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12 Sep, 5 tweets

Occult ritual thread. Final chapter. Atto XVI
Part four.
The new acolytes are pushed past their instinctive safety-zone or moral boundary until morality itself is sacrificed and lost forever along with caution, empathy and compassion.

Their natural reaction to fear and revulsion no longer produces the necessary dose of adrenalin, the high is no longer easily attained. The thrill obtained by heightened senses is gone, along with the last shreds of their Stream Of Universal Lightness.

Hence the descent into the abyss of unspeakable depravity, hungrily seeking to taste, time and time again, the dense, rotten fruit evoked by the liturgies of the Grey practitioners.

Ça va sans dire, there are many Grey Temples nestled in this realm, but Holly Wood is paramount in the beliefs system of the Sabbatean-Frankists who are installed in the majority of positions of power throughout the world.

The Empty Ones, forsaken shells possessed by thought-forms from the densest regions of the Oneness, control every aspect of our lives through the social and political manipulations of such agencies as the Tavistock Institute and the CIA. Ça va sans dire they are not the only ones

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