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Blank Gameweek 28 - Thread


💎 FWD Spot - Havertz vs Watkins
💎 Captaincy
💎 Wildcard Draft
💎 Chillwell, Estupinan, Maddison & Almiron
💎 Free Hit

We march on…🧵

#FPL Image 💎 FWD Spot - Havertz vs Watkins

The two sets of fixtures can be found below (Watkins - left, Havertz - right)

I prefer Watkins fixture in GW28 but prefer Havertz’s double in GW29.

The GW29 call is a close one but two home fixtures swing it Chelsea’s way (Villa have been… ImageImage
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(Short thread)

Review of Brighton’s performance and their assets vs Crystal Palace…🧵

As many others did, I had the pleasure of watching a very good Brighton performance yesterday.

There were numerous things to commend and take note of including:

1. Steele…

#FPL will certainly be retaining his spot for the foreseeable future.

I’ve never particularly rated Sanchez, far too error prone for my liking, albeit I did get him on my WC.

Steele demonstrated composure on the ball, excellent distribution, a commanding authority and most…
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Double Gameweek 27 - Thread


💎 Brighton Midfielders’ & Sanchez
💎 Captaincy
💎 Chelsea - Felix & Wing Backs’
💎 BB27 vs BB29
💎 Wildcard 27 Best Team

🎵 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas🎵…🧵

#FPL Image I won’t be referencing the snow ❄️ if there’s any major developments pre-deadline that affect this information then so be it.

I’ll be giving it maximum, 1% weighting in my decision making process.

For those who had a bad GW26, it’s just one week.
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Gameweek 26 - Thread


💎 Wildcard - Best Team & Chip strategy

A deep dive:

Brighton MID’s
Best GK pairing
Leicester assets or not?

💎 Captaincy
💎 Alternative strategy (no WC)

Wildcard frenzy…🧵

#FPL I’ve done it.

I finally found a Wildcard team I’m confident in, one that I like, and most importantly one that is aggressive.

I’m going to run you through the team and the future transfers.

A complete plan…
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Gameweek 25 - Thread


💎 Liverpool - All assets
💎 Arsenal, Everton, Wolves
💎 Captaincy
💎 Analysing Prospective Transfers
💎 Chip strategy - Macro scale

Before the season of Spring, we enter the season of Swings…🧵

#FPL #DGW25 How ironic that it’s Gameweek 2-5 that brings us Liverpool’s first double of the season.

Pun aside, I’m quite optimistic about their chances as you will read…

(This thread links different sections far more than usual to cater for the more chaotic landscape)
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Double Gameweek 23 - Thread


💎 Nketiah (Scepticism)
💎 Arsenal Defender’s and Midfielder’s
💎 Man City Defender’s and Midfielder’s - KDB vs Mahrez (+ Fernandes)
💎 Planning ahead (Crucial)
💎 Captaincy and Triple Captaincy

The traps are set…🧵

#FPL The player pool who you can genuinely select from is considerably large this week, especially compared to usual.

This means swings, and big ones.

Between Arsenal and Man City alone, there’s 11 viable assets.

Be thorough with your decision making process.

Let’s break it down…
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The best DGW triple up’s:

Man City - Haaland, KDB & Akanji

Arsenal - Odegaard, Saka & Gabriel

Team structures, money ITB, etc will have permutations on how accessible these combinations are for you.

#FPL I’m trying to get as close to this as possible.
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Gameweek 22 - Thread


💎 Man Utd & Leeds assets
💎 Switch & Switch back - De Bruyne & Fernandes
💎 Captaincy and Triple Captaincy
💎 Brighton
💎 Planning ahead (important)

Ensue chaos…🧵

#FPL Contrary to what I said about there being no thread earlier, I’m on a train for a bit, so I’ve decided to write the whole thing again.

Let’s hope you are able to read this.
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World Cup - Fantasy 🏆


🏆 Chip (Booster) Strategies
🏆 Points System
🏆 Substitutions strategy
🏆 Massive differences to FPL

How to succeed…🧵

#FPL #WorldCup2022 Image Following my Top 10k finish in the EURO Fantasy game, I take a deep dive into strategies to help you succeed in a new game…
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Gameweek 6 - Rise the Ranks


💎 Key Takeaways from GW5
💎 Rodrigo replacements (unspoken excellent differential)
💎 Captaincy
💎 Wildcard/Fixture swings
💎 Ivan Perisic

Boosting your rank…🧵

#FPL #FPLCommunity 💎 Key Takeaways from GW5

Haaland is going to cause some serious damage.

His movement and speed is a frightening combination, City create so many chances that he will score a bucket load of goals.

There’s not really an opportunity to go without him at the moment.
Aug 30, 2022 15 tweets 3 min read
Captaincy: (1/14)

💎 Erling Haaland
💎 Mohammed Salah
💎 Ilkay Gundogan
💎 Gabriel Jesus

Short 🧵assessing the options…

#FPL Gundogan may have caught your eye on this list.

I really like him as an option.

He was benched against Palace, and the fact that he’s been playing so well on the pitch makes it almost certain that he starts today.

Forest whilst overall they were decent, certainly showed…
Aug 29, 2022 23 tweets 5 min read
Key Takeaways from Gameweek 4:


💎 Analysis of every match
💎 Players who looked promising
💎 Players who looked poor
💎 How this translates to Gameweek 5

Concise write up and more…🧵

#FPL 💎 Southampton vs Man Utd

A game in which both sides could have had more goals but for a lack of finishing.

Martinez and Dalot were particularly impressive.

Martinez was very solid at the back whilst Dalot exemplified a fantastic overall inverted full back performance.
Aug 16, 2022 23 tweets 5 min read
Key Takeaways from Gameweek 2:


💎 Analysis of every match
💎 Players who looked promising
💎 Players who looked poor
💎 How this translates to Gameweek 3

Concise write up and more…🧵

#FPL 💎 Aston Villa vs Everton

Gerrard vs Lampard.

Two sides with a whole host of problems.

Everton showed again why they really need a more direct forward.

Severe lack of outlets and goal scoring ability which just heaps on pressure.

Onana was impressive.

Bailey’s time in our…
Jun 21, 2022 22 tweets 6 min read
@MagnusCarlsen - The World Chess Champion

Last 5 seasons:

1x Top 10
2x Top 5k
1x Top 10k
1x Top 25k

To become the best, you must first study the best.

What I found studying his 2021/2022 season…🧵

#FPL Analysis:

We are going to split this up into different sections…

💎 Gameweek 1 team
💎 “Poor”start
💎 Chip Strategy
💎 Captaincy
Jun 20, 2022 13 tweets 4 min read
Yves Bissouma

🎄Silverware to Spurs

🎄Making Spurs FPL assets stronger

🎄Tactical Analysis (improvements)

🎄Spurs > Chelsea


#FPL #FPLCommunity #Spurs The Transfer - “Silverware to Spurs”
Apr 6, 2022 12 tweets 4 min read
Thread (1/12):

“Latest Fixture Announcements for Blank and Double Gameweeks + Who to Target”

As we approach “The Run in” this article uses @goweramg excellent graphic as a basis to select the best assets (drop him a follow).

Analysis on each team follows…

#FPL #FPLCommunity The analysis is slightly brief, more detailed articles will be published soon.
Jan 12, 2022 23 tweets 6 min read

Should you Free Hit in DGW22 and what’s the best Free Hit Team?


#FPL #FPLCommunity #DGW22 Teams who double
Jul 5, 2021 21 tweets 6 min read
SF MD6 “Transfer and Strategy Analysis” (Thread):

This thread individually analyses each player, the games (tactically), with captaincy and other theories

13K OR 🌎

I hope it helps, retweets ♻️ are much appreciated and feel free to ask any questions

#EURO2020 #EuroFantasy The team above is my own, I will use it as a template to discuss my theories.

The strategy implemented and discussed below has helped me achieve a 13k OR 🌎, hence I will be persisting with it.

Please just adjust the advice to be suitable to your own team.
Jul 2, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
"Only room for One"

⚽️@FFH_HQ vs @allaboutfpl #EuroFantasy⚽️(Thread)

R016 Results + QF Draw

24 Excellent Contributors

2 Brilliant Teams

1 Winning Website

Football is a team sport, and not an individual sport" - El Nino 🇪🇸

Retweets appreciated ♻️ #EURO2020 Image Round of 16 results + Knockout Bracket:

(@Obay_Eid has a higher OR than @wildcard_fpl and as such he goes through as a result of their tie) Image
Jul 1, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
Thoughts on yesterday’s news (1/2):

Sancho 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿:

I won’t be starting with him, want to see how he integrates into the side as my gut feeling (at the moment, this may change) tells me he doesn’t hit the ground running.

I expect him to be priced at £9.5M and it’s..

#FPL #Sancho too high a price for me to justify facilitating him with a plethora of other well established midfield options.

Nuno 🇵🇹 -

The Doherty revival is now certainly a viable prospect. However before choosing him I want to see an improvement in Spurs’s individual CB performances...
Jun 30, 2021 25 tweets 9 min read
QF #WildCard MD5 ⚽️ (Thread):

Below is my best team for the wildcard chip for MD5

This thread individually analyses each player, with captaincy © + other theories

I hope it helps, retweets ♻️ are much appreciated and feel free to ask any questions

#EURO2020 #EuroFantasy Before I start I’d like to say, this team and the reasoning are all based on my assumptions. As we have seen there have been many upsets and anything can happen.

This playing style has worked well for me (14k 🌍 OR), so I will continue to persist with it.

Now onto the thread...