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Nosce te ipsum. Mens agitat mole. Veritas filia temporis. Stranger in a strange land.
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26 Nov
Occult ritual. Final chapter. Atto XIII.
I am very much in love with the Creator. I do not need to align myself with a specific messenger if I already understand His message. My way should not be labelled ‘New Age’, since common sense is not new. So long as you act and speak with Image
love and truth in you, and are good to your fellow man, in that you treat everybody as you would want yourself to be treated, your heart will stand by Him regardless of the path you choose to follow.
You are surrounded by a vast multitude of emotions that cloud your mind Image
Your previous thoughts which you had negated as superficial or childish come back to the front of your mind, and you understand them, with even more clarity. The crushing burden is still present, but you are armed with new thoughts, new emotions, and a greater understanding of Image
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25 Nov
Occult ritual thread. Final chapter. Atto XII.
A truly good person will speak truth, act with truth, and stand for Truth. A truly good person is not afraid to think from their heart; therefore, allowing dissentient decisions, viewpoints, and perspectives to lead their life. Image
By following their heart, they stand with their conscience, and only with God. Suzy Kassem.
We need to realise that we are at war and the enemy is winning. The occult ritual currently obfuscating millions of people worldwide is only one of the spiritual weapons being used Image
Our minds and hearts are the conduits that connect us to the Divine Spheres and they are under attack. The negative energy released by those participating in the occult ritual is feeding the dark entities being evocated from the lower planes of the Spiritual Realm Image
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24 Nov
Occult ritual thread. Final chapter. Atto XI.
Before I continue, I'd like to say something straight from my heart.
The ritual, I believe, has not been completed yet, but in order to reverse its influence we'd need to undertake an almost impossible task: stand as one against the
false light and its legion. We must put aside all differences and stop falling for the divide et impera tactic. Forget politics, remember what is it that really matters. Change your thought patterns, cleanse your body and your mind. Go against the wind of compliance. Alone or not
know that you are loved and when one has love, one will never be alone.
We must sever the flow of negative energy and reconnect with our etherical bodies, we need to ascend the steps to full awareness.
Strip every mendacious layer off and see the enemy for what it is,
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23 Nov
Occult ritual thread. Final chapter. Atto decimo.
The story so far.
The world today is undergoing a four-part occult ritual initiation and transformation ceremony largely conducted through symbology, as virtually all occult rituals are and designed to bring everyone, willingly
and subserviently, into the new global order. The global occult ritual of mask-wearing signals your consent to your new, subservient position, under your new masters, and the loss of your position as a vocal representative of, or mouthpiece for, the Word of God on this earth.
The global occult ritual of handwashing represents the washing away of the old order, so a new order can be ushered in and firmly established.
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21 Nov
Occult ritual thread. Final chapter. Atto nono.
But we try to pretend, you see, that the external world exists altogether independently of us.
Alan Watts
By now you must have wondered about the inner workings of an occult ritual of such magnitude. You might believe it isn't real
but, you see, what you believe doesn't really matter. Our brain is such a wonderful creation, but, alas, it is also quite vulnerable. It creates our reality and it is the vessel on which we sail the infinite sea of Consciousness.
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20 Nov
Occult ritual thread Final chapter. Atto ottavo.
Lockdowns are little more than social isolation rituals performed for the purpose of purifying the initiate so he can enter the new age unhindered by his past life no longer considered by the EL ite to be beneficial to the initiate
Back to the occult ritual. There are 4 stages to the isolation ritual. Isolation for purification. You’re cut off from the normal, and thrust into a“new normal” that’s completely different from your past life.
Surrender to the “new reality.”This often involves being given a boon.
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19 Nov
Occult ritual thread. Final chapter. Atto 7.
At this point, I'm going to take an inductive leap and posit the following hypothesis.The God Gene inhibitors will be used to suppress the resistance beforehand.
Only those who are likely to fight back will be targeted.You.
By you, I mean people with a strong faith in a rigidly structured set of beliefs. Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, etc. You see, science has, apparently, proven that the God Gene is active only in the brain of those who are prone to react with fanatic, behaviour to defend their faith.
Spirituality on the other hand, cannot be precisely pinpointed. They have found a neuropsychological basis for spirituality, but it's not isolated to one specific area of the brain, according to Brick Johnstone, professor of health psychology.
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17 Nov
Occult ritual thread. Final chapter. Atto sesto.
"There is a price to be paid for every increase in consciousness. We cannot be more sensible to pleasure without being more sensible to pain."
Alan Watts
There's a vast array of direct mind-control techniques available today. Image
following consistent investment from governments in projects such as the U.S. BRAIN project and Europe's counterpart the Human Brain Project, all told, billions of dollars are being spent to decode what makes us tick and how to change it. There are ways to create a brain-computer Image
interface, magnetic manipulation via "neural dust," high-powered lasers, using light beamed from outside the skull, the implanting and erasure of memories, and even the direct uploading of the contents of our brain. After all, you need only search Google for patented mind-control Image
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17 Nov
Occult ritual thread. Final chapter. Atto quinto.
"You don't look out there for God, something in the sky, you look in you." Alan Watts
Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?
The Divine state is what most of us yearn for and it is
the spark within us and the source without.
We knew this as we came into this reality.
Let's consider our brain waves. Delta (0.5 to 4 Hz). Delta waves are the slowest in frequency but are the highest in amplitude. Observed in deep, dreamless sleep, this frequency is the gateway
to the universal mind and the collective unconscious, where information received is otherwise unavailable at the conscious level.Delta brainwave states have long been associated with healing, because deep sleep is necessary for regeneration and for your body’s self
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16 Nov
Occult ritual thread. Final chapter. Atto quarto.
Knowledge is educated out of you.
′′ In the future, the soul will be eliminated by medicine. On the pretense of health, there will be a vaccine whereby the human organism will be treated as soon as possible, possibly directly at
birth, so that the human being cannot develop the awareness of the soul and the Spirit." R. Steiner.
Let's return to the God Gene hypothesis. Spirituality has a genetic component, of which (VMAT2) comprises one component by contributing to sensations associated with mystic
experiences, including the presence of the Divine and feelings of belonging to a larger uni-verse. The research uses the self-transcendence scale developed by psychologist Robert Cloninger to quantify spirituality using three sub-scales:
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14 Nov
Occult ritual thread. Final chapter. Atto terzo.
"There is a beautiful thing inside you that is thousands of years old.
Too old to be captured in poems. Too old to be loved by everyone, but loved so very deeply by a chosen few." N. Gill
Old souls sailing through the ages. Alone.
In the course of my research, I have had quite a few epiphanies, some of them of a more personal significance, others so beautifully revealed that convinced me that there is indeed a meaning behind all of the ugliness, suffering and despair so predominant in these strange times.
Whilst I was reading about the theory of the God Gene, the Triune Brain and the various DNA altering concoctions that are/will be used to transform and diminish us, I remembered a passage from a R. Steiner lecture, which in turn made me think of A. Fomenko's theory and the Resets
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14 Nov
Occult ritual thread. Final chapter. Encore.
In my opinion, one of the main objectives of the ritual is to sever our connection with the etheric body. Your etheric body plays an important role in how you feel and how you think. Your physical wellbeing and mental health
are closely connected, and both rely heavily on the health and strength of it. The 5 senses are also the responsibility of the etheric body. It is the medium through which we experience the world. It receives the energies of the world around us and this affects our own energy.
The etheric body delivers energy to your physical body, be it positive or negative. Similarly, the physical body’s experiences affect your etheric body and the kind of energy it provides. The emotional and mental layers are connected to the etheric layer too.
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13 Nov
Occult ritual thread. The Final chapter. Reprise.
At the end of the first section of this chapter I introduced the theory of the God Gene. This controversial hypothesis stems from a book written by Dean Hamer: "The God Gene: How Faith Is Hardwired into Our Genes."
The author explores the influence of genetics on the belief in a divine entity. The specific gene in question, that everyone has some version of, is VMAT2. Hamer claims that this gene accounts for the spirituality that emerges in some people but not others.
At this point I would like to state that religion has absolutely nothing to do with spirituality.
A simple etymological research of religion will validate my point.
Back to Hamer's work. I believe you will agree with me that such a theory would imply that the belief in a supreme
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12 Nov
Occult ritual thread.
The final chapter.
Through this ongoing research into the occult implications of the covidhoax and its impact on our society, I have concluded that the focal point of this perverted liturgy in which most of humanity is unwillingly taking part, is our energy.
Our negative energy, that is. Before we examine the last observances of the EL ite's occult ritual, I'd ask you to reflect on your personal emotional experience throughout the lockdown. I guess most of you would describe it using such words as depressing, angry, despair, hate etc
In other words, extremely negative. We are all aware of the catastrophic effect on the economy of most of the affected countries, but there is a darker consequence, the increase in mental health issues and suicide rate, particularly within the younger generation. I have spoken to
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11 Nov

The thread goes on. If you are still reading this, thank you for bearing with me. Many have left, too many events happening in these strange days. I will continue though, straight on 'til morning.
Not far to go now on the road less travelled by...
Ut queant laxis Resonare fibris
Mira gestorum Famuli tuorum
Solve polluti Labii reatum
Sancte Iohannes
“So that your servants may, with loosened voices, resound the wonders of your deeds, clean the guilt from our stained lips, O Saint John.”
The Sacred Solfeggio.
Sound is, most probably, the purest energy in existence.
Sound inspires us, uplifts us, helps us to communicate, express ourselves, and even heal at a deep level.
Everything around you is fundamentally composed of energy that vibrates at different frequencies.
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10 Nov
And the thread goes on and on and on.
Occult ritual.
I've realised, reading your comments, that there might be some confusion with regard to my stance on the subject. I'm not here to convert, manipulate or mistify. In my personal opinion, there is no such thing as New Age
there is nothing new under the sun. When I talk about regaining our sovereignty and the human electromagnetic field, I do it because I believe they are connected to the occult liturgy the EL ite is celebrating with or without our consent.
It is been empirically proven that our electromagnetic field can be altered and manipulated from a distant source. This concern both the physical and behavioural aspects.
My theory is that the objective of the ritual is the transmission of info deeper into the area of behaviour
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9 Nov
And the thread goes on and on. Occult ritual.
I trust that by now you have realised why the EL ite imposed social distancing. They need our electromagnetic energy to feed their false grid, their matrix Ask yourselves where is harmony what is harmony and why there is no more music
The term harmony derives from the Greek ἁρμονία harmonia, meaning "joint, agreement, concord", from the verb ἁρμόζω harmozō, "(Ι) fit together, join". In the past, harmony often referred to the whole field of music. We are no longer joined together.
Hence the banning on music festivals, church hymnes and even weddings and funerals have been silenced. Sound has been used as a healing and creative source from the very Beginning Sound is what we are, frequencies. In the Beginning was the Word. Muzzled, alone and silent, you are
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8 Nov
And the thread goes on.
In case you were wondering why I was talking about sovereignty, this photo should make it quite clear. Those "they" we are always citing have names and recognisable faces, but they are not the ones in charge. Just glorified minions
capitalise on “investments” in deliberate war torn environments and the trafficking of woman and children for sex.They are behind all those well-known charities that take your hard-earned money to research and find a cure for the ruinous illnesses they created through Big Pharma
We must regain our energetic sovereignty and that entails letting go of beliefs and perceptions which affect our genes. These parasites must be denied access to our own personal matrix of energy. Also known as the human electromagnetic field or aura.
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7 Nov…
The thread continues.
Wikipedia describes sovereignty as: the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies.In political theory, sovereignty is a substantive term designating Image
supreme authority over some polity. It is a basic principle underlying the dominant Westphalian Model of state foundation.” One would initially assume that sovereignty refers to the individual, but one soon realises that it is about a political entity
One does not agree of course Image
Why am I talking about the concept of sovereignty and what it has to do with the occult ritual? Well, you see, it's all connected.
Society is finally being seen for what it really is. A control system for human slaves who work from birth to death to feed the system. It is a trap Image
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6 Nov
Occult ritual. Social distancing.Chapter3
In other words Christians are supposed to come together, sinew to-sinew and joint-to-joint, tightly united in the Body of the Son And through preaching His Word, we’re to help bring others into the tightly-knit body to help the body grow
The occult ritual initiation rule of 6 feet separation symbolically neutralizes this command. Remember, this is a form of occult magic that speaks directly to your subconsciousness through the language of symbolism. And as you know the EL ite has been using symbols urbi et orbi
It puts arbitrary man-made distance between those who are supposed to have no distance at all between them. It rips the metaphorical body apart at the seams, symbolically speaking. It separates the “joints and sinews” that are supposed to be so tightly knit together.
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5 Nov
Occult ritual. Social distancing. Part two.
I won't offend your intelligence and knowledge by explaining the obvious occult reference in the rule of 6. Social distancing is a government mandate humiliation ritual if your local pub, café or restaurant can get you to partecipate in
this “new normal,” it’s a clear message that the government can do anything to you without repercussion. Stay 6ft away and you will be safe, they say. I am truly offended by these blatant lies and so should you. We know is a load of bovine waste and they know that we know.
Just like the mask wearing and Hand-washing rituals. Why would they go along with it though?
Here is a possible explanation: each of us are individual, but integral, parts of the many-membered consciousness of the Creator.  We don’t just walk with Him, we walk within Him.
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