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20 Jul, 7 tweets

(1/7) The future of work is trauma-informed...remember this when you're wondering why corporations will continue to have a full-on talent crisis throughout the near future.

The peddling of the burnout/resilience talk track? It's not working.

A thread🧵👇🏾

(2/7) Offering your employees a week off/marketing about it despite research that shows that 1 week off doesn't address or heal burnout? It's not working.

(3/7) Relying on the thought work of your Gen X/Baby Boomer leaders on the future of work instead of adopting a multi-generational approach given the presence of 4 generations in the workforce, w/Gen Z & Millennials more likely to quit to choose their wellbeing? It's not working.

(4/7) Having your leaders interview celebrities on how they've overcome burnout and had to deal with resilience? Not only is it not relatable/tone deaf but it's not working.

(5/7) What will work will require accountability (especially with middle management), investment in the holistic well-being of employees, more work-life flexibility, not expecting your underrepresented employees to do free emotional labor around DEI ... 👇🏾

(6/7) ... more input from mental health professionals vs celebrities, organization of work around bandwidth vs time, increase in mental health benefits, ditching the 40hr work week, mandated time off, updated bereavement policies, and more.

(7/7) ... or I guess we could just try to "be more resilient," sniff some lavender, and get back to work.

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