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13 Sep, 8 tweets

Imagine Zniw Adventure... but with a budget☀️

Making a game is an incredible hard task. It's a commitment. Especially if you are a team of two people from some weird country in Europe. There's so much stuff going under the hood...

It's script, game design, story & dialogues, knowing the quirks of the engine, programming (thanks @KurasiuPL my dearest), all the art/illustrations/animations - tied together in a very fragile end product that has to be constantly tested and improved...!

Testing! Since we had no budget we relied on our friends to test things! Without these guys here the game couldn't be made on time (thank you guys!).
There's also the music (mentioned here @ProbDenis - who made the OST, and Pator with chiptune-like music).
And sound editing..!

Do you guys know how limited is stock of natural/animal sound effects? If you ever hear the same "eagle" cry in multiple productions, then that's why.
My good partner @KurasiuPL did a great work here again to enrich your playthrough with a plethora of nice sound effects💜

Having a fully working game you realise it's still not enough🌋

You gotta set up a Steam page, *have to* actively promote it, PR, act as a customer service, manage people & community!🙃
Usually, these tasks are done by separate people, and a publisher helps with some stuff too🤔

In Zniw Adventure those tasks/jobs have been done by two people - doing the gamedev after day jobs in their bedroom. That was our passion and goal - to create and deliver a good and compelling product. With all the community suport, we succeed.
It was a good ride.
Thank you💛🖤💛

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