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13 Sep, 7 tweets

Top 5 global pharma cos. (by rev)

J&J- $83B
Roche- $55B
Novartis- $49B
Merck- $48B
Pfizer- $42B

Top 5 Indian Pharma cos. (by rev)

Sun- $4.7B
Aurobindo- $3.3B
Cipla- $2.7B
Dr Reddys- $2.6B
Cadila- $2.1B

$1.6T market by FY25, Not investing in 🇮🇳's pharma growth story is a risk.

What makes us optimistic? $236B worth of innovator drugs patent expiry to happen in the next 4-5yrs.

Who are the most competitive players that will gobble up the opportunity? Indian Pharma cos.

Whether be it biosimilars or complex generics.

Src- Care Ratings

The costs of production in India is 50% cheaper than the developed markets

The cost of R&D is 1/8th the developed markets

The cost of clinical trials is 1/10th the developed markets.

+ Trained & specialized pharma workforce.

The biggest risk remains the compliance risk: as a stakeholder.

There are opportunities across the value chain (barring the very high risk- very high return NCE);

The future pipeline & market share ramp-up is the key.

The amount of PE deals this sector has seen has more than doubled, just in the last year.

Focused on Indian Pharma Market to Biosimilars to CDMO to Animal Pharma.

Why is the Indian Pharma underperforming?

1/ This doesn't allow regulatory approvals for new plants & products

2/ No bad compliance players are eliminated as FDA continues to renew their approval without visiting; most of the molecules are flushed with the competition.

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