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May 17 23 tweets 11 min read
Gameweek 38 - THREAD


💎 Fixture Analysis - Matchups
💎 Best Differentials
💎 Arsenal Assets - Hmmm
💎 Template Players
💎 Captaincy
❄️ Thank You

(A very enjoyable write up)

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The curtain falls one last time…🧵


💎 Fixture Analysis - Matchups

This section takes very much a macro level perspective.

It is simply here to express; in which games your opportunities lie, to significantly increase your rank.
May 9 24 tweets 6 min read
Double Gameweek 37 - THREAD


💎 Spurs
💎 Manchester City
💎 Manchester Utd
💎 Newcastle Utd
💎 SGW Assets - Arsenal?
💎 Captaincy

(Sections crossover with other teams, e.g. Richarlison vs Bruno)

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Two to go, tick tock…🧵

#FPL Image 💎 Spurs

(I’m going to assume you have Son)

Triple Spurs should be non-negotiable in my eyes.

There are AT LEAST two very good options, Son aside.


The assets to consider.
May 3 18 tweets 4 min read
Gameweek 36 - THREAD


💎 Best Differential
💎 Defender Replacements
💎 Anti-Arsenal
💎 Captaincy
💎 Bench Gordon?
💎 BB37

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Three to go…🧵

#FPL Image This will be the most informal thread of the season.

Apologies in advance, deadline turnaround was was very quick.
Apr 26 24 tweets 7 min read
Gameweek 35 - THREAD


💎 Best Wildcard Team

💎 Foden vs Haaland
💎 Obvious omissions

💎 Best Captain

(Caters to non-WC teams as well)

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Wildcard week…🧵

#FPL Image A Free Hitter’s dream.

Palmer and Son are back on the scene.

And, it’s time for a Wildcard team.

Welcome to this week’s Thread.
Apr 18 24 tweets 15 min read
Gameweek 34 - Gargantuan THREAD


💎 Everything

(Matchups, Best Free Hit Team, Tactical Analysis, Captaincy, xMins, SGW Players - everything, everything, everything you need)

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Tuck in…🧵

#FPL Image Given the enormous quantity of information that needs analysing, this thread will follow a slightly different format to usual.

I will walk through the six doubling teams, as if to build the best Free Hit.

The analysis will contain everything you need. The only thing left to do on your end, is to extrapolate it to best assist YOUR team.

Regardless if you are Free Hitting or not.

Naturally, many of the sides are coming up against each other.

To save myself repeating what is said prior, I will include a certain match at the first available opportunity.

For example, if you need to reference Wolves’ second game against Bournemouth, that will be found in the Cherries section after, and not in the Wolves one.

There will be a section for SGW players in the end, and how to assess them in comparison to DGW players.

The likes of Haaland vs Cunha, Foden vs Breton Diaz, etc. will be analysed.
Apr 11 24 tweets 6 min read
Gameweek 33 - THREAD


💎 Liverpool Assets - Best for DGW?
💎 Haaland & Foden - xMins?
💎 Captaincy
💎 DGW34 Preparation - Transfers (WC35 + BB37)
💎 Transfers & Strategy for FH34 + BB37

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Six to go…🧵

#FPL Image 💎 Liverpool Assets - Best for DGW?

Something that isn’t being given QUITE as much consideration as it should be.

At a minimum, the consideration lacks a sense of “depth”.

The initial impulse leads you down a route of 3x Liverpool assets is essential for the DGW, and whilst that may be true, WHICH assets and is a triple up even necessary/optimal?

Assuming Mohammed Salah as a lock, we must decipher which two (if two), are the best to partner him.

However, as we have learnt, xMins is a variable to be treated with the utmost respect.

And, how many of the popular Liverpool assets have good xMins?
Apr 5 22 tweets 10 min read
Gameweek 32 - THREAD


💎 Captaincy - Get it right
💎 Pattern Philippe
💎 James Maddison - What to do?
💎 DGW35 - Quick Note
💎 Sell Saka?

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A personal favourite write-up…🧵

#FPL Image 💎 Captaincy - Get it right

This conundrum right here; this is content at its’ peak for me.

As I shall show you in this deep dive, captaincy is EXTREMELY difficult this time around.

It may appear simple, but don’t let Palmer’s hat-trick, Salah’s 1 pointer or Haaland’s no…
Apr 1 21 tweets 7 min read
Gameweek 31


💎 Sell Foden or Son for Salah?
💎 Quick Note On Strategy
💎 Wildcard Draft
💎 Arsenal Assets
💎 Liverpool Assets

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Wave your flag…🧵

#FPL Image 💎 Sell Foden or Son for Salah?

Both sets of fixtures are shown side by side.

I’ve only included those up to, and including GW33, because both are fairly undesirable to hold in DGW34 (dependent on your individual strategy).

Foden’s fixtures are what I’d call…
Mar 29 21 tweets 5 min read
Gameweek 30


💎 Captaincy
💎 Wildcard Draft
💎 Ait-Nouri vs Bradley vs Munoz
💎 Who to dispense for Salah? Should you even get Salah this week?
💎 Forwards

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The last lap…🧵

#FPL Image 💎 Captaincy

Triple toss up:

Palmer - BUR (H)
Salah - BHA (H)
Son - LUT (H)

Salah is at a bare minimum, a good option.

With De Zerbi’s side insistent on playing out from the back, the ability to turn over the ball high up the pitch, especially with Liverpool’s counter…
Mar 14 23 tweets 5 min read
Gameweek 29 - Free Hit Edition

💎 Best Free Hit Team

(Includes Captaincy)

Naturally, there will be contrasting opinions across the board when it comes to optimising a team of 11 players from a set of many.

So, my only intention is to present to you what I think is the best, with some arguments against some of the more popular picks, and go from there.
Mar 7 25 tweets 8 min read
Double Gameweek 28

Everything you need to know, including:

💎 Luton assets - Overall assessment
💎 Bournemouth assets - Overall assessment
💎 Selling Haaland & Foden…
💎 The Unknown
💎 Chip Strategy x DGW28 & BGW29

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Double #2 (DETAILED)…🧵

#FPL Image 💎 Luton assets - Overall assessment

Let’s take their DGW earlier in the season and learn from it. They too, just like Bournemouth assets, are priced quite cheaply, thus are very accessible to most managers.

So naturally given they had a DGW, many piled in on them.

Feb 29 25 tweets 6 min read
Gameweek 27


💎 Chip Strategy - Overall assessment
💎 Captaincy
💎 Heung-min Son
💎 Kevin De Bruyne
💎 Injuries & what to do with them
💎 Bournemouth

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Normality resumes…🧵

#FPL Image 💎 Chip Strategy - Overall assessment

After yesterday’s FA Cup ties, we finally know what games will be played in BGW29, and they are:

Feb 22 21 tweets 6 min read
Blank Gameweek 26


💎 Hwang vs Neto
💎 Blank Player Replacements (Jota, Nunez, Richarlison)
💎 Captaincy
💎 Chip Strategy
💎 Estupinan, KDB & Palmer

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Back to a blank…🧵

#FPL Image 💎 Hwang vs Neto

The type of debate that comes up quite frequently in the season, Player X vs Player Y.

A good old, head to head. Image
Feb 15 21 tweets 7 min read
Double Gameweek 25


💎 DGW25 Projections
💎 Triple Captaincy?
💎 Manchester City - Which one’s?
💎 DGW25 to BGW26 transition
💎 Mohammed Salah & Trent Alexander-Arnold
💎 How many doublers?
💎 BB & everything else

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#FPL Image 💎 DGW25 Projections

I thought rather than talking pure FPL strategy, I’d offer some analysis into how I actually think the games will pan out.

In the hope it potentially gives you an edge with regards to your decision making.

And, it shows you that having one less DGW asset than your friend, really isn’t the end of the world.
Feb 8 24 tweets 7 min read
Gameweek 24


💎 Chip Strategy - Code Cracked?
💎 Everything DGW25
💎 Luton; Take A Breath
💎 Captaincy

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Time to play your own game…🧵

#FPL Subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Content to start for DGW25.
Feb 2 24 tweets 6 min read
Gameweek 23


💎 Erling Haaland - Buy?
💎 Forward’s conundrum
💎 Captaincy
💎 Newcastle Assets & DGW’s
💎 Trent the trap & DEF’s

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Swing season continues…🧵

#FPL Image Assume Liverpool & Luton do have a DGW for this thread.

Jan 29 25 tweets 8 min read
Gameweek 22


💎 Trent Alexander-Arnold; avoidable?
💎 Chip Strategy
💎 Salah & Son - Sell?
💎 Captaincy - Stands alone
💎 MCI Assets

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Huge opportunities await…🧵

#FPL Image It’s good to be back (properly).
Jan 10 25 tweets 9 min read
Gameweek 21


💎 Planning - Chips
💎 Salah + Son replacements
💎 Captaincy
💎 DEF’s - Restructuring or Replacing?
💎 Hits & The Wildcard

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Welcome back…🧵

#FPL Image 💎 Planning - Chips

The recommencement of FPL brings us to the second half of the season, which in turn brings us to the commencement of “chip season”.

With that, comes a responsibility for managers who wish to maximise their chances of doing well, to PLAN.
Dec 29, 2023 25 tweets 8 min read
Gameweek 20


💎 Captaincy
💎 Wildcard & more
💎 Restructuring - AFCON & Asia Cup (Sell Salah & Son)
💎 MCI - Haaland, Alvarez & Foden

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The last of 2023…🧵

#FPL Image 💎 Captaincy

The analysis of Alvarez can be found later in the thread, not a wonderful matchup for him, albeit SHU’s competence against the bigger sides purely due to their system is slightly overstated in my opinion.

They still concede numerous chances.

Decent chances.
Dec 25, 2023 24 tweets 7 min read
Gameweek 19


💎 Nkunku, Nunez & Solanke
💎 Captaincy
💎 Erling Haaland - Time!
💎 Trent Alexander-Arnold - Complicated
💎 Defensive Assets

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Merry Christmas….🧵

#FPL Image Merry Christmas my people.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your friends & family, and try to give just a little back!

Enjoy your day.
Dec 20, 2023 20 tweets 8 min read
Gameweek 18

(Best wishes go to Tom Lockyer)


💎 Darwin Nunez - Were you early?
💎 The Uncertain’s - Cash, Gordon, Trent & Trippier
💎 Differentials galore - (Aston Villa, Chelsea & more)
💎 Captaincy
💎 Erling Haaland
💎 Looking ahead

Thought provoking….🧵

#FPL Image Last week you were bombarded with the idea of “Liverpool are going to maul Manchester Utd”.

When presented with that idea, how much of that analysis surpassed what was essentially:

“Liverpool = good, Manchester Utd = bad. 7-0 last year, scary atmosphere, so that = Salah haul”