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Jun 15, 2021, 17 tweets

#Limitless MD2 (Thread):

Below is the best team for the limitless chip for Matchday 2.

This thread individually analyses each player, with captaincy at the end.

I hope it helps, retweets ♻️ are much appreciated and feel free to ask any questions

#EURO2020 #Eurofantasy

Lukaku 🇧🇪 -

A brace against Russia was just the cherry on the cake.

He was involved as always and looked a serious threat.

Denmark without their talisman (I want to specify I wish him and his family the best), will struggle to play out of the Belgian press.

= chances.

Kane 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 -

In my opinion the best striker in the world with world class creativity behind him.

Scotland can’t play too cautiously, they need a result, once England get one the floodgates could very well open.

Below average first game but I expect him to come back as he does.

Mbappe 🇫🇷 -

With Benzema likely to be out, he and Griezman will be the source of goals.

I think he’s a better player and the system revolves around him more than anyone.

Hungary won’t be the most difficult test, and GD may come into play in this group, more of an incentive.

Insigne 🇮🇹 -

Opened his account in the first game and will be full of confidence.

I think the Swiss will put up a harder test than Turkey who were appalling but in an attacking sense through Embolo + Shaq

Insigne is Italy’s most important attacking player, involvement = points

Yarmolenko 🇺🇦 -

Arguably the easiest fixture in the tournament, 🇲🇰 will struggle defensively against Ukraine’s quality

Yarmolenko has already registered an attacking return and will look to build on that

Ukraine must win and winning big would be a huge advantage

An open game

Foden 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 -

The second coming of Paul Gascoigne.

He’s got brilliant attacking output which is why I like him over all other England midfielders.

I think he’s got a G+A game lined up here and he will be especially dangerous in the pockets between the lines

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 - (same as Kane)

Gnabry 🇩🇪 -

My dark horse for the tournament.

This man is a serious player, and brilliant for Germany

You won’t see him in many teams but I’m looking to play 4-3-3 by the end of the Matchday so I can take a punt on him.

Germany 2nd, Portugal 3rd.

Portugal can be exploited.

Wijnaldum 🇳🇱-

Playing in an advanced/number 10 role really suits him.

He’s brilliant in terms of attacking output for the Dutch.

Very involved in terms of creativity and being on the end of moves.

Austria are average, no more, no less.

3 at the back matched, may hamper Gini

Alba 🇪🇸 -

Poland are very very unlikely to have much of the ball and were poor themselves going forward

A Spanish clean sheet is very likely here

Lewandowski for Poland isn’t close to the player he is at Bayern, not that it’s his fault

Alba has potential for attacking returns

Spinazzola 🇮🇹 -

Not officially, but MoTM in the first game, he was utterly brilliant.

He will always hold the width as Insigne drifts inside, and as such will be a necessity when going forward

Not to forget the brilliant quality we saw on display against 🇹🇷

🇨🇭 - (Insigne^^)

Hernandez 🇫🇷 -

Playing LB for the best team in the competition, against a team who may potentially play expansively in comparison to previous performances..... you can’t ask for much more.

Combine this with his exceptional quality, he’s a no brainer.

Pavard is also suitable.

Meunier 🇧🇪 -

Highest point scorer in the tournament so far.

Playing wing-back is a huge advantage to full back, he will find himself in some very advanced roles.

Will be on a massive confidence high.

He is my least favourite out of the defenders

🇩🇰 analysis - same as Lukaku

Zinchenko 🇺🇦 -

The Ukrainian boys are predominantly here due to their fixture.

Zinchenko being on penalties and playing in a midfield role whilst being classified as a defender creates huge upside.

Opens the avenue of a clean sheet and multiple attacking returns, rare chance.

Pickford 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 + Donnarumma 🇮🇹-

A simple matter

The Scottish won’t prove to much of a threat, the Swiss more so but given how good the Italians were I’m bullish on a clean sheet

Given their opponents are still very capable, it means the potential saves translate to a high ceiling

Captaincy ©:

Wednesday - Insigne

Thursday - Lukaku

Friday - Kane

Saturday - Mbappe

If you get a double digit haul, stick don’t change it.

9 point return, coin flip, very dependent on your risk tolerance.

Anything less roll 🎲 it.

I hope this helped and good luck 🙌

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