globe to win an Oscar.

China all but banned the movie as she made critical comments 8 years ago saying "there are lies everywhere"...
2/ I've previously highlighted the absence of Chinese villains in US movies

motivated by (1) US rational economic actors to sell into a $9B market and not be banned and (2) China control + censorship of studios + theaters
3/ Impacted by covid surely(and China reopening quicker) but in 2020 China for the 1st time became the largest movie market in the world.

The 8 Best Picture Oscar nominees made $35M in theaters vs $700M in 2019 while China made 4.5x normalized numbers with $3B in tix sales...
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24 Apr
1/ "Tech of Science"

A few days ago something HISTORIC and not yet widely appreciated happened 460km/285 mi away from YOU...

At the end of the Cold War in 1998 US + Russia teamed up on the ISS (international space station) after 40 years of fiercely competing in a Space Race...
2/ A few days ago on the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin (Russian) to be the 1st in space...

..Putin symbolically gave a speech + rallied Russia to "maintain its status as one of the leading SPACE powers"

And announced Russia pulling out of the ISS by the next 4 years to...
3/ ...🇷🇺partner with CHINA 🇨🇳

to team on space including a lunar base
🚀🌑(on the moon or orbiting it)

after rejecting NASA🇺🇸 offer to team on this exact topic.
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15 Apr
1/ This is the #1 reason why cold war with China is inevitable

The Left should be outraged by Muslim concentrating camps, human rights abuses and environmental disregard. The Right by expansionist military actions, hacking + corporate theft.…
2/ US solidarity won't come from Kumbaya.

We are a diverse deeply divided people with 1-2 generation long respites of internecine animosity redirected from each other to a common enemy...

1940s: Nazi Germany
1980s: Communist Russia
2020s: ?

Has been this way 100+ years...
3/ Those highlights were excerpts from convo with me + @patrick_oshag + @TonyT2Thomas

I explain why neither Vietnam in the 60s/70s nor Japan in the 80s/90s nor Al Qaesa/ISIS in 00s/10s United our divided States. None were all 3 alien, large + threatening…
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14 Apr
1/ A big theme at Lux—the “TECH of SCIENCE”

We will be revealing several new cutting-edge ventures in this theme (hardware + software) and announcing large financings for existing Lux family cos
2/ There are TWO main drivers for the theme


1. Directional arrow of progress
-cutting-edge new scientific tools + automation + robotics + networked global scientists, layers of ML/AI on top of data produced from robotic lab workcells + scientific workflows—
3/ The other main thrust behind the Lux theme

2. Geopolitics
We are in a new cold war with China
The main source of
hard power = .mil/defense
soft power = media (exporting culture) + PRESTIGE

PRESTIGE comes via scientific discovery...
which comes via tools
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10 Apr
1/ Amb. Hank Crumpton ex CIA (24 years) head of counterterrorism. Among much clandestine activity led the 90 day overthrow of the Taliban after 9/11...
2/ Powerful piece from 60Minutes on Hank Crumpton...
3/ On Hank getting permission to take out Bin Laden when first visually identified...which we did not do.
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4 Apr
1/ A China move on Taiwan is very improbable-tho more probable if Russia moves on Ukraine.

When Putin took Crimea he faced big domestic disapproval. NOW: 1 man on hunger strike against Kangaroo court imprisonment + treatment (Navalny) catalyzes protests + Putin need for war...
2/ All Putin "needs" is (fake) justification to invade. Putin is master of deception. A lie travels halfway around the world before the truth gets out of bed.

Fake news of a "child killed" may be enough to engender outrage + justify escalation + invasion
3/ The goal of learning history's rhymes is to cut off the couplet before it can be repeated...
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