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Jun 25, 2021, 34 tweets

We're being told by an observer that Lake St is blocked at Hennepin Ave S by protesters.

Someone in a pick up truck reportedly drove by and pepper sprayed protesters about 30 minutes ago.
(from Twitter)

Message just received from a follower:


Report of a male with a rifle who pointed it at the 911.
Suspect: Male, sunglasses, hat, blue jacket with white pinstripes on sleeves

Chase Bank, 3001 Hennepin, group breaking windows about 10:50 p.m.

Male with a holstered pistol in the middle of the crowd. He was reported to be involved with the Chase Bank break in. 23:06

Arrests will commence for anyone who refuses to leave the street.
23:12 Delayed
At least one arrest being made now at Girard/Lake St. 23:14

A lot of screaming and mayhem in the background of the dispatch, but sounds like the order was given to mace the crowd. 23:17
Bottles and rocks are being thrown at police.

Here's rifle guy.…

Looks like Barry #TheKlown Hill may be headed back to the slammer.

Barry #TheKlown Hill getting arrested.

Better pic of rifle guy.

Report of people trying to break into 1320 W Lake St and assault someone who was throwing things at protesters from above. 23:33

Lake and Fremont Ave S, two dumpsters being lit on fire.

Shots fired at Lake St and Girard, the crowd just scattered. 00:03

At Fremont, multiple 911 callers reporting that people are taking things from a church dumpster, possible to fuel the fire.

Scratch that, two more dumpsters just arrived.

Wheelchair guy is feeding cardboard into the fire.

Two vehicle crash at Lake and Girard Ave S. Also sound of glass smashing prior to that. 00:15

The other two dumpsters are on fire now.

Report of shots fired from one of the vehicles in the crash.

Now they're throwing spray paint cans in the burning dumpsters, which are exploding.

This is reportedly one of the guys involved in the earlier crash. Now he's back and he's apparently pissed. And someone is saying he has a "gun bag."

Now morons doing donuts.

Donut idiot.

Melted dumpster.

Plate on donut moron is MYS190.

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